Which Are The Top 10 Call Tracking Softwares?

Want to know what can help you in measuring effectiveness and boosting revenue? Well, it’s not a secret if you are here.

Yes, the call tracking software and its ability to provide detailed information for attributing the inbound call traffic.

No matter what type of marketing campaign you run, without analytic capabilities you won’t be able to show your best results. 

So, if your sales are driven by the call campaigns, call tracking software is the solution to the number of problems you probably face.

Also, it can open the potential of this means of communication to your business.

Many companies avoid it because they do not know how to handle everything. That is when the call tracking enters.

As soon as the company implements it into the campaign management, sales teams can get access to the vast source of info starting with mapping the customer journey and identifying the aspects to improve.

Features of The Top Tracking Software

There is a big selection of services you can use for your call campaign management. However, you should be able to identify the call tracking option that is right for you.

We are talking not only about the crucial features like easy-to-use or call recording, but also ones that can be unnecessary for one team and crucial for others like scalability or CRM integration.

Here are the features of the good software you should consider.

Intuitive and Easy Dashboard

The purpose of the tracking software is to ease the process and save time. So, it is obvious that the dashboard should be simple and understandable.

You do not want to spend time figuring out how to use one.

Customizable Features

Even similar companies and teams have some unique features and approaches. So they expect the software will meet their needs exactly, or at least adapt to them.

Check this aspect before purchasing any call tracking software. 

Caller Profiles

Make sure the software allows creating caller profiles using the available data like location, device, etc. to improve user experience and campaign performance.

CRM Integration and Scalability

This is important for any software you use for sales. CRM integration allows creating the united database and source of info for analysis and better performance.

While scalability ensures the software will meet the needs of your team and company when it gets bigger and still will be able to maintain the required level of productivity.

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

Calls are about time when the person cannot wait until you check their info. Access to real-time call tracking analytics is what can improve call experience and increase chances for conversion.

As well as decent reporting tools can help in tracking the conversion rates and measuring ROI.

Call Recording and Intelligent Call Routing

Recorded calls are a valuable source of information for improving the performance of your sales team while an intelligent call routing mechanism ensures that the caller reaches the right person or department.

Top 10 Call Tracking Software

Here are the top 10 software you can consider for call analytics in your sales team.

1. Call logic by Phonexa

Track customer journey, enhance caller experience with the IVR and auto call distribution, and many more using the intuitive Call logic dashboard.

You can simply track the performance and traffic in one place. Useful call tracking software that suits businesses of any size.

2. CallRail

This software offers call and form tracking as well as all required analytical access. It can be combined with Google Analytics and AdWords for better campaign performance.

The form of the mobile app can be handy in some cases. Also here you can use voicemail transcription and messaging features.

3. CloudTalk

By choosing this call tracking software you get access to more than 70 tracking features that can be easily integrated into your CRM, Helpdesk, or eCommerce systems.

Mid-sized companies can make the most of their tracking functionality.

4. ActiveDemand

This is a multifunctional marketing platform that includes call tracking as well. You can manage your campaign, track functionality, and get reports in one place.

It has keyword-based analytics, call recording and transcribing, and many other useful features.

5. Hubspot

This multi-purpose management software offers its CRM and Sales suite with a call tracking feature.

You can call and track right from the browser. Call transcripts, attribution, and customizations are included. 

6. CrazyCall

Simple but powerful cloud-based software that combines ease of use and a variety of tracking features. It includes call recording, auto-dialing, transferring, and more.

It can be used for mass call campaigns as well as single calls, depending on your marketing needs.

7. DialogTech

Call analytics and automation are the major tasks that can be fulfilled with this software.

It features call and marketing attribution, IVR, research tools, and lead generation campaigns. All you need to provide the best customer experience.

8. Infinity

Its Conversation analytics suite is perfect for collecting, managing, and analyzing the info from the calls and campaigns.

The cloud-based platform provides high effectiveness and the top level of security. It is available in 70+ countries.

 9. EngageBay

Business automation service that includes basic call tracking tools. There are no transcription or IVR features.

But you can integrate it into your CRM and use call recording and routing, leads profiles, and campaign monitoring.

10. CallTrackingMetrics

This call analytics tool allows tracking calls, chats, forms, and texts and defines what source provides better conversion.

These insights draw a fuller customer journey and ensure omnichannel presence. If you are looking for an “all-in-one” platform, this one is for you.

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