14 Best AI Chatbots on the Market (2024)

Best AI Chatbots

There’s a good chance that you’ve jumped on the app ordering bandwagon recently, and have made an order through an app of your preference.

From Starbucks to Uber Eats, there’s a seemingly endless list of apps out there that you can order a product or service through. So, how does the app do this, then? By using an AI chatbot.

Best AI Chatbots on The Market

This is a piece of software in the app that can tell you when you can expect your order to be ready, and how much it’s going to be. Not only does this streamline the entire process, but it also can help companies with their inbound marketing strategy, too. