Why TikTok is Taking Over Instagram During Quarantine

TikTok is Overtaking Instagram During Coronavirus Quarantine (Here’s Why)

Face masks, sanitizer, and home quarantine. We’re living in a pretty strange time right now, and for most of us who haven’t had to experience the coronavirus first-hand, the biggest issue that we have to deal with right now is boredom. Let’s talk about why TikTok is taking over Instagram during the quarantine.

TikTokkers are Filming Themselves in Quarantine

TikTokkers are Filming Themselves in Quarantine

The rapid and increasing spread of the coronavirus means that there are a lot of people currently in quarantine – both voluntarily and involuntarily. With nothing to do for a while, quite a few people have turned to social media sharing platforms like TikTok to make the most of their situation.

Bitcoin Has Crashed 55% in Just 2 Days

Bitcoin is also taking a huge hit as a result of the recent coronavirus and has seen a 55% fall, which by any market’s standard is considered epic.