Tips to Organically Grow Your YouTube Channel

Becoming a content creator on YouTube is not a challenging task. You can simply create a YouTube channel and upload your first video. But, increasing your audience is the most difficult part.

Here are a few tricks you can use to drive engagement and organically grow your channel.

Choose a Relevant Keyword

An effective technique to target your audience on YouTube begins with a relevant keyword. When you have a single keyword or topic, you can target a specific audience.

You need to choose YouTube tags and keywords and create a video around that keyword.

Therefore, when you decide to create a video on a specific topic, look for the most searched keywords.

If you don’t upload SEO content on your YouTube channel, the platform’s algorithm won’t rank the video on the search engine.

In contrast, adding keywords will help the algorithm to prioritize your content on specific keyword searches. As a result, more viewers will find your content.

Furthermore, when you have a relevant keyword, you can stick to the topic throughout the video. Otherwise, you can easily get distracted from the topic.

Also, remember to add keywords in the video as it helps YouTube’s search engine to identify the right content using closed captions.

Engage with Audience

YouTube is a social media platform and like other similar channels, you have to interact with the audience.

If you won’t encourage your audience to comment and discuss they won’t stick with you for a long time.

Furthermore, YouTube rewards content creators based on engagement. This includes likes, dislikes, watch time, and comments.

A successful video creator on YouTube responds to every comment from their viewers.

Sometimes, you don’t have to wait for your audience to comment on the video. Ask them engaging questions so they can react.

But, keep in mind that the comment is relevant to the video’s topic. 

Promote Videos on Social Media Platform

Always promote your content on other platforms as well such as Instagram and Facebook.

Cross-promotion on different platforms increases your video viewers and drastically grows the audience.

Global Overview Report 2021 suggests that overlapping your users on different channels increases video engagement by 90%. 

So, choose social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook depending on what platforms does your target audience use.

Once you choose the platforms, create exciting and engaging posts to promote your content. Let your audience know that you are about to release a video on YouTube.

Create More Videos

Uploading more videos on your channel is important to grow your audience. You need to increase the frequency of your videos to a minimum of one video a week.

Consistency is important as it keeps your audience connected with your channel.

When you take more time to release videos your audience will start to forget. Furthermore, your video won’t appear on their newsfeed because their preferences will change.

The best approach is to post a video at the same time every week. When you stick to a schedule, your subscribers can easily follow.

Write Short Titles and Credit Sequence

A long title or credit sequence discourages the audience and forces them to binge-watch.

Therefore, you should keep titles and credit sequences short. Don’t create an opener for more than five seconds.

When the audience notices that you add a long sequence in your videos, they won’t follow your videos.

Choose Attractive Thumbnail

Thumbnail is a powerful tool and has a big impact on your video. Attractive thumbnails encourage the audience to click on the video.

It results in a higher click-through rate. Appealing thumbnail ranks video higher even if the content is not valuable. 

To create a catchy thumbnail for your video you can add large texts, arrows, and eye-catching images. Creating a thumbnail won’t take a lot of your time.

You can follow a particular style and font to create a template. Stay consistent with your thumbnail style as it keeps your channel organized.


If you want to increase your YouTube channel organically, you need to keep the platform’s algorithm and viewers in mind. For the algorithm, you need to choose a relevant keyword and title.

Meanwhile, for viewers, you need to interact with them, choose attractive titles and thumbnails, promote the video on multiple platforms, and stay consistent with uploading videos.

Another effective technique to organically grow your YouTube channel is through bots.

YouTube bots improve your video’s views, likes, and even add subscribers to your channel. However, choosing the best YouTube bots is not an easy task.

Following the above tips, you can boost your video’s visibility, increase watch time and session duration, and boost engagement on your channel.

Also, when you post interesting content more audiences will click on the video and subscribe to your channel.

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