Why Cricket Has a Huge Following Around the World

Cricket is one of the huge sports loved by a lot of fans, and its betting scene is not that far behind. Fans love to see every hit on the ball and every run scored, and they bet on it at the same time. Cricket has reached different parts of the world and a lot of people have embraced it well.

Cricket betting is one of the biggest markets in any sports betting site. Those who have known the sport for a long time have placed their wagers at least once or twice. What made cricket massive is its plethora of tournaments hosted by the ICC and the most popular domestic cricket league which is the Indian Premier League

It is easy to bet on cricket games thanks to the rise in the number of sports betting sites. Even those who go for Bitcoin gaming try wagering on cricket games.

As one of the biggest sports in the world, one can say that a lot of people have already indulged their way into cricket betting. This is why it is important to know why the sport has grown so much over the years since its inception in the 1800s. After all, it is a sport that knows no boundaries.

Cricket Is a Sport Played for Centuries

Cricket dates back all the way to the late 16th century. Sources say that it was created by the Saxons who live in the Weald, which is an area of dense woodlands and clearings in southeast England.

There are other talks about the game’s roots as well. Some say that it was created in France or Flanders. The early speculations can be found in references in the 1300s and it even concerns the future King Edward II playing ‘creag and other games’ in both Westminster and Newenden. Some even believe that ‘creag’ was an Old English word for cricket.

It became an established sport in the 1800s and was developed on the global stage in the next two centuries. International matches have been played since the 19th century and even formal Test matches are considered to date from 1877. Cricket has been the second most popular sport ever next to football.

Cricket betting may have started a long time ago than we all know. There is even a chance that the 1800s have already catered wagers for cricket than most people think. That says a lot about the way betting has grown into a modern trend among cricket fans even all the way to the lowly matches in most leagues. 

With cricket being a sport that is played for centuries, there have been a lot of changes and innovations as well. The sport came up with different formats and changes of rules over the years. It has also stood the test of time as it adapted to the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic where bio-bubbles were introduced in games.

There are some people who say that cricket’s popularity is slowly waning, but that is far from reality. Any cricket match involving them is always the most wagered game. It is only just a matter of time until many countries join the hype.

Cricket Is Played in Many Nations

A total of 94 countries are considered as Associate Members of the International Cricket Council. All Associates are allowed to play in the World Cricket League, which is a series of international One-Day cricket matches. That was replaced by the ICC Cricket World Cup League 2 and ICC Cricket World Cup Challenge League from 2019 onwards. 

On the other hand, there are a total of 12 full members. These are the countries that have a right to send a team to play in official Test matches. They also have full voting rights at meetings of the ICC and are qualified to play ODIs and T20Is without the need to play in qualifiers.

Out of all these countries, India is the biggest country that has a huge following for cricket. The country has seen a lot of success in the sport, and there is no doubt that fans there trust their squad to get a lot of wins in the game.

With the Men in Blue winning big games, owning history and bringing home trophies, cricket betting has grown more. Any cricket match involving them is always the most wagered game.  

In India, cricket betting is more than just a mere habit. They put their hearts out hoping the team will make history while they win too. You can see that every cricket game in the country has sold out tickets, their support never dies. Even after a loss, you can be confident that the next game will still be full.

India is also known as a home to a plethora of world-class batsmen that caught the eyes of the masses and made the sport more popular. The fact that even non-players are amazed and enchanted by cricketers shows a lot. 

Cricket Is a Sport Loved by the Masses

A lot of cricket fans have grown up watching the best players thrive and show off their game en route to big titles at the end of tournaments. As new cricket fans all over the world join the hype, the sport’s betting community grows more. 

There’s no denying that cricket has been a bridge towards peace to a lot of nations. An example of this is India and Pakistan that has a long history of conflicts dating back to the late 1940’s. However, when it comes to cricket, the diplomatic tensions cease as they all focus their attention on the games played by their respective nations. This shows that cricket is a sport that unites billions of fans into one solid family. 

On top of that, those who are into Bitcoin gaming are also starting to put more wagers on cricket games, teams and players as well. That shows how cricket games are reaching beyond their usual target audience.

It means there is going to be a bigger market for more punters in the long run. With cricket still one of the top sports in the world, it is easy to say that the sport will continue to thrive and the betting side will even prosper more.

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