Three Life Hacks For Hiring A Developer For A Startup

Brilliant ideas require brilliant embodiment, and the guarantee that you’ll become a founder of a business that makes a difference in the world is in the major degree based on your talent to hire a developer who’s able to treat your project as if it were his own.

Sufficient attention and passion for innovation, relevant experience and deep expertise in the domain – what are the qualities you expect to discover in your contractor? 

Having a great experience in helping new digital entrepreneurs, the Purrweb experts have organized their knowledge in the specific guide. This is an ABC devoted to hiring a developer for a startup with meticulous consideration of alternative ways of building a product. 

How A Software Development Agency Can Help With A Startup

The preliminary part of work includes several steps within which you research the market and assess your existing or potential competitors, their shticks and weaknesses, and exactly find out who is your target audience and how your solution will facilitate their better life. 

After you’ve got a detailed picture of the work of your product in your imagination, you can get over to the next step and hire a developer in order to drive your idea home. 

If you have a solid intention to create a truly qualitative product, target to hire a developer who is knowledgeable enough to perform the whole cycle of work.

Thanks to such an approach all the diversity of tasks related to the product can be performed in short terms and at an advanced level. 

When you hire a developer with an attentive attitude to work and a solid background in the industry, you are right to expect to receive not only the range of specific services (like UI/UX design services, development, quality assurance), but also to get equipped with qualified advices on following trends in the niche or nuances of security issues etc.

A lucky contractor is greater than just a disciplined performer. A cute partner is a reliable advisor, intelligent researcher and open to experiments expert who can help to push the development of your project in the right direction. 

What Prevents Entrepreneurs To Find And Hire A Developer Who’s Really Helpful

As the temptation to cut costs sounds loudly, there’s a wide practice when an entrepreneur tries to hire a developer among freelancers. The lack of experience, non-established procedures, superficial expertise in many domains 

are only a few of the drawbacks you can face in attempting to find and hire a developer who is positioning himself as Jack-of-all-trades. The opposite approach considers attracting IT specialists for an in-house team.

If your project is in the seed stage, it looks like excessive expenses and efforts without sufficient reasons. It often turns out to be a tremendously inconvenient task for a newbie in IT to assess IT experts’ competences.

As well as the obligation to pay salaries and sick leaves even in periods when the work stopped, that’s what doesn’t inspire young entrepreneurs to hire developers this way.

Why A Professional Team Is Worth Hiring And How To Select The One

When your project is just going to hatch, it makes sense to hire a developer who is baked by their previous experience and knows exactly which steps to make in order to get there where you dream. 

Cooperation with an IT team that is outsourcing opens the doors to the opportunity of getting more for less money and within a determined timeline. First, it may seem that IT-agency gives the way to freelancers in terms of budget and availability of experts.

But if you examine the issue closer, you’ll see that the experts with hundreds of performed products under the belt do faster and more effectively than people with a few cases. They are more disciplined, more experienced and more reliable. That means when are challenged to 

hire a developer  and avoid risks of being stuck in the process of building the product, the practice votes for a fully staffed agency with blazing results in the field. 

In a nutshell, you enjoy the next pros when dealing with an outsourcing team:

  • Definite timeline and budget,

  • Faster delivery of the product at the decent level (5-6 experts will narrow expertises manage the diversity of tasks at a rapid pace and comparatively deep level), 

  • Less effort and time consuming (you just check the results of two weeks’ iterations and make corrections if necessary). 

It’s up to you which way of cooperation to prefer. But if you are just in the beginning of your digital business journey, qualified and reliable partners are half of the battle.

Which Are The Signs You Are Dealing With A Prospective Team?

1. Proven Expertise In The Field

What can be more convincing that you’ve met passionate professionals than an impressive portfolio and hundreds of positive reviews?

A cute landing page can captivate you from the first glance, but if behind a cute company’s presentation there’s no proven track of perfectly performed products in the domain, it’s hard to imagine someone will be ready to hire a developer with fake success.

So, explore how the company contributes to their professional development. Try to hire a developer who regularly adds cases and helpful thematic articles in their corporate blog, has excellent scores on independent platforms like GoodFirms and Clutch, and looks like a good match according to clients’ reviews. 

2. Unparalleled communication skills

Don’t underestimate the significance of the flawless understanding of each other when it comes to bringing to life an outstanding undertaking. Any allusion and misconceptions serve as a barrier to high speed and efficiency in the development process.

Before you decide to hire a developer, check whether you’re on the same vibe and can effortlessly catch what the guys want to transfer to you as well as how precisely they get to the essence of your desires and requirements. 

3. Project Like A Challenge

Pay attention that only you’re choosing an appropriate contractor, but the team is looking for a project which aligns their sector of interests and level of expertise.

It’s essential to meet the development team whose ambitions coincide with your requirements, and the specialists will perceive your project as a challenging and inspiring opportunity to grow in skills and knowledge.

If it’s so, you can count your partner will be wholeheartedly involved in work and aspire to achieve unsurpassed quality product. 

The Bottom Line

Make the foresight decisions when it comes to selecting a contractor. Since you get a reliable partner who understands your  interests and preferences almost  without  words, you can bravely open the door for experiments and innovations, and reach the goals.

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