Top Tips for Engaging with Job Candidates on Social Media

Nowadays, social media isn’t just for, well, socializing. Depending on the platform, social media sites can also be used for various activities like shopping, watching videos, and even catching the latest news from all over the world. Another modern use of these networking sites and apps is for job hunting.

Indeed, according to surveys, a significant percentage of candidates used a social media platform in their most recent job search. This is only to be expected, considering that even Fortune 500 companies have official social media pages.

The question is: are you, as a brand, taking advantage of the recruitment potential of these social sites and apps? If you aren’t yet, here are some tips to help get you started:

Make Video Content

When it comes to different types of content, video is more engaging compared to text or image posts. Thus, you need to make more of it if you want to maximize interactions with both passive and active candidates.

The great thing about video content is that you can be as flexible with it as you want. You can use 2D or 3D animation, for example, or pre-recorded footage edited to tell a story.

It’s also worthwhile to explore the unscripted, “day in the life” type of videos featuring your employees for more relatability. For more educational content, try an interview format with an industry leader.

Use a Script

While social media platforms encourage spontaneity, most of the time you need a guide on what you have to say. This means using a script, so you can stay on track and cover all the topics you want to discuss on your job ads, timeline posts, and other content.

It also enables you to stay on-brand and not post anything that goes against company policy or values.

If you haven’t used recruitment-oriented scripts yet, this link will help you learn more. It’s focused on real estate, but many of the points are actually applicable to a wide range of industries.

At the end of the day, the core of recruitment is finding the best people who have both the skills and attitude to work with your company.

Involve Your Employees

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. If you want to convince job candidates that yours is the company to join, then what better proof do you have than your happy and fulfilled employees?

Aside from having them share your own social media posts, you should also encourage them to create their own content. Remember: word of mouth is a powerful thing. Having your employees recommend your company to job seekers is akin to getting a “seal of approval.”

For content types, one good idea is a takeover of your Twitter or Instagram account. Let an employee or two post on your pages for a day or two to show what a typical work day looks like. This is also a great opportunity to showcase your company culture.

Share Industry Content

For many job seekers, being able to work with and for industry thought leaders is the perfect opportunity because they can learn and potentially advance their careers. Thus, it’s a good idea to share industry content that’s relevant to your target candidates.

Ideally, you should be making your own content to further solidify your authority and credibility. Write a blog, for example, and then share that on your social platforms.

Join Groups

If you want to find like-minded individuals or a specific type of candidate, you’ll have more success if you join groups. Because the members already have a common interest, you can be assured that your posts will be seen by your target market.

Of course, you have to be less overt that you’re looking to hire; some groups even ban members from actively recruiting on their pages. Rather, you should be focusing on organic content.

Participate in discussions or even start your own. You may also want to assume a role within the group, such as an advisor or a relatable colleague.

Try Direct Messaging

While the most popular form of social media is a sharing website or app, remember that there are also other mediums that you can use. A good example would be chat or messenger apps. In fact, it may even be more effective at times because it’s a one-to-one interaction.

Of course, you have to fine-tune your messaging to suit the platform. Don’t send overly long messages, in particular. Rather, send links to your own social media pages or website where they can find more relevant content.

You can also use direct messaging for following up on someone’s post. For example, if you found an interesting or insightful post by the person, you can try messaging them about it to start a conversation.

Social media used to be something that’s used exclusively for fun or leisure. Over the years, its role in the digital world has evolved—and so should the way you use it as a brand. With these suggestions, you can maximize social media for recruitment purposes.

Good luck! 

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