TokUpgrade Review: The Instagress for TikTok?

TokUpgrade Review: If you’re excited about the prospect of having a brand new social media channel to take advantage of, then you need to make sure that you’re armed with the best tools for the job.

Gone are the days that you could do it all yourself – even with Tokupgrade in its infancy, we still think that outsourcing your engagement is the best way forward.

With this in mind, let’s check out one of the best options out there that have taken the TikTok growth service industry by storm recently.

TokUpgrade Review: What is Tokupgrade?

TokUpgrade Review: What is Tokupgrade?

TokUpgrade is one of those companies that goes the extra mile for their clients. They know that you don’t have a lot of time to sit around and grow your TikTok account, which is why they connect your profile with an account manager.

They know that you need something that’s both dedicated and personalized, and they make this possible by being so accountable with each and every new client. They also make sure to get to know your target audience, too, so their growth for you can be specific and relevant.

Getting Started with Tokupgrade

When you get started with Tokupgrade, you get to tell them all about your target audience. You get to tell them what location they’re in, and what niche and industry your TikTok profile falls into. This way, they can get a really good idea of what your profile needs to grow.

Once you’ve entered your username, and paid for the service, they connect you with a dedicated account manager who will reach out to you. Once you’ve talked to them about what you need, they can begin to grow your account for you, so that you can focus on other things, like making more awesome TikTok content.

Tokupgrade Features

Tokupgrade Features

Their features include a service that can run around the clock, finding the right people within your target audience to check out your content. They always make sure to do this organically and authentically, so there’s no need to worry about getting in trouble with TikTok for violating their guidelines.

We’re impressed that they manage to do all of this without using a TikTok bot because they want their features to be as sustainable for their clients as possible. If you need any further help, they also have an email system where you can get in contact with someone.

Tokupgrade Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to all companies like Tokupgrade, but we think that in this case, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Let’s take a look:

  • Service is on autopilot
  • High level of customer support
  • Secure and safe growth
  • Organic, targeted features
  • No bots
  • Prices are visible
  • Https secure website
  • No guarantee on follower numbers


If you visit Tokupgrade’s website, you’ll notice that they have two simple, yet affordable price points, that you can cancel anytime. Their first price point costs $15, and their second one costs $25 per week.

The only major difference between the two is that their basic price point is regular growth, whereas their premium price point is double that growth. It all comes down to how quickly you are hoping to get more real TikTok fans.


Can Tokupgrade Guarantee Their Followers?

This is potentially the only downside to Tokupgrade – but it’s also an upside, too. Because their service is so authentic, they can’t guarantee a specific number of followers. If they were guaranteeing this, then they would be using fake engagement to grow your account, which you don’t want.

How Safe is Tokupgrade?

Tokupgrade is pretty safe. They always make sure that they comply with TikTok’s guidelines around using a third-party app, so there’s no risk of your account being suspended or banned. We personally think that they’re one of the safest options out there.

TokUpgrade Review: Final Thoughts

In a world that is extremely competitive, you need to find something that’s going to make your content really stand out from the rest.

Tokupgrade is a safe, secure, and sophisticated TikTok growth tool that can make all the difference to the speed of your TikTok growth.

If you need something that’s going to take your engagement seriously, then we highly recommend you check out this reputable, well established TikTok growth service.

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  1. If you’ve been looking for a service for growth of your Titktok account, look no further as TokUpgrade is your best bet. They deliver quality work and they are reliable. They deliver what they promise and their customer service is the best. I’ve personally used their services and have no regrets. TokUpgrade is the best, no doubt about it.


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