6 Ways To Promote Your Brand Awareness Online

As a brand owner, you don’t need expensive television ads or billboards to build your brand awareness. Some of the best ways to promote your brand are free or cheap.

In today’s day and age, a major part of building brand awareness has gone digital, i.e., online! The overall annual growth rate of digital marketing from 2020-2026 is projected at 9%.

No one way can ensure the best strategy to accomplish this. So, here are some key pointers to help you reach your brand goals. Let’s dive right in.

But before that…

Identify Your Target Audience

Targeting your potential customers is perhaps the primary and most critical step for the success of your brand awareness strategies.

So, no matter what strategy you opt for, always, ALWAYS start by defining your ideal target audience.

Remember, everyone is not your customer. Narrow down your reach with the ones who really need your product(s) or service(s), which will significantly multiply your success rate.

Now onto the strategies…

1. Opt For Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are a subset of Google Ads. It functions on a pay-per-click spending strategy, i.e., you only pay when people click on your ad.

These ads are suggested when someone searches for a phrase related to your business. In other words, they’ll only advertise to customers actively looking for products and services relevant to what you’re offering.

You can do it by yourself or seek services from proficient agencies like Helium Marketing’s Google Ad Services.

They will not only help you improve click rates but also ensure maximum conversion.

2. Consider Brand Partnerships

Partnership Marketing is another up-and-coming way of promoting your brand awareness online. It is a hit with both B2B and B2C companies!

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Make sure you collaborate with a brand that offers complementary products/services that are not a competition with your own. 

Use your existing clients and customers as your best advocates to help you create videos and case studies!

Consequently, you can also put your company in the spotlight by asking employees to guest author blogs or speak at conferences to highlight your brand in a positive light.

3. Optimize Social Media Profiles

When you’re creating social media profiles for your brand, focus on using engaging pictures.

Building your presence ‘visually’ is very important as this will ensure a lasting effect on your audience.

Incorporate your logo whenever you’re posting brand content. However, when you’re focusing on written content, break it up with images to increase visual stimulation.

You should follow a different social media marketing strategy for each platform. What works wonders for one might not do the same for another.

Users also behave in different ways, depending on their platforms. For example, on Instagram – visually focused posts with shorter captions do well, while on LinkedIn, longer posts with minimal visuals are favored.

Use hashtags to boost your brand’s social media reach and engagement.

You can also cross-promote your social media links, i.e., for your audience on Instagram, ask them to follow you on LinkedIn, and vice versa.

4. Try Influencer Marketing

In today’s date and time, consumers are heavily ‘influenced by influencers’.

These influencers, also called social media stars, have large followings on social media, so it only makes sense to promote awareness about your brand through their audience!

The key here is to partner with influencers relevant to your industry, product, or services (i.e., your target audience).

6. Try Referral Programs

Referral marketing can be a pretty effective way to promote your brand by employing your existing customers.

Even today, most consumers seek the opinions of their family and peers – so, as they say, nothing can beat word-of-mouth marketing.

You can plan a program where if your existing customer refers to a new customer, you reward them with gift coupons, discounts, or anything else.

This will help you gain loyal customers, improve your rate of customer retention, as well as increase your customer engagement alongside other benefits!

Wrap It Up!

Out of all the others, these are a few things that you must keep in mind while choosing the best ways to promote your brand awareness online.

You must also consider the targets and goals you want to set for your brand. Seek suggestions from those within your circle.

Solid references and market research will help you find what works best for you!

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