Own Your Leads: Why SEO And Email Marketing Are The Best Digital Marketing Strategies To Safeguard Your Business

Digital marketing is an invaluable tool today, utterly essential to almost every business that wants to connect with customers around the world.

There are a number of different forms that digital marketing takes, all with large benefits that they can bring to your business.

But which are the best strategies, and why should you choose them over all the others?

Read on to discover why SEO and email marketing are the best options for owning your own leads and safeguarding your business…

What Are Some Of The Key Digital Marketing Types To Consider Today?

There are many types of digital marketing, many of which overlap in different ways and at different times.

For instance, content marketing works through social media, with SEO and in conjunction with affiliate marketing at times, while each of these cross over as well.

Here we will take a look at some of the key types for generating leads and tell you a bit about each to get started…


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, focuses on improving your ranking in the search engine results pages.

The higher you are in the results, the more likely your website is to be visited, and the better your SEO, the more relevant searches you will appear in.

This is an organic process that takes time, but can have a huge impact on your leads and conversions.

Email Marketing

Much as it sounds, email marketing utilizes emails to contact current and potential customers, to create leads and draw people into your sales funnel.

You can target individuals, small batches and large groups of people at once with a variety of goals in mind including gaining sales and repeat custom.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a rapidly growing form of marketing which takes advantage of social media platforms gathering huge numbers of users in one place.

You can connect directly to your target audience through social media through blogs, posts, chats, videos and more as a way to drive engagement, awareness and loyalty.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also aims at raising you up in the results pages of search engines, but through paid ads rather than as an organic process.

Quite simply, you pay to have the top spot in the results of certain searches, though more goes into the actual process than that.

It is an effective and fairly instantaneous way to see your ranking rise.

The Benefits And Downsides Of Social Media Marketing

Each of these types of marketing has huge benefits, and social media marketing is no exception.

The key benefit to this type of marketing has to be the sheer number of people that use social media.

If you or your SEO agency in Dallas can effectively tap into this with the right strategy, you will likely be able to find your target audience gathered right here.

Social media marketing is an excellent way to engage the billions of people who use social media platforms like Facebook all around the world each day.

The strategies you can utilize are ideal for raising brand awareness and customer engagement, and you can better discover what it is that your customers want to see and read about right now.

However, social media marketing also has some downsides. It takes a lot of time and effort to establish a page and profile, to build up a community and get your message out there.

And that can all be taken away in an instant. Facebook can decide to shut down your page.

You could get blacklisted, unable to post or engage with your leads. This uncertainty is a real issue.

The Benefits And Downsides Of SEM

SEM similarly has some wonderful benefits, the first of which has to be that it is such a fantastic strategy for seeing swift results.

With SEM, once you agree to pay and get your ad up and going, people will start seeing it and you will start getting clicks and conversions.

As long as your ad is sound and you have a good strategy in place, you will see good returns here.

You can absolutely generate great leads, and quickly, through the use of SEM.

But once your budget runs out, you will see those leads drying up in a hurry.

You can only gain leads and benefit from your place at the top of the search engine results if you continue to pay for it.

Once you stop, you more or less have to start from scratch again.

The Benefits And Downsides Of SEO

Unlike SEM, with SEO you don’t pay to raise your ranking but rather lift yourself up through an organic process that happens over time.

While one downside is arguably that it takes more time and effort than SEM, the results are worth the wait.

With SEO, once you reach the top of the SERPs, you won’t immediately disappear the second you stop paying.

You don’t have to pay out in the form of ads, but rather put your focus on the top keyword research and content so that you attract your audience through commonality.

They are already looking for you, you just have to be there ready to provide the goods or services that they need.

You can generate leads that don’t depend on paying each time, or that are likely to dry up anytime soon.

Putting the effort in to optimize your content, your website and more will leave you in the position of naturally appearing to your ideal target market, with the right user intent and at the right time.

You will own your leads, and they cannot simply be taken away by someone else.

The Benefits And Downsides Of Email Marketing

Finally we come to email marketing, arguably the best lead generation strategy for small and big businesses alike.

While bigger businesses may have the budget to pour into paid ads and expensive strategies, email marketing is a low cost choice that provides impressive returns.

The majority of downsides associated with email marketing stem from a poor concept or a poor execution of your strategy.

Some people complain of emails that were sent out in the hopes of generating leads being consigned to the spam folder, but that can be avoided in many situations.

The right email can reach your ideal customer and encourage them to click right away.

Email marketing can be used for purposes ranging from cold approaches to potential customers to enticing offers for past customers and gentle reminders about abandoned carts of current customers.

Whatever your purpose, when you send out an email it is your lead and yours alone.

No outside force can easily take it away, so owning your leads is one of the biggest benefits you can get.

So, Why Are SEO And Email Marketing The Best Strategies?

As you can see, while there are impressive benefits to all kinds of digital marketing, and indeed the best strategies often work together, SEO and email marketing are the best for one reason.

They depend on you and you alone. You effectively own your own leads, and no platform can shut you out of them. No crumbling company can take your leads down with them.

SEO and email marketing are both excellent marketing strategies giving you control over your own destiny, and helping you succeed and thrive without relying on an outside platform.

If you are considering which forms of marketing to focus on in the future, make sure that SEO and email marketing play a key role.

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