Why Should You Consider Cold Email As A Marketing Tool?

One of the most cost-effective outreach strategies to boost your sales is cold email. It is one of the best marketing tools when done right. 

If you know how to write and send cold emails effectively, you will book more appointments, make more sales, and overall you will be able to achieve your business goals far more efficiently compared to other digital marketing strategies. It allows a lot of scalability at practically no cost.

Cold Emailing As A Marketing Tool

An email you send to a prospective client or a lead with no previous connection is referred to as cold emailing. It is an attempt to build a relationship with the person who receives the email. 

Generally, cold emailing is very similar to cold calling but is more feasible and less intrusive. When compared to cold emailing, cold calling is a more resource-intensive process. Cold emailing has improved because of tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) and email automation

Although many people are skeptical about cold emailing as a marketing tool, it works quite well. All you have to do is know what to write, how to write and, more importantly, how to properly execute the cold email strategy.

How To Write Cold Emails?

Learning the art of writing cold emails is a combination of practice and a little bit of technical knowledge. Here are some of the most important tips that will help you in writing effective cold emails. 

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Let’s dive in:

Try to be authentic 

The email recipient does not have any previous connection with your business. Your aim should be to establish communication with the recipient. The email you are sending should have your name and all the relevant credentials. The email should look authentic. 

The message in the email should flow; naturally, it should not sound robotic. It should be friendly and conversational, and if possible, it should have a flavor of wit and humor. This is a crucial difference compared to most of the generic cold emails you could see in the wild which makes it even more important to do this right. 

Make a connection

Another objective of these emails should be to start a conversation. It should aim to build a relationship with the sender. You should figure out how you can build a connection with the receipts.

Even little things such as addressing the recipient by their name would establish a personal connection with them. Don’t try to sell a product or a service directly, before making a connection with the recipient.


Personalization is one of the most effective marketing tools. All you have to do is invest a little bit of time and effort in learning and researching about the recipient. After you have some information about the recipient, you can tailor the emails. 

The message in the email should not be just about you; rather, you should be able to cater to the recipient’s needs. 

Follow a format

Follow a formal emailing format. Your format or template should not change now and then. Rather, stick to it. The first line of the email should be very attractive because only then would the reader want to read the entire email.

Tracking And Enhancing Cold Emails

After getting started with cold emails you will have to track whether or not the strategy is working. It can be done by tracking email analytics. The KPIs that you need to track include response rate, open rate, etc. 

The first and foremost thing that you need to track is the open rate. That said, this will give you an idea of the percentage of people who are opening the emails that are landing in their inbox. If you have a low click through rate, you need to understand that people are landing in your inbox, but are not clicking on the links present in the body. 

Another important aspect that you need to measure is the response rate. The percentage of people replying to your emails, or taking the desired action will help you identify loyal customers.

At times, your emails may bounce with error messages. The percentage of emails bouncing helps determine bounce rate. You should exclude email IDs from which the emails are bouncing to make your email campaign effective. 

Final Words

This was all you needed to know about writing cold emails effectively. Cold emailing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to boost your sales and make new leads. Follow the above steps to reap fantastic results. 

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