Benefits Of Using WordPress LMS

Benefits Of Using WordPress LMS

Let’s start with breaking down the meaning of the WordPress learning management system. WordPress is the content management system (also known as CMS) for websites. You can start making your own website with the help of this dynamic simple to install a system to organize and publish your content.

LMS or Learning management system is a type of software that helps to curate your content in an organized course structure having modules, lessons, quizzes, assignments, etc. You can create and sell online courses with the help of this software. It also helps to administer and track the progress and generate relevant analytical reports.

A combination of CMS and LMS can convert a simple WordPress install into an effective and interactive online course without the knowledge of coding. The ease of using a WordPress LMS plug-in is incomparable with the native learning management system, such as Moodle. 

For us to understand the benefits of using the WordPress LMS plug-in, we should be aware of other options available.

  • The native learning management system. This system requires in-depth knowledge of coding and web development.
  • The cloud learning management system. This system is hosted for you in the cloud space and you pay a recurring fee to get access to the features. More the features, the higher will be the fees. Yet the control over the system is very limited.
  • Another one being the membership plugin. You get the bare minimum features of the LMS while paying the recurring fees for the membership.

Why should you choose WordPress LMS over any other system? Listed below are some of the benefits:



Having a WordPress learning management system gives you complete control over it. You can add as many plug-ins as you want. You get direct access and full control to design and customize the course the way you want. You can directly access the learner’s data, progress, quizzes, payment gateways, etc.

Creating back-ups also helps in references. To have better control, you can implement your own security features as per the intellectual property rights. Ease of customization also enables you with better control.

LMS Features

Most of the WordPress LMS plug-ins offer basic features like course lessons, modules, quizzes, assignments, progress trackers, analytics, certifications, etc. You always have the option of adding more plug-ins to make the course more interactive by adding multimedia features like videos, audio, images, text, etc.

These additional features engage the learners by giving them a better learning experience. The only thing to consider is that adding more plug-ins may put extra load on your website which may eventually slow down.



The front-end of the website helps the learners to navigate through the course smoothly. There are a large number of themes available to choose from to give that sleek and impressive look.


WordPress LMS gives you the option of easily integrating your web pages with a strong analytical tool like Google analytics.

Documentation And Support

Have the feature of strong documentation and support for both the basic features and additional plug-ins bought till the license is active. There are multiple discussion forums and groups available to resolve your queries and to provide anytime support.



It provides a highly scalable platform for the expansion of the website, features, and plug-ins for a regular e-learning course. There are innumerable extensions available to increase the functionality of the course.


WordPress LMS is one of the best options available in the market for developing your e-learning website. There are numerous plug-ins also available to increase the functionality of your e-learning course. This is easy to use system with ease of customization and scalability. 

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