Timeless Rules that Crypto Investors Might As Well Follow

During the era when many people are pumping more money from online investments, not following the trend appears counter-intuitive. It doesn’t seem right watching other people succeed in crypto trading while you’re still stuck in exploring business opportunities. Why don’t you do the same instead? 

That idea sounds pretty simplistic, and the gains are quite promising. But the reality is, you won’t succeed unless you are fully equipped with knowledge and skills. 

Following the footsteps of crypto millionaires would require some discipline and tolerance to risks. And unless you’re willing to lose money, this investment might also sound scary. 

The never-changing strategy, so far, is to learn from the experts, particularly those who have invested time and resources studying your prospect market. There are tutorial videos and online articles that can help you out to master the protocols and make sound decisions accordingly. You can judge by yourself whenever your research is enough to increase your chances of success. 

But remember that it’s an ongoing process, meaning to say, you have to devote time to stay updated with the trends. One of the most helpful tools you can have today is internalising the general rules of investment, as explained in the succeeding paragraphs. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, it helps to review the fundamentals, or simply visit a trading platform like Bitcoin Revolution

Keep Fear and Greed Under Control 

Human emotion has always been a crucial factor in investment, as there are people who have a tendency to react impulsively. Fear and greed are the most common driving forces of the market, and sometimes even the failure of the participants. But they could be good friends, too, when exploited accordingly. 

The fear of losing money can serve as a warning signal, while the ambition to become rich is a powerful motivation. On how each one affects you as a trader would ultimately determine their role in your field of business. Just always keep it as a rule to maintain control over these two things. 

Crypto prices are influenced by various factors, including current trends and forecasts from experts. Logically, you have to follow these things because they will guide your trading decisions. However, be very particular about some facts that you read. 

You have to be critical about why experts are telling you to take this approach or that because jumping on the bandwagon is not always good. Before you jump in, verify the facts and analyse the probabilities yourself. 

Be Careful about Herd Mentality 

More commonly, the public buys assets when the market is heading upward and makes holds when it hits bottom. As to whether or not you should follow this practice, you should decide based on your goals. 

Because one thing you should be careful of is the herd mentality! There is a tendency among crypto aspirants to decide based on the consensus. 

Without knowing the drawbacks that it brings, they just follow the trend passively. Seriously, it pays to maintain independent thinking in the industry that values logic more than emotion. 

Take Time to Study the Market 

Don’t invest until you are familiar with the risks and protocols of the crypto market. You are gambling your money instead of investing if you take it that way. There are now hundreds of resources that you can use to learn about this industry. 

Consider both the ups and downs and decide for yourself whether you can handle and make some profits. Ultimately, this research will pay off when you’re able to protect your financial interests. One of the most helpful tools today is social media trading platforms, where you can even interact with experts in the industry. 

Bull Markets are Always Profitable 

During bull runs, most investors can generate more profits from rising crypto prices. One strategy when it occurs is selling an asset that you don’t own yourself, called a short sale. Traders resorting to this strategy borrow securities in hopes that the price will drop. 

The seller will eventually return an equal amount of shares in the future. As you explore further the crypto market, you will come to a realization that bull markets would likely be something that you will always wait for. 

Handle the Excess Properly 

Many investors would come to assume that when things are moving in their favour, profits become limitless. This thinking is irrational in the financial world. Just like the old saying, don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched; you should also avoid anticipating the certainty of probabilities. 

It’s true that you can make large profits at some point in time, but you also need to learn when to stop when the indicators are suggesting the contrary. There are only two possibilities – either you win or lose – but sometimes winning can blind investors. Be careful about that. 

Market Returns to the Mean 

One truth that’s never changing about any business market is that it returns to its long-term valuation levels, whether there’s an extreme optimism or pessimism. But in the crypto industry, this rule might seem hard to apply. 

It’s not an exception, but it’s highly speculative, unlike others. Still, it’s a good insight to follow. You have to make a definite plan and stick to it during the course of financial trading. In the process, you will have to make good judgments. 


Business is business. There will always be risks when you decide to invest your money for a profit. But it pays to face the risks rather than saving your money without the benefit of growing. 

As you learn the basics and technicalities of the cryptocurrency market, you will eventually navigate yourself around and expect favourable results. By following the rules discussed above, you’re in a better position than your rivals. 

Still, don’t get overconfident because the possibilities are broad. You have to maintain discipline as you explore investment opportunities. Trading is just one. If you have a business and plan to adopt virtual currency, there are ways by which you can expand your customer base. After all, you are always in control of your decisions. It simply matters to make prudence a general rule no matter which platform you choose.

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