5 Ways To Make Your Business More Eco-friendly

The world is a beautiful place, full of trees, animals, and breathtaking places to see. Unfortunately, humankind’s impact on the world has been devastating. Overpopulation, using too many resources, deforestation, and other things have put our world at risk.

So it behooves any business to do what they can to be part of the solution instead of the problem. Running your business in an eco-friendly way can help you get more customers and help the world in the process.

Being eco-friendly or environmentally conscious isn’t a mere fad. It’s an integral part of operating a business in a sustainable manner and making the world a better place for all. Here are five ways you can make your business more eco-friendly.


Recycling is at the top of most sustainability lists for a reason: it’s crucial to the environment. As such, your business should consider recycling as much as possible. Paper bags are easy to recycle, as are bottles, aluminum cans, and other items you might not need anymore.

On top of recycling, you should handle waste appropriately. Chemicals and cleaning products, for instance, should not go in the trash. They can seep into the Earth and cause problems. They must be disposed of properly in order to create a safer environment.

The same goes for electronics, which contain components that can be bad for the environment. By recycling and disposing of things properly at your organization, you can show your customers you care while leading a sustainable business life.

Offer Sustainable Products

Speaking of sustainability, you should try to offer sustainable products at your organization. Offering sustainable products like reusable shopping bags helps people recycle more on their own as well.

It might also encourage them to think twice about how they’re using their resources and what they’re putting into landfills or the trash.

But be sure you are engaging in actual sustainability practices instead of just putting on a show for your customers in order to drive business (a process known as greenwashing). That way, you can help the planet while encouraging your customers to do the same.

Offer Paper Bags

Paper bags are affordable and reliable. They’re pretty sturdy so they’re not going to develop holes like plastic bags too. They’re also great for marketing purposes. With all the space available on the side of a paper bag, you can put whatever promotional information you like including your company name and logo.

They’re also quite adaptable to any size item you need to place in them. Do you need to put books in the bag? Paper bags can help. Are you bundling groceries? They offer protection for all of the precious food your customers buy.

Whatever the case may be, offering biodegradable custom paper bags to your customers is ideal for both marketing and being eco-friendly at your business.

Offer Reusable Bags

Although biodegradable paper bags are a great option for your customers, reusable bags can be even better. A reusable canvas bag is typically environmentally friendly and can be reused many times before requiring disposal.

A bag can last several years if taken care of well by its owner. That means the owner can use it time and again for not just their grocery runs, but just about anything else they feel like putting in it.

It can be used for first aid kits, picnics, a day at the beach, and wherever an extra bag would come in handy. With your logo and company information in place on the bag, it serves the same purpose as the marketing space on your custom paper bags.

On the downside of that, offering these types of bags can cost a little bit more and you might need to charge for them. It could also be a good idea to use them as discount opportunities or to help build a loyalty program. Either way, will make customers happy at the same time.

Lower Energy Use

Another way to help take care of the world in which we live as a business is to lower your energy use and consumption. Find ways to mitigate the quantity of energy you use, how you use it, and be mindful of what you need and what you don’t.

There are plenty of ways to do this. You can adjust the thermostat to a sustainable temperature, reduce the operation of certain items when you don’t need them, turn off the lights when you’re not in a room, and conserve water as much as possible.

Developing an action plan with your organization to reduce energy consumption can help you improve your eco-friendly image while simultaneously keeping the world safe for generations to come.

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