7 Ways Operators Can Elevate Their Success With Affiliate Marketing

For an iGaming company to succeed, it doesn’t just take a great product; it needs to have a robust marketing strategy that targets first-time depositors as well as existing customers.

Today, operators have a variety of advertising options, making it even easier to reach new players.

TV ads and sponsorship are paths to instant attention but can also be costly. Because of this, affiliates are the most used tool to attract new players, regardless of budget. 

While many affiliates have advertisement packages that operators can purchase for an added boost, the partnership is primarily based on the new depositing players the affiliate brings in.

This makes affiliate marketing a very scalable solution, but how do you get the most out of this form of advertising?

We reached out to the minds behind the leading UK affiliate site Bojoko.com to get their insights into how operators can increase their outreach potential to new players.

They were happy to oblige, and we are excited to present the below 7 tips covering how your iGaming company can grow revenue with affiliates.

1. Identify The Key Affiliates In The Market

While building an easy-to-use and lucrative affiliate program encourages affiliates to sign up and drive high-quality traffic to your site, you should not wait for affiliates to reach out. 

It is essential to be proactive. Research key affiliates in your markets and reach out to each of them. It is very easy to locate them.

This is fairly easy to do. Simply start to search for the terms you wish to rank for and see which affiliate sites pop up. 

The affiliates that rank the best in Google are guaranteed to have access to an extensive player base, and not being listed with them will mean losing out on these players. 

Locating the big affiliates in each market you are in will help you get exposure faster and ensure you do not lose out on critical partnerships.

Be mindful, however, that in many markets, such as the UK, operators are held accountable for any advertising, including from their affiliate partners.

Whenever this is the case, be especially careful that the affiliates you choose to work with have a track record of compliance.

2. Optimize Your Landing Pages for Conversions

Affiliates can only help get players to your landing page. From there, it is up to you to convert them into depositing players.

To effectively raise your conversion rates, work together with affiliates to optimize your landing page. 

For many first-time depositors, this landing page is the first touch with your brand, so it should be user-friendly and informative.

Affiliates can also assist with feedback here, as they can see how your landing page converts compared to your competitors.

3. Utilize Affiliate Insights and Feedback

Affiliates possess valuable information about player preferences, behaviors, and trends you may not otherwise have access to.

Don’t be afraid to ask them for pointers on how you can optimize their traffic with them, as there may be easy-to-fix gaps you are missing.

By incorporating this feedback into product development, your iGaming company can refine your bonuses, site, and various features to not just appeal to more players but get added exposure as well.

4. Consider Increasing The Features Your Website Is Offering

Beyond simply appealing to more players, quite a few affiliates have specific pages dedicated to each relevant payment method, game provider, type of betting, etc., in their markets.

Users searching for operators with these features land on these pages and sign up directly from there.

Speak to your affiliates to discover which game providers and payment options would positively impact your revenue. 

Affiliates like Bojoko partner with service provers, such as Softswiss, game developers, etc., for a reason, and your company should take advantage of these partnerships.

There are also many different features that can have a similar impact, such as lowering your deposit limits and offering fast withdrawals.

Bojoko crunched the numbers and shared their key findings on how casino operators can increase their FTDs via a LinkedIn post we would highly recommend.

5. Understand The Value Of No-Deposit And No-Wager Bonuses

It is undisputed that no-deposit and wager-free bonuses are popular among players.

These are amongst the offers with the highest search volume in the UK and most markets with an iGaming sector. 

It is easy to see why. When players have the opportunity to try a casino without financial commitment or concerns about the fine print, it significantly influences their likelihood of signing up.

However, it is crucial to understand that while you are likely to get a large number of new players registering to your brand if you offer no deposit bonuses, the number of players who actually will continue to make a deposit tends to be much lower than usual, as the no deposit bonus hunters are known for their hit and run mentality.

If you offer no deposit offers, it is essential to invest in retention and find ways to make the users who sign up wish to deposit.

This is not the case for offers such as no-wagering bonuses unless they are no deposit offers, as players need to deposit to claim them.

Players signing up through an affiliate promoting your no-wager offer are, therefore, far more likely to convert.

6. Provide Exclusive Promotions for Affiliates

Offering affiliate-specific promotions incentivizes affiliates to give your brand added exposure without you having to pay extra.

Players are always looking for exclusive bonuses, which will draw extra attention to your brand and likely increase conversion.

An exclusive bonus can also give you access to high-converting bonus-specific lists, boosting your revenue further.

7. Keep The Ball Rolling: Communicate With The Affiliates

Communication is vital to a strong affiliate partnership. Ensure that you keep your affiliates updated on changes, such as new bonus offers or licenses.

This helps the affiliates provide up-to-date information to their readers, which can have a notable impact on conversions.


If you want to use affiliate marketing to its fullest, there are clearly a lot of easy steps you can take to increase your exposure and revenue potential.

From exclusive bonuses to simply the right game developers or lowering your deposit limits, you can gain players you otherwise would not have been able to reach.

The main takeaway from these tips, however, is that the best way to increase your revenue is to simply reach out to the right affiliates and get their input.

They have data you don’t, and by forging a strong relationship with your affiliate partners, you can use their knowledge to your advantage.   

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