Which Social Media Degree Is Right For You?

As more companies use social media to market their products and services, there’s a growing demand for marketing professionals. A career in social media can be very fulfilling and rewarding for anyone who chooses the path. 

Most well-paying social media positions require candidates to have a degree. The field of social media management is very competitive, but a degree would help you land jobs easily. But which degree should you pursue?

The Types Of Degrees You Can Obtain For A Career In Social Media

Social media managers need to have excellent communication, marketing, strategic planning and computer literacy skills. Some employers may accept candidates with general degrees, but you’d be better off with specialized training. Here are the types of social marketing degrees:

1. Social Media Marketing Degree

A social media marketing degree is one of the most suitable degrees for aspiring social media marketing professionals. It equips students with skills needed for social media content creation, curation and communication. It also teaches techniques for brand visibility as well as how to attract and retain customers. 

A degree in social media marketing can help you become an expert in the field. Graduates often pursue careers such as advertising, marketing, or promotion managers. You can also work as a public relations specialist, social media specialist, and market research analyst.

2. Digital Marketing Degree

A digital marketing degree can help to launch a career in digital marketing. As a student, you would learn how to navigate various aspects of online marketing. From social media to search engine optimization to paid advertising, you would understand the best strategies for all. 

Digital marketers are highly sought after by employers looking to create effective marketing campaigns. Some of the roles for a digital marketing graduate include content strategist and managers, digital marketing managers, social media ads specialist, e-commerce specialist, email marketing managers, etc. 

3. Communications Degree

A bachelor’s degree in communication is focused on the study of human interaction and communication. It helps students understand how traditional and digital communication drive our society today. Many of such programs are also starting to focus on online communication. 

Communication degree-holders often use their research and skills to help companies optimize their marketing efforts. Communication degree jobs include social media manager, public relations specialist, marketing manager, human resources specialist, sales representative, etc.

4. Marketing And Advertising Degree

A marketing and advertising degree can help to qualify for entry-level marketing and advertising roles. It equips students with the skills necessary for designing advertising campaigns on the internet. They also learn how to think critically and use their creativity to tackle marketing problems.

Graduates with such degrees should be able to build effective marketing campaigns, develop customer relationships and increase company revenue. You can be employed as an advertising, promotion or marketing manager at small companies or established corporations. 

Advanced Degrees For Social Media Manager 

A bachelor’s degree is sufficient for entry-level social media manager positions. But if you want to go deeper into social media marketing, consider getting a master’s degree.

It can open doors to senior and leadership positions in social media and increase earnings. Here are some advanced degrees for social media:

Master’s Degree In Social Media Marketing 

A master’s degree in social media marketing is best for marketers who are looking to become experts or leaders in the field. You’d qualify for senior roles and may lead a marketing team. Such programs focus on the advanced study of social media and digital strategy. 

There are certain roles for people who are advanced in social media marketing. Social media specialists and social media consultants with masters can earn an average of $60,000 yearly. A social media director can make a base salary of $79,131.

Master’s In Strategic Communication And Leadership 

Strategic communication is important within the workplace because it helps to improve communication with employees. It’s also crucial for presenting and promoting a clear and consistent brand message to the public. Experts often lead outreach efforts and implement strategies for ensuring positive company reputations. 

Strategic communication and leadership careers include digital strategist, social media director, communications director, digital marketing director, and public relations director. Such positions have potential annual salaries ranging from $70,000 to $150,000.

MBA In Social Media 

A social media MBA equips social media professionals with the specialized skills needed to boost their careers. It unlocks doors to many opportunities such as high-paying roles and increases your chances of working with top organizations.

An MBA in social media allows specialists to work as social media analysts or strategists, social media marketing managers or coordinators, senior marketing analysts, and content strategists. The salaries for these jobs can be anywhere from $60,000 to $140,000.

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