7 Top SocialCaptain Alternatives – Why Was It Shutdown?

Sometimes, it pays to have options.

While you may have been a loyal follower of SocialCaptain, they are now shut down. So it’s worth having a few more cards up your sleeve to give you a bit of variety when it comes to your Instagram engagement.

SocialCaptain Alternatives & Similar Websites

Let’s take a look at some great options to think about when looking at SocialCaptain.

UPDATE: A lot of people have complained that SocialCaptain is not working.

SocialCaptain Alternative #1: Growthoid


If you’re someone who prefers things to be simple and straightforward, Growthoid is worth checking out. There’s nothing like finding a company who prefers to keep things as simple as possible, and when it comes to Growthoid, they can start to implement your perfect Instagram engagement strategy in just four simple steps.

Growthoid knows that there is hefty competition out there when it comes to standing out, and they’ve got the remedy to combat this head-on. They want you to get as specific as you can when you talk to them about your target audience so that they can only spend time targeting the right people that are going to turn into loyal followers.

Growthoid interacts with the people that you provide them and based on this, you get organic, authentic growth in return. The more people you give them that you think will be interested in your account, the bigger a chance you have of doing well.

The best part? It’s all organic because these people are checking you out on their own accord, based on the interaction they’ve had with Growthoid. If you’re prepared to be in it for the long haul with your Instagram growth, choosing an organic growth service like Growthoid is a step in the right direction.

SocialCaptain Alternative #2: Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media, like many of the growth tools on our list, almost needs no introduction. If you haven’t heard of these guys, you soon will, because they have quickly made a name for themselves in the Instagram marketing industry. Not only can they help you with your Instagram engagement, but they also cover other aspects of online marketing too.

We love their versatility and ability to help you from A to Z and everything in between. If you’re looking for a company who can do it all, then Stellation Media should be at the top of your list like it is on ours.

Stellation Media wants to make sure that your brand is memorable on social media and stands out. This is why they cover other things too, like helping to spruce up your website and even creating a sophisticated pay per click strategy.

There’s not a lot that Stellation Media don’t know about marketing a brand online, which is why we think they’re a great option if you need something that can do it all. You won’t come across too many companies out there that have the range and versatility of features that come with Stellation Media – and they’re all at affordable prices, too.

SocialCaptain Alternative #3: Ingramer


Sometimes it pays to take things slow, and sometimes there’s nothing wrong with speeding through your engagement strategy and showing people just how serious you are about your online growth. Ingramer is the type of Instagram bot that doesn’t want to waste any time growing your account. They want to make the most of every second and want to see real results that turn your profile from average into amazing in little to no time at all.

One thing we love about Ingramer is how sophisticated their features are. They pride themselves in having some pretty professional targeted filters, which are going to do wonders for the promotion of your Instagram content. As well as automatically liking other people’s content on the gram, Ingramer can also help you with commenting, direct messaging, and even scheduling of upcoming posts.

There’s not a lot that Ingramer does that other Instagram bots can’t also do – except they have a point of difference. They want to do all of this at lightning speed so that you can speed up the growth of your brand and become profitable in no time. It’s going to take less than seven minutes for you to connect your Instagram profile to Ingramer, which is only the first of many examples of just how fast and efficient they are.

SocialCaptain Alternative #4: Follow Adder

follow adder

While Stellation Media may come with all the bells and whistles, Follow Adder is one of those underrated companies that have been chugging away for years now. They have been in this industry since it first began, which means they also know a thing or two about implementing the ultimate Instagram engagement strategy.

They know that it takes time, dedication, and tried and true features to get the job done. They have everything you need to build your perfect game plan, and their tools have proven to be so effective that they haven’t adjusted them too much over the years.

Another thing that stands out for us when we look at Follow Adder is just how hands-on they let you be. If you’re someone who likes the thought of still having some control over what happens to your Instagram, then you’re going to like Follow Adder and its dashboard.

You can download this onto your desktop and use it whenever you wish to tweak upcoming posts and keep your content nice and organized. Follow Adder know from experience what it takes to build up a successful Instagram profile.

