9 Ways Math Teachers Can Earn Money From Working At Home

Sometimes the money you earn as a teacher working in a government or private school might only cover some of your expenses, which calls for other ways to make extra cash to sustain your lifestyle.

Math teachers can utilize many online opportunities to work in the comfort of their homes. Below are ways math teachers can earn money from working at home.

Online Math Tutoring

Specialized software like Zoom and video conferencing have enabled teachers to host tutoring sessions at home.

As a math teacher, you can offer online math tutoring at a fee to help kids struggling with math.

Online tutoring is convenient since teachers can hold the sessions after work hours since they need to meet with the learner physically.

Some teachers have quit their school jobs and started teaching from home, which is time-saving and cost-effective.

Selling Teaching Materials

With the skills and knowledge attained through years of practice and trial and error, a math teacher can decide to share by selling learning and teaching materials.

As an experienced math educator, you can choose to write a guidebook for teachers on the best and most effective ways to teach math and sell it.

You can also make educational videos for learners on the best math learning techniques and sell them to math websites. 

Coaching Other Math Educators

Coaching is a great idea, especially for math teachers who have always wished to venture into the entrepreneurial world.

You can set up an online coaching business to help other math teachers, and this can work as consultation sessions where other teachers can consult on issues they face in their classrooms.

You can also host online conferences where you talk to groups of teachers and advise them on the best ways to handle their students and host their teaching sessions.

Working as an online adjunct professor

An online adjunct professor works for a college or university to teach students about a particular subject as part of an online program or through an online course.

The work of the adjunct professor is to develop curriculums, prepare lesson plans, evaluate student work, post grades, and teach students during online classes.

This is a great job opportunity since you can work for multiple universities simultaneously since all the work is done online.

Developing And Reviewing Curriculums For Classrooms

A curriculum developer works with a classroom teacher to order the most effective learning materials like books and other materials for instructional use since they have experience.

They are also responsible for interpreting state guidelines to make changes to the school curricula and give recommendations on possible changes that can be made to improve student performance.

As an experienced math teacher, you can help a teacher review the student’s test scores and implement new educational materials. 

Advisor And Consultant For Admissions

Making money as a teacher is easy for dedicated and willing people. Not finding a job that is not based on your profession should not discourage you from finding other jobs.

The work of an admission consultant is to provide virtual support to students in the college enrollment process.

The consultant helps the students by assisting them in completing their applications, giving them remote guidance, and recruiting them into the school.

Writing And Editing Educational Materials

Many people need to learn how to make money as a teacher online since they do not know how.

With the advancements in technology, many educational websites have been developed.

These websites hire people to write and edit their educational materials. You can work by writing academic articles, creating tests, creating and editing pdfs, and developing their online course curriculum. 

Teaching English 

Teaching English is an easy part-time job for teachers who are native English speakers.

Many people in non-English countries like Asia mostly learn their English online.

For teachers, it is easier since they have the credentials to teach. The only requirement is to learn about the best online platforms to reach potential learners.

After attracting students, you can charge them depending on what they want to know, whether it is basic English or they want an entire course.

Teaching Online

Teaching online and online are two complete teaching techniques. Teaching online means converting a class that was physical to hosting it online.

Online tutoring is like supplement lessons for class work. Many universities have adopted this, where lecturers host classes online, give tests, and even grade them online.

Though it may have some disadvantages, it is still an effective way to work from home. 


Working from home is convenient for women who are caregivers or people with disabilities who have skills but are limited from hosting physical classes.

Retired math teachers can also make some cash by offering the abovementioned services. 

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