8 Ways To Make Your Supershop Unique From The Competition

People go to super shops to purchase groceries and other necessities. Super shops are also known as hypermarkets. You can develop it into a platform where transactions between buyers and sellers take place.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’ve considered giving your superstore a personality all its own. Here are some tips to make your super shop unique: 

1. Show You Are Health Conscious 

People are getting more and more health and environment conscious. Specifically, after the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world have become more aware of the environment and healthy lifestyles.

Therefore your business must communicate a message that states that you are sincere about a healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly business. And you have to share this message through your super shop. Ensure to display and sell only fresh fruits and vegetables. 

You can Make a corner in your store, titling it as “healthy lifestyle” and putting the items that are extremely good for health and diet.  Put the items on the shelves as per age range to make it more unique and convenient for the consumers to find products. 

2. Focus On Personal Service

Individual service is the one aspect into which super shops can put some effort to make themselves unique. If you and your workers take the time to truly assist customers, learn their names, and deliver exceptional service, they are far more willing to pay a premium to do business with you. 

You can also add features like offering some customization on products such as notebooks, key chains, tapes, etc. to enhance personal service. You can get some good product customization ideas from sites like Tape Jungle who allow you to get your brand value out there using customized packaging tapes and more.

3. Build A Complain Box 

Establish a complaint box in your shop. Don’t be afraid of receiving criticism. Accept criticism and complaints with an open mind, and take them as constructive feedback. Those complaints can be an excellent means of improving your business.

The fact is that complaint boxes are nothing new, many businesses and shops might have one. Many shops just have them for a show; they don’t pay any heed to the complaints.

Therefore you can make your shop unique by showing the people that you care by listening to the complaints and taking action promptly. Use it not only for complaints but also to ask the customers to share their opinions and experiences. 

4. Build A Community

Super shops are places where people just go to buy their groceries and other necessities. But you can make it much more than a mere buyer-seller transaction place. Turn your super shop into a community.

Offer membership to the consumers, Add members to the website and design a website that allows the customers to recommend products to each other and have a chat.

On occasions like Christmas or Easter Sunday, arrange little gatherings, meetings, or any other event or offerings for the members. Send a message on their birthdays. All these will make your consumer feel they are valued and a part of your business.  

5. Add A Unique Experience

It seems that millennials are avoiding experiences that are traditionally associated with grocery stores in particular. Super shops must offer more than just a decent variety of product items to preserve their position among the consumers who make up this category.

Make their visit more memorable by providing coffee machines, free product samples daily, a little food corner where they may eat before picking up their weekly groceries, or some other kind of one-of-a-kind memory.

6. Offer Small Surprise Packages 

Have some small surprise packages with random stuff. Providing such kinds of offerings can undoubtedly make your shop unique. You can divide them by age, gender, or color theme. Take a packet and put a few random items from your store.

It does not have to be a similar type of product. Instead, including different things from different product categories will make it more exciting. People love surprises and the idea of giving oneself a small surprise at a little expense is always unique and refreshing.

Every time they visit your store, they will have the option of buying a quick and small gift for the kids or other family members at home. 

7. Use A Theme 

You can use a theme for the store. Though it is not common for the super shops to decorate the place with any theme or color pallet, it can make yours unique. And today’s generation loves these settings, which will help you appeal to and attract new customers.

But Keep it simple. You can also add some good quotes or messages and keep them on the shelves or hang them on the wall. 

8. Satisfy The Senses Of The Consumers

Human beings experience situations through their five senses; vision, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. The more senses are involved in experiencing any particular scenario, the stronger the memory gets. Using many senses to gain information makes an event more memorable and meaningful. 

Therefore to make your customer have the best experience in your shop, satisfy their senses in a subtle way. Work on the ambiance of your shop. Use fragrance and convenient lighting to make it a place where people like to roam slowly and shop.

Final Words 

People are not satisfied with the traditional patterns of things. They tend to like things that are unique, have their own characteristics, and offer more value for the money. Therefore, it is important to make your business unique from others. I hope our tips will help you make your super shop business unique from the competition. 

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