SocialCaptain Alternative #5: Jarvee

Jarvee - SocialCaptain Alternative Automation

Jarvee is similar to Follow Adder in many ways, which means they’re also a great Social Captain alternative. Just like Follow Adder, Jarvee has been around since the beginning and has spent a lot of time building up their reputation. This means that they are a reliable, trustworthy choice when it comes to implementing the perfect Instagram strategy, and they have competitive prices to boot. One thing we will say, however, is that their dashboard only caters to Windows, so if you have Windows on your desktop then you’re in luck.

Another thing to note about Jarvee is that their dashboard features can be a bit advanced for some just starting out. This is why we recommend checking out some of their video tutorials that you’ll find on their website first so you can make the most of what they offer.

Jarvee is a solid choice if you also want to expand the reach of your brand across multiple different social media accounts. Since they first began, they have been going from strength to strength and have helped hundreds of clients improve their engagement ratings on the gram.

SocialCaptain Alternative #6: Trusy

trusy social

While tried and true is always a safe choice, it can sometimes pay to reach out of your comfort zone and try something different and new. The Instagram marketing industry is a difficult one to get into because the competition is extremely high.

It also takes time to build up a solid reputation, especially when you go up against companies like Follow Adder and Jarvee. This is why we’re always impressed to find a company that seems immune to the resistance and wastes no time making a name for themselves.

Trusy Social is one of these companies. You may not have heard of them, because they are relatively new to the scene. However, just because you haven’t heard of them doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give them a chance, and the people who seem to have benefited greatly. Trusy has already got many client testimonials that back them up and prove that they’re one of the best newcomers.

They claim to have cracked the code when it comes to Instagram engagement, and judging by how many people are benefitting as a result we’re inclined to believe them. If you’re looking for the next best thing in Instagram engagement marketing, you may want to check out Trusy and their affordable features for your Instagram profile.

SocialCaptain Alternative #7: Hashtags for Likes


We’re always on the lookout for companies who want to take it a step further with their features and really stand out from the crowd. These are the types of companies that you should also be looking for – those who have a point of difference.

With the competition being as high as it is, it’s essential for Instagram growth companies and bots to have a point of difference, otherwise, they don’t have a hope of doing well. Hashtags for likes immediately stood out to us because of their unique approach to your Instagram growth.

Hashtags for Likes, as you may have guessed by the name, know how important hashtags are when it comes to implementing your engagement strategy. In fact, they’re everything, because they can make or break your profile. It doesn’t matter how amazing your content is, if you’re using the wrong hashtags, there’s not even any point in uploading.

Hashtags for Likes helps you find the best hashtags for your industry through their hashtag search engine. Additionally, they also provide their clients with in-depth data about each hashtag, so you can see just how well it’s done with other content on the gram. When you pair a hashtag with a piece of content, if it’s not perfect, it’s not going to do well.

Hashtags for Likes can eliminate this risk, allowing you to find the ultimate hashtag list for your style and format. As soon as you enter any hashtag into their search bar, you get insights and analytics that will tell you whether it’s a go or not. This is perhaps one of the most important Instagram engagement features out there, and you won’t find it in many other places.

SocialCaptain Review

Social Captain is a growth company for Instagram users that say it can help its clients grow their Instagram account automatically.

SocialCaptain says that the followers it offers are real, as well as its likes or comments. In our review, we take a look at it to decide whether these claims are true.

What is SocialCaptain?

When we first came to review SocialCaptain, we thought that they looked like a relatively good Instagram tool.

They claim that their results are in real-time and that their growth tools are powerful enough to help you stand out from the crowd, without looking spammy. They say that their tools are powered by AI, and can do many different things from following and commenting, to liking as well.

Again, when we first started to review SocialCaptain, nothing really stood out as bad or questionable. This can be somewhat bad, too – they don’t really have anything that’s remarkably unique.

Speaking of reviews, if you head on over to the company’s page on Trustpilot, you’ll realize that they don’t have many people who have great things to say. All in all, it seems that they have just a one-star rating, so when you compare that to other growth companies out there, it’s not great.

This means that there’s a good chance SocialCaptain could be running a scam, where they put their clients’ accounts at risk just so they can make a quick profit.

Is SocialCaptain Safe? Is It a Scam?

The vast majority of people that are in the social media marketing industry and looking for reviews about companies like SocialCaptain will be concerned about the reputation that bots have.

Most of the time, it’s because they can potentially get your account banned.

