5 Ways To Improve Your Cannabis Brand Image Through Customized Packaging

Recent scientific research confirms that this previously defamed plant cannabis, more particularly hemp, is likely to have mind-boggling benefits for plenty of health conditions, including epilepsy, cancer, anxiety, and multiple sclerosis.

In the near future, the cannabis market will grow multiplefold. In most countries, at present, it is not even regulated by drug authorities, which has widened the trust deficit of customers.

Building trust among customers is the key to boosting sales. The market is overcrowded with multiple CBD-related brands confusing the customers, which can be minimized by focusing on customized packaging techniques.

A good packaging design with a simple and clear description can help in developing customer’s trust in the product. Here are a few approaches that businesses can adopt to create exceptional packaging and ultimately gain customers.

1. Add Accurate And Clear Information On Packaging 

The initial phase to develop trust begins with designing packaging that comprises the right content.

The printed packaging presents a clear picture of your product’s ingredients in front of the customers. You can also specify any product’s quantity, production batch number, and potency.

For instance, you can specify your product type, whether it is Hemp seed oil or CBD extract oil tincture, etc.

Custom Cannabis packaging also encourages customers to consider buying products with labels like ‘organic, ‘Co2 extracted’, or ‘GMO-free.’

Packaging is an essential tool to gain customer feedback about your product by providing your contact information, including phone number, web address, and email.

As it ensures legitimacy and transparency, thus enhancing the customer base.     

2. Try to Keep the Design Of Packaging Simple And Chic 

Simple and uncomplicated packaging instigates trust and reassures customer’s requirements.

Complicated packaging makes it easy to overlook useful information that customers need to know.

People are usually aware of the fact that complicated packaging boxes having huge blocks of information may contain many loopholes. 

However, on the other side, simple packaging with better design and fonts makes it easy for customers to read all the information they are looking for before buying a product.

Fewer words with proper competing graphics grab the attention of the consumers. Simple packaging always stands out.

Simple packaging delivers an image that the product has no concealed loopholes or any secrets that might be against your customers’ expectations.   

3. Present Your Product Better Than Your Competitors

In today’s competitive world, your customers will have plenty of similar products available in the market.

You have to make sure that your customer trusts your CBD products in comparison to other credible medical brands. You can make sure by:

  • Your product’s packaging must provide a proper list of added ingredients and instructions for usage.  And do not forget to add your business name, logo, and design symbols to differentiate your product from the rest of the competitors.   
  • The box packaging must contain a safety seal to protect the product. It also makes sure that there is no tampering with the product and that it is safe to use.

4. Enhance Shelf Presence Regardless Of Limited Space

Due to security and safety reasons, it is a legal requirement for all dispensaries to keep cannabis products in lock.

The products are kept behind glass. To enhance your shelf presence, you must design cannabis packaging with solid and high graphics to produce an appealing retail display, irrespective of the limited space.

Whenever starting a new brand or a new product line in the cannabis industry, it is always better to figure out the ongoing trends and innovations. 

Always experiments with new trends and ideas that have produced results for others.

The changing preferences of customers and interests, along with the rapid evolution of the sector, make it easier to push your brand to new heights with a few design adjustments and adapting to the changing circumstances.  

5. Pay Heed To The Sustainable Options

Sustainable products have been a need of the hour due to the changing mindsets of young customers.

So, it is difficult to sell products in this modern time. While buying, customers focus on claims made on the products by the businesses. 

These claims can be about the use of sustainable packaging, natural and organic ingredients, and sustainable techniques.

So, the packaging of cannabis products serves as a main tool to make these claims.    


Historically built perception about cannabis makes it difficult to develop a sound customer base, even for medical cannabis products.

However, following the above steps within the ambit of guidelines set by regulatory authorities can help you grow your cannabis business.   

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