8 Must-Have Text Messaging Software Features for Your Business

Did you know, according to Gartner, SMS open and response rates are as high as 98% and 45%, respectively — in comparison to corresponding figures for email which are 20% and 6%?

Text messages have been there for a long time and so is their relevance. 

Considering business text messaging apps for sales and marketing purposes could be a rewarding decision for business leaders as they offer multiple close touchpoints with customers. 

However, choosing the right text messaging app can be a task considering a myriad of options ready at your disposal. 

In this blog, we shall discuss the best features to look for in a business text messaging software to help you make an easy and informed decision.

8 Features Business Text Messaging Software Must Have

Keep an eye for these features: 

#1. Keywords and shortcodes 

Customers want fast responses – whether it is getting a discount or activating or deactivating a service, or any other sort of help – text messaging can allow them to do so and keywords and shortcodes can facilitate this.

Short codes are five-to-six-digit codes that are designated to an organization or shared by multiple groups. Keywords are single words or short phrases that when sent by the customer trigger a list subscription or other action in the messaging service.

For instance, if you are giving away discounts on your retail website, you can advertise to customers to SMS the keyword DISCOUNT to 21222, a short code to receive an x amount of discount voucher. 

#2. Segmentation and personalization 

Business text messaging software allows you to create different custom audiences using segmentation. You can then send personalized messages to these audiences to create a maximum connection with prospects and customers. 

Here’s an example of SMS marketing by a men’s health start-up. A customer has purchased a water softener liquid that helps in preventing hair loss. This is what personalized texts could look like: 

  1. Cross-selling based on purchases. 

Soft water helping you get thick hair? It’s time to make your skin great now! Try our skincare range today XYZ10 for 10% off @xyz.co/eb9691

      2. Texts based on real-time events

There is uncertainty in the world right now! But if you use your hair the regime for 4 months, you will certainly see less hair fall! @XYZ.co/3743e9

       3. Texts to urge customers to buy again

Your salary is credited! Along with your SIPs invest in yourself. HEALTH is WEALTH! Use the Rs.73 in your XYZWallet for discounts @XYZ.co/3743e9

       4. Customer Success endeavors

It takes 4 months to see results with our hair fall regime. It’s been around 40 days since your last order. Use XY7 for 7% off @XYZ.co/d87fdf 

#3. Multimedia Support 

Multimedia messages (MMS) allow you to send images, audio, and video files along with text to your customers enabling you to offer a much more interesting and robust customer experience. Apart from that an MMS also enhances the quality of customer service you can deliver in terms of thoroughness and depth. 

Here’s an example: Roma just bought a piece of furniture that needs to be assembled. The instructions in the booklet aren’t clear enough — she needs help. She reaches out to the customer service team of the furniture company over an SMS.

Now if you have created a practice of using MMS then your rep will ask for an image or video to see your situation and then in response, he can send back a video tutorial or images to help Roma fix her issue. 

#4. Link Shorteners 

Since there are character limitations to SMS i.e. 160 characters, you do not want to use up your space with un-shortened URLs. Leading text messaging apps have an inbuilt link shortening feature, that allows you to shorten the links that you wish to send. Moreover, this software helps you track downstream conversions and clicks on those links.

#5. Integrations 

One of the most important things to look for in any software is its ability to integrate with your existing systems. Your business text messaging app must easily integrate with your email, CRM, or contact management software in order to offer holistic and better customer service and support

#6. Drip Campaigns 

Automation is a super fuel for all sales and marketing efforts – good text messaging apps can help leverage the power of automation using drip campaigns. Drip campaigns automatically send a series of scheduled text messages to your customers. 

They can be set up to be delivered after specific triggers or intervals (e.g., a few days after a shopping cart was abandoned or a welcome text after signup.)

Drip campaigns enable you to continuously interact with customers and never lose sight of any. Drip campaigns help you in notifying customers about anything related to your business whilst garnering their attention. 

#7. Text-to-Landline

This is a benign yet important feature to have, ensure that you make provisions where customers and prospects can call and text you on the same number. The goal here is simple – to offer customers just one number to save and make it convenient for them to reach out to you in whichever way they want. 

#8. Tracking and Reporting

Now is the time of data and the visibility it offers, one of the best benefits of text messaging apps is their ability to track and record KPIs for you.

You can track first response rates (FRTs), inbound messages, delays in responding, FAQs by customers, and more. All this data can help you re-strategize and optimize for better profits.

To Sum Up 

Text messaging is a classic tool that helps businesses connect with people. Using business text messaging software can help businesses automate and optimize their sales, marketing, and customer success endeavors.

We hope this article helps you make an informed decision in choosing business text messaging software.  

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