What Is Community Marketing?

When trying to sell, don’t push people to where you want to be; instead, meet them where they are. This simple strategy is what community marketing is all about.

Meeting your customers on whatever platforms they use to rate, discuss and interact concerning your product or brand and using it to your advantage.

Explaining Community Marketing 

Community marketing is a type of marketing that connects a product, brand, and business with a group of people who share common interests, affinities, and values – forming a community – to raise brand awareness, improve customer retention, strengthen relationships between customer-brand and customer-customer, and build brand loyalty.

Community marketing is primarily concerned with fostering relationships with your customers, unlike many other forms of marketing, such as advertising, which are all about acquiring new clients. 

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Community marketing separates the barriers between brands and their customers, resulting in a more substantial loyal customer base and a better overall reputation. This is mainly done through online forums, social media pages, groups, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, or other channels.

There must be a community before this type of marketing can exist. A community is a group of people who share common interests and passions, have an intrinsic sense of belonging, care for one another, and have a place for interaction that brings the community together and strengthens its culture.

Along with shared interests, the foundation of communities is a sense of belonging and emotional connection.

The presence of an online community will assist your brand in the following ways:

  • More customer-centric product development.

  • Remove barriers to communication between customers and brand owners.

  • Increase customer feedback and identification of customer concerns.

  • Position yourself optimally for damage control if necessary.

  • Increase in word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Promotes transparency between the brand and its customers.

Retaining an interactive and attractive label identity is part of social community marketing. One could argue that a brand’s community can be a lively social setting. Both online and offline community marketing is possible.

The best approach to building a community is by using social media platforms because they make it simple for users to communicate with one another. As a result, concentrating on social media marketing can aid in the accomplishment of community marketing objectives. 

What Are Different Types Of Community Marketing 

Two types of community marketing exist: organic and sponsored.

Organic Community Marketing

In this case, customers begin interacting with one another without the brand’s platform or support. This occurs when customers start their brand-specific online forums or interact via social media posts, online videos, and other platforms. 

Customers contact each other on their own to ask questions, share feedback, and form their own opinions about the brand. 

While this is encouraging, it is also concerning because if customers are dissatisfied with a product, the product or brand suffers. 

Considering this, organizations must take steps to monitor brand-related discussions to identify when a product fails to meet public expectations.

Sponsored community marketing entails a brand or business establishing a community where customers of their products or services can gather and interact with one another and the brand. 

Loyal customers are created through monitoring and responding to customer interactions, questions, and concerns and providing valuable information to the customer base.

When used correctly, both forms of community marketing will connect existing customers with the brand, fostering an interaction based on loyalty and satisfaction. Companies participate in community marketing for a variety of reasons. 

Companies that sell products that require regular maintenance or updates, such as automobiles or smartphones, may maintain customer communities to assist with performance testing. Other businesses may create communities to maintain a strong relationship and reputation with their customers.

How To Begin Community Marketing 

To establish rapport with potential customers, community marketers often employ a variety of outreach techniques. These actions could involve:

Step 1: 

The initial step is to identify your specialization. Specifying the potential clients and the requirements or demands they carry is the foremost stage in effective community marketing. After you have identified the target customers, it is possible to start to produce user-generated resources and material that will interest them.

Step 2: 

Establishing connections with prospective consumers is essential for community marketing. Make contact with prospective clients to build your community’s customers.

Step 3: 

Another crucial action that you should perform is conversing with existing and target clients on social media platforms.

Step 4: 

Speaking to people by visiting their residence about your goods or services can be beneficial. Considering digital marketing, it can also mean sharing your material on social media sites and reaching out to target clients with your goods or services.

Step 5: 

Supporting neighborhood organizations or events by being a sponsor can help you establish a sense of community and boost your exposure in the neighborhood. Hosting gatherings can also unite clients who have common interests. 


Community marketing focuses on your customers rather than your brand; at its best, it can help your brand become ingrained in your customers’ identities.

A community-based marketing strategy can provide a space for your customers to talk about your product amongst themselves, help promote your product and allow you to get feedback that can help improve these products and the overall customer experience. 

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