However, in reality, Instagram won’t usually just ban your account out of nowhere. The first thing they’ll do is require you to change your password so that you can’t work with companies like this anymore.

So, when it comes to SocialCaptain, again based on their Trustpilot we’re inclined to believe that they’re a scam which could bring harm to your Instagram page. However, what we do appreciate about them is that they have a good level of security.

They make sure to encrypt their client’s personal information, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of that when you share it on their website. They do seem to have good intentions with their clients, but there is also a rumor that they’re not really working as they should be anymore, either.

SocialCaptain Features

So, what is SocialCaptain offering them in terms of features? Let’s review them.

  • Automation Services: this includes things like following, unfollowing, liking and commenting. They also have automatic direct messaging, and the good thing about their features is that you can set them to have limits so that you don’t end up looking like a scam to Instagram. It is good that they are offering the customer control of the limits.
  • Filters: of course, because SocialCaptain is promising that the followers you’ll get on your account are real, they’ve got to back this up with lots of filters to make the targeting very specific. Luckily, they have made their filter system super easy to understand, which means that you can hone in on your target audience through age, post type, and gender.
  • Target Creation: as well as having good filters, it’s important to set the correct targets as well. This way, the SocialCaptain bot will know who to interact with, and who to ignore. Of course, they want the client to be in control of this, so you get to decide who they connect with. They have two different kinds of targets – hashtags and usernames. This means that when you share a username with Social Captain, they will interact with the audience of that username, in the hopes that they check out your account instead.

SocialCaptain Pricing

Let’s do a review of Social Captain’s pricing. For seven days, they’re going to cost you $15, which of course by anybody’s measurements is a good price. It’s also their lowest, so you’re going to get a basic service – and only a week’s worth of growth.

For 30 days, it is going to cost you $39, which again is still a reasonable price point. If you want your engagement to increase rapidly, then you’re looking at a top tier pricing of $99 a month.

This might be outside of some people’s budget, but they claim it’s effective – and not a scam. Keep in mind the negative reviews on their Trustpilot, though – those come from real people, so you’ve got to take this into account when considering companies like this.

Pros of SocialCaptain

  • You Get a Choice: what some would consider an advantage of SocialCaptain is that you can choose between using their platform online, or downloading it through their app. This means that if you don’t want to take space up on your phone, you can keep everything online.
  • User-interface is Friendly: there’s nothing more annoying than a dashboard or interface that’s hard to use, and difficult to understand. SocialCaptain seem to have nailed this part.
  • Regular Reporting: SocialCaptain has been on top of their regular reports, as far as our review goes. They seem to be pretty consistent with their customer stats which you can see through the dashboard.

Cons of SocialCaptain

  • Trial for One Day: we don’t think that this is enough to try them out, no matter how little time you might have to spare. You’re not going to get a good gauge on their features just by using them for a day.
  • Average Customer Support: we couldn’t seem to really get anywhere with their customer support, which doesn’t bode well for future clients. You don’t want to be waiting to get technical help when you need it the most.
  • Instagram Cracking Down: it appears that Instagram is cracking down on people who are using SocialCaptain, which is obviously not a good sign. This also most likely means that the features aren’t working very well anymore.


SocialCaptain Shutdown?

When it comes to using SocialCaptain, these guys have now shut down.

We will also mention that it appears they have stopped replying to their customers and their services aren’t working, so if you’re a current SocialCaptain customer, you may want to take a look at our list of alternatives to get your Instagram back on track.

SocialCaptain Not Working?

Again, as we mentioned above, SocialCaptain has been shut down, and many customers have said that it doesn’t appear to be working right now.

Instagram certainly doesn’t make it easy on these companies to do their thing. In the meantime, check out our list of the best Social Captain alternatives.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy finding the perfect Instagram growth service or bot to go with your Instagram profile. This is because it’s not a one size fits all situation.

Everyone that is trying to get ahead on the gram is a part of a specific niche, which means they require specific features and tools to do well. While it’s nice to find those companies that seem to be popular among Instagram users, it’s also nice to find underrated options as well that may not be as mainstream yet.

You never know – they could be the answer you’ve been looking for in terms of what your Instagram profile needs.

Whatever niche you’re in and whatever content you’re trying to promote, remember to keep an open mind when looking for your Instagram growth service or bot, and check out our list of the best Social Captain alternatives to give you a great chance of success.

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