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Just like everyone else, I’ve kind of had enough of not getting anywhere with my Twitter growth. I try and try, and nothing seems to stick. I still remember how I felt when I got more than 1000 followers.

Now it’s been years since that happened, and my Twitter account hasn’t grown as fast as I would like it to. This is why when I found Tweeteev, I was practically begging them to take my money – and they’ve been able to look after me ever since.

Tweeting Great Content Isn’t Enough.

It sure as heck used to be. I used to get a lot of attention for my savvy tweets – now, they get lost in the sea of others.

Another thing that I had lost the art of was being consistent. In fact, I told other people for years on end that you need things like consistency, the ability to follow people who publish similar tweets, and the ability to follow people back when you pick up new Twitter followers without buying them.

While these techniques did work for me for a while, it was a long time before I realized that something else was missing – and that something else was Tweeteev

Along Comes Tweeteev

A couple of months ago, a good friend of mine asked me if I had heard of this company called Tweeteev.

I tested out the free trial out of curiosity, and I discovered that they were able to automatically like other people’s tweets, as well as follow the accounts of the people that would fit into my industry and niche. One of the best parts of Tweeteev is that they will unfollow accounts after 24 hours if they have not followed me back.

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This is pretty much it – oh, and they have a personal account manager that can help you with everything. This is really all they do, and it’s so beautifully simple.

Tweeteev Results

I ran the free trial, and I spent a good amount of time setting it up, so it had the right features for my Twitter, etc. And guess what? It worked. Before I realized what was actually happening, I was getting the kind of growth I had only dreamed about for a long time.

These were people that were following me and favoriting my tweets because they had found me through Tweeteev and were genuinely interested in what I was saying.

Making the Most of Tweeteev

To make the most of Tweeteev, get specific and get relevant. I made sure to narrow my niche right down so that my target audience was small but relevant.

This way, Tweeteev was able to focus on a small corner of Twitter, with the chances of everyone in that small corner being really interested in my stuff. And you know what? This actually worked.

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