Why Do Businesses Require Market Research?

Everyone is competing in this race to cross the finishing line first. When you think of a business idea, spending time and resources on market research is probably the last thing on your mind. But starting a business without thorough market research can lead to a waste of money and resources. 

The best way to collect data from your competitors is through web scraping applications. Check out Smartproxy blogs and learn how you can scrape data on the internet with the help of various applications. Market research will help businesses collect sample data to establish their target market and provide them with products or services according to their needs. 

Importance of Market Research 

Market research is essential for your business. It helps you maintain a competitive edge. It involves getting data that provides the answers companies need to make informed decisions. These decisions help companies move forward instead of back Check out these reasons to boost your market research. 

Identifying new customers and familiarizing with existing ones 

The first thing any business needs to do is establish its target audience. You need to know who your customers are, and for that, you need to research their demographics, backgrounds, age range, income level, marital status, and geographical location. Once you have this information, you will target your customers effectively. 

Businesses need to take some time to understand their existing customers too. Who are these people, and how do their interests and requirements change with time? If businesses can understand how their current customers use their products and what challenges their products solve, then this can help them improve their products and retain their existing customers. 

Setting SMART goals

Once you have ample information about your target audience and their interests and requirements, this data can help you set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. These goals will help entrepreneurs with continuous improvement and business growth. SMART goals give companies a sense of direction, which further helps them organize and reach their goals.

Developing effective strategies 

Web scraping applications help businesses collect data from competitor websites and make more informed decisions. Decisions related to pricing, distribution channels, introducing new products, etc., can be made with data collected through web scraping. You can use market research to get better insights on customers and resellers to develop effective and enhanced marketing strategies. 

Solving businesses challenges 

If you have already identified the problem your company is facing, conducting market research will help you determine the source of the issue. Thorough market research will help you figure out if a new competitor has entered the market or if your brand awareness has fallen short, resulting in a decrease in sales. You can identify any significant change in your market and solve it with the help of research. 

Types of Market Research 

Every other industry uses a different type of market research technique. It is almost impossible to understand your users and their interests without market research. The most common ones are primary and secondary research. We will look into these two types and the tools used to collect data. 

Primary research 

You do primary research yourself and communicate with the target market through various methods and techniques. The methods used in this data collection include: 

  • Focus groups
    This method brings together a sample of participants representing a target market. A researcher or the person collecting the data conducts a conversation where multiple questions and asks questions about a product or service.
  • Surveys
    A survey consists of open and closed-ended questions that are put together and sent to the participant through email or survey software. The answers are collected through the form and sent to the researcher. 
  • One to one interviews
    As the name suggests, this is an interview between a participant and a researcher. A two-way conversation happens between each sample member on the research topic.

Secondary Research 

Secondary data is the use of data that has been collected, analyzed, and published previously by another entity. The researcher doesn’t own this data. The main data collection method for the secondary research is: 

  • Desktop research
    You can collect this type of data from think tanks, government stats, and research centers of public domains. 

Using Web Scraping for Market Research 

Market research has evolved. Now you can import data from a website to a spreadsheet or any other file. This helps you keep competitors’ data on your device through web scraping. Scraping data from Google is considered one of the efficient ways to conduct market research. 

Web scraping helps you save money on market research. This is a cheap way to collect data and get the most out of limited resources. Businesses can easily filter data. Easy data filtration saves you time and keeps you focused. 

Last but not least, web scraping services provide a range of functionalities. You can get access to data from various websites and get combined statistics without putting in the extra effort. Businesses can keep track of evolving market trends and update their products and services accordingly. 


Various business industries require thorough research as market research helps them scale their business. Market research helps give insights into the target market and identify ways to solve their problems through products and services. Web scraping applications help companies collect data making it a great way to perform market research without spending a fortune in this process. 

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