5 time saving tricks every blogger should know

Blogging can be a valuable way of networking, promoting your business and improving your organic search engine rankings. On the other hand, as any blogger knows, writing regular posts, and carrying out other blog related tasks can be incredibly time consuming. At some point, most bloggers will ask themselves whether writing their blog is really worth all of that time. I suggest that, for many people, the answer is “yes”. You just need to know some time saving tricks.

Blogging can be time consuming but if you plan your approach you can make it far more efficient.

In this post we will look at 5 time saving tips that will help you to stay on top of your blog. Some of these tips will require a bit of effort up front. Others will not. All up, however, following a number of these should make your blog writing more efficient.

1.) Encourage guest posts – Every time someone writes a guest post is a time you don’t have to write a post yourself. This is doubly true if you either let it be known that you accept guest posts (and so people approach you, rather than the other way around) or you spend time researching a number of possible posters all at once so that you waste less time building up a list of people to contact. Remember, a guest post still needs to be of high quality and of relevance to your blog.

2.) Plan your time – It may sound obvious but given how busy most of us are, it’s a mistake to not spend some time thinking about when you can blog. For example, maybe you have time on the train which you’re not currently using. When planning your time, you don’t need to find a large block of time for your blog. Instead, look for lots of shorter periods where you’re not doing anything. In one of these periods research a post, in the next, write it and so on.

3.) Write short posts – Remember that a blog post often works best if it’s not too long. This gives you double the motivation to write short posts: they are effective and it’s less time consuming to write them.

Scheduling your time and thinking about topics in advance can make your blogging more efficient.

4.) Keep a topic list – You don’t want to spend lots of time thinking of topics before you even start. So take some time coming up with a list of future topics all at once and then add to it whenever an idea occurs. If you’re in a seminar and it makes you think of a topic you could write about, remember to make a note of it when you get back to the office.

5.) If you don’t have time to blog, don’t – Hopefully if you think about the way you blog you should be able to do so in a way that isn’t time consuming. However, if you just don’t have time to write a blog at a high enough standard, consider promoting your business in other ways like writing regular guest posts on other blogs.

How do you save time when you’re blogging?

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