Social Media Apps To Look Out For In 2023

In 2022, we’ve accepted that social media channels are vital for developing personal branding, pushing small to medium businesses forward, and increasing growth in larger companies.

The tumultuous financial markets, COVID recovery, and need for human interactions will come to some fascinating conclusions in the growth of new and exciting social media apps in 2023. 

1.) Playsee – Location, Location, Location

Playsee is a video-sharing app or social video-sharing community that’s all about connecting with what and who is nearby.

After the isolation of COVID-19, the social landscape turned towards human interaction in 2022 and Playsee presents the perfect solution, set at the intersection between social media and real-life engagement. 

This is also a fun way to find out about events in your neighborhood, connect with local communities through online chats and discover new restaurants and attractions in your area through other creators’ reels, stories, and videos.

Use Playsee’s interactive map as a guide to finding new hotspots in an area of your choice, and explore the Playsee Boards to chat with locals, groups, and places and share common interests.

Along with helping you find people in your area, Playsee also provides a great way to learn about other cultures and places. 

Playsee has the potential to build or transform real-life communities, making it an exciting contender.

We also foresee entertainment venues, restaurants, and public spaces utilizing the app, while simultaneously receiving honest feedback and pressure from users. 

2.) BeReal – Authenticity In Action

Sending you reminders at random times to take photos, BeReal is all about bringing the raw, real-life version of you (or your brand) to the public.

When the notification goes off – which can be at any time of the day – users have only 2 minutes in which to post a photo, using the back and front camera at the same time.

There are no filters available, and only one post is allowed per day. 

The current upswing of interest in honest, unapologetic, and real imagery on social media is encapsulated here.

What will be interesting to see is how businesses and brands utilize this, how honest they’ll be, and how they’ll have an employee ready and managing the platform at every minute. 

3.) Supernova – Ethical Every Day 

Contributing 60% of its advertising revenue to charities, Supernova offers an altruistic option for social media users everywhere.

Every like you give or receive sends money to your charity of your choice (or the poster’s choice respectively).

The more you use the app, the more chances you’ll have of having “Supernovas” at your disposal, which count as 10 likes.

Users will see a Karma bar being full and a Supernova display showing. 

Launching in 2021, the app has gained some traction which we expect to see developing further in 2023, with our increasing tendency towards, and need for, social responsibility across social channels and brands.

Users can choose which charities they’d like to support, with a range of options on offer including human rights, animal welfare, climate change, and many more. 

4.) Discord – Community And Tech Made Easy 

While many people know Discord from its popularity among tech giants and gamers, it has great value for building more close-knit – while simultaneously bigger – communities.

This is owing to its chat channels and forums, which have no limit on numbers of people who can join.

Business owners, creators and brands can chat directly with people who’ve joined, through text, voice, or video.

Discord gets extra points for being free and easy to use, along with its ability to link multiple devices together.

2022’s growing focus on community sees a bigger chance of Discord gaining further popularity in 2023. 

Other Current Social Media Platforms That Continue To Grow:

Youtube is seeing a lot of new growth through its use of Youtube shorts – a version of reels – while Instagram and TikTok forge on with new features and developments. 

Businesses, creators, brands and influencers are increasingly looking for ways to express their unique selling points (USPs) clearly, easily and powerfully, while building a tighter and more authentic audience.

We believe we’ll see people opening up to new social media channels that fit THEM best. 

Which platforms are you planning to use next year, and why? Let us know via one of our socials below. 

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