7 Simple But Effective Ways To Get More Customers To Pick Up The Phone and Call You

Cold-calling is still helpful for businesses that want to connect with prospects and generate sales, but it’s even better if potential customers are the ones placing the call themselves.

There are various ways to encourage this, so here are just a few tried and tested methods to get your switchboards lighting up.

Utilize A Compelling Call-to-Action

To entice potential customers to pick up the phone and call you, craft an irresistible call-to-action (CTA) that communicates value.

A powerful CTA should evoke emotions and urgency while being concise and clear.

For example, instead of using generic text like “Call us now,” try something more persuasive like “Discover how our solutions can boost your sales today” or “Speak to our experts for tailored advice.”

Additionally, incorporate action words to make your CTA stand out on marketing materials or webpages, consequently increasing the chances of people dialing in.

Offer A Toll-Free Number

Providing toll free numbers eliminates any hesitation customers might have about calling due to potential charges, particularly when reaching out long-distance.

A toll-free number not only removes this barrier but also conveys an image of professionalism and credibility for your business.

Moreover, having such a number creates an impression that you genuinely care about the needs and convenience of your clients.

This simple yet effective strategy encourages more people to call without worrying about costs or location constraints, thus increasing the likelihood of converting them into loyal customers.

Leverage Testimonials And Trust Signals

Displaying positive testimonials or case studies on your website and marketing materials reassures potential customers about the quality of your product or service.

Authentic, relatable success stories from satisfied clients foster trust, making prospects more likely to pick up the phone and inquire.

In addition to written testimonials, consider showcasing badges from reputable sources, such as industry certifications or partner affiliations, that reflect expertise in your field.

These trust signals help build credibility for your brand, creating a sense of confidence among those contemplating whether or not to connect with you.

Highlight Time-sensitive Discounts or Offers

One surefire way to motivate prospects to pick up the phone is by promoting limited-time offers, discounts, or exclusive perks.

By creating a sense of urgency and scarcity around your products or services, customers feel compelled to act promptly in fear of missing out on a good deal. 

Emphasize incentives like “Call now for 20% off” or “First ten callers receive a free gift” through eye-catching visuals and powerful language.

This psychological nudge boosts the chances of potential clients reaching out before they miss their chance at an irresistible offer.

Make Your Contact Information Highly Visible

To ensure customers easily find your phone number, make it prominently visible on all marketing materials and online platforms.

Strategically place the contact information above the fold on your website, within email signatures, social media profiles, and even on signage for physical locations.

Use sizeable fonts and contrasting colors to draw attention toward the phone number without overwhelming the design.

By making it effortless for prospects to locate your contact details amidst other content, you maximize opportunities for them to get in touch with your business directly via a call.

Provide Outstanding Customer Service to Encourage Referrals

Delivering exceptional customer service not only leaves current clients satisfied but also increases the chances of them referring your business to others.

Word-of-mouth marketing is potent, as people value recommendations from friends and family more than advertisements.

To foster such referrals, go above and beyond when addressing caller concerns or inquiries, listen attentively, empathize genuinely, and offer tailored solutions.

Train your support staff accordingly to maintain a consistent level of outstanding service.

The resulting positive buzz can lead new prospects eager for the same experience to pick up their phones and call you.

Emphasize Personalized Solutions For Every Caller

Customers appreciate a tailored approach that caters to their unique needs.

To communicate this personalized touch, emphasize how your business adapts its offerings to individual clients’ requirements.

Use phrases like “Get the custom solution you deserve” or “Your success is our priority.”

Conveying that no query is too big or small for your attention can encourage potential customers to reach out and discuss their specific situation, trusting they’ll receive bespoke recommendations in return.

Final Thoughts

If the level of inbound customer calls you receive isn’t up to scratch, take action with these tips and you’ll be able to turn things around quickly.

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