How To Market A Health Clinic: 10 Tips To Get Started

Ideas to market a health clinic

The healthcare industry offers many promotional examples of how you can market your medical services on the internet. We’ve analyzed all high-ranked blogs and websites, and devised a list of tips that will help take your healthcare marketing to a whole new level.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some innovative marketing strategies and share important tips and tricks that will help you reach the top. Let’s get right into it. 

1. Get Your Social Media Presence Going

Your business page should definitely be present on popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Your efforts will be rewarded: new patients will learn about you, and old ones will receive effective communication and up-to-date information about services.

Let’s talk about which social media profiles you should consider creating:

  • Facebook is a great way to showcase your practice, deliver useful information in posts, and interact with commenters.

  • Instagram is the most well-known social media for visuals. Think of a content plan, shoot photos and videos, and introduce potential patients to your medical practice and staff.

  • LinkedIn is a professional communication channel. You get the opportunity to participate in discussions, add other providers to your contacts, and meet professional applicants and referring physicians. Give each other honest recommendations and develop relationships.

  • Twitter is a great platform for delivering news, professional humor, and medical memes. If you’re good at it, you can wow medical consumers with an out-of-the-box approach to communication.

  • Try Facebook Ads. Top social media platforms give you a lot of information about your target audience. Targeting a specific audience increases the chances of getting subscribers and customers. Analyze the stats to improve your advertising creatives and reach higher reaches and actions.

2. Build A Professional Website

A website should be well structured, properly optimized, and regularly updated.

Search Engine Optimization for medical website

A good example of structure is the Botox Clinic in Toronto website. The information in the menu is grouped by services, the results of the procedures are shown, as well as brief information about the company, a Q&A section, and contacts.

That’s more than enough to meet the interests of your ideal audience and inspire them to sign up for your services. Another important success factor is mobile-friendly optimization. After all, more than 75% of commercial inquiries are recorded from mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.

In this regard, you can improve your website by adding a mobile version to the desktop version. Or provide adaptive layout. Which is better for a medical site in terms of SEO? You decide for yourself:

  • Adaptive design does not require a new version of the resource, but only adapts the design for the device; benefits – saves time for professionals, does not burden the database;

  • Mobile version – a separate project with simplified functionality, providing site visitors a comfortable and quick search for information; loading speed, high level of usability, rapid implementation of changes, the ability to download the full version of the site.

A medical site also requires search engine optimization. Its purpose is to raise the site’s position in Google search results. If you want to rank higher, you will need to minimize technical errors, do a lot of keyword research, as well as link building.

This amazing SEO trio will ensure that your site reaches the top and passes all your competitors. Paid search is also good for attracting the attention of online users.

Anyone who is interested in your service will type in a search query, and your paid ad would be displayed at the top of the Google page. The advantage of paid search over organic – quick results. Minus – it’s quite expensive.

3. Register Your Company With Google My Business

A significant trust factor is patient feedback. And while on social networks and on your own site, patients’ feedback is treated with skepticism, the profile on google my business continues to be trusted.

Potential customers look at photos, references, ways to get in touch, routes on a map. They can call, write and vidit the website. Local search results perform best when combined with online directories.

Some directories can’t register without a Google account and a map mark, so make sure to create one beforehand

Your medical practice experience is directly proportional to the amount and quality of patient feedback. So start working in that direction and ask clients to write online reviews about the company.

4. Publish A Blog

Creating content takes a lot of time. But the health care community sorely lacks more voices speaking to audiences about important health-related topics. Choose a non-boring tone of voice and offer people useful and relevant information.

Make sure to optimize your blog for specific keywords that customers use to find information about the topic you’re covering. The knowledge of medical professionals is very valuable and should definitely be popularized in an accessible way.

A personal or corporate blog gives you complete freedom of action. Watch the reaction of readers and additionally promote the best materials (outreach).

5. Email Newsletters

Email marketing is an underrated medical marketing tool. This communication channel offers great opportunities, such as:

Healthcare advertising
  • sending updates;
  • Sharing news about your practice;
  • advertising discounts;
  • sending birthday greetings;
  • expressing concern about the patient’s current state of health.

People really appreciate this kind of personalized approach. Just don’t forget to ask the members of your client base for their permission before setting up the mailing list. You can use mailchimp to automate your mailings.

6. Hold Webinars

Show your expertise by holding free webinars with useful educational information. Generate interest in the event through social media and newsletters. Promote the event with bloggers with a similar audience.

Also invite interesting guests to your event and give staff opportunities to speak in public. Make sure to ask for email addresses to be ale to access the webinar. You can later use these emails to send promotional newsletters and other important information.

7. Sponsor An Event

If your budget allows it, sponsor an event and make yourself known to a wider audience. Beforehand, get your social media, website, and local business listings in order, because you should expect a flood of interested people after the event. Also, make sure to include a lot of branded material at the event, so that people remember it.

woman with ipad and microphone

8. Provide Short Preview Consults

This is a great excuse to get to know each other, talk to the patient, and see if your company can meet their needs. This is also a great way to upsell services and offer additional treatments that are complementary to the one the customer is inquiring about. 

9. Offer Special, Limited-time Discounts

A person always feels intrinsically satisfied if he or she is able to take advantage of a promotional offer. The sense of urgency is increased when you see a ticking clock.

This pressures the customers into making a purchase because they will be scared to miss out on a special offer. Because people usually take a long time to decide on which medical services they will take, giving them that extra little push will help you seal the deal.

10. Expand Your Services

You probably already have a steady customer base that is familiar and satisfied with your services. However, innovation is always welcome and appreciated by old and new patients alike.

Expanding your service list is a great idea because it will help you retain your old customer longer, but it will also bring a steady stream of new customers who want to experience the new service.

It’s important to promote your new services on your website and social media channels to ensure that patients learn about it quickly and efficiently. You can even offer a welcome discount to encourage new customers to sign up.

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