Token Listing Strategies To Try Out in 2022

In today’s modern world, cryptocurrency is one of the most valuable yet diverse assets. More and more tokens are coming into existence. Here’s how you list new tokens onto a platform.

1. What Is a Token Listing?

First, let’s discuss what it means to list a coin or token. It is the process of introducing a new token to a crypto market or platform. 

As we said, many people are developing and launching new tokens on the market. Often, these tokens have various or specific uses. For example, Ethereum enables decentralized applications and smart contracts without third-party interferences.

When a new cryptocurrency enters the market, one way to make it accessible to interested users is through token listings. Yet, like introducing a new fashion, a successful token listing takes good timing and a good strategy.

2. Best Token Listing Strategies

Now, you know what token listings are. Now, let’s get right to the top methods of listing your coins on a new platform. Below are two reliable and effective token listing strategies.

2.1 Listing on Centralized Exchanges

Centralized exchanges (CEX) are the best platforms to list your tokens. They’re user-friendly and automatically facilitate the purchasing and management of these tokens. These exchanges don’t need real-time updates, so more orders and transactions occur there. 

One thing to know about CEXs is that they have regulations and strict Know-Your-Customer (KYC) practices. It’s a layer of security designed to create trust between the users and the platform. A CEX is the best place where whales – the biggest crypto holders – can buy your tokens because it allows the new coin to grow and gain popularity at a fair price.

A drawback of using a CEX is that it can be challenging to list a new token. The processes and requirements could take a while and are rigorous.

2.2 Listing on Decentralized Exchanges

The next strategy to list a token is to use a decentralized exchange (DEX) or decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. The main difference between DEXs and CEXs is the requirements for personal information and verification from the users. A decentralized exchange allows anonymous crypto buying and selling.

DEXs also don’t provide custody for the tokens. They also don’t have authorities or financial regulators enforcing rules on the exchange platform. Instead, transactions occur through a decentralized wallet.

One reason behind the growing trends involving DeFi use is the liquidity of token pairs. Anyone could list a token and decide what they want to swap it into. On CEXs, you’d have to pick two tokens that you own and let users swap between that pair only.

3. Things To Consider Beforehand

Always research and find the best exchanges before attempting a new token listing. Consider listing your token on various exchanges on different “tiers” and with various features. Observe what happens to find out which one is most suited for your project. 

Remember, not all platforms or exchanges are equal. Top exchanges like Binance aren’t the same as less popular ones, like Bittrex. The same is true with DEXs.

Another thing to consider is to build a network for your token first. You don’t want to launch a token without certainty of sale or support. Create connections and relationships. Later, build a community of token holders to strengthen and boost the project’s success.

Finally, ensure that the project is secure before you release it into the market. Get all your paperwork in order and ensure you have a team ready to address any bugs immediately.

4. About CoinMooner Token Listings

CoinMooner is one of the best DEXs and crypto community platforms today. It has a lot of useful and entertaining features, news, statistics, and developments. It’s safe, transparent, has a solid community, and has excellent 24/7 support. 

It uses Airdrops. It also provides various promotions and services, like performing tech audits and providing relevant statistics for its users.

5. Conclusion

Listing a token is when you launch a token into the market for buying, selling, and trading. The best strategies include using centralized and decentralized exchanges when creating new token listings. If you need a decentralized exchange, CoinMooner is a great option for its security, features, and transparency.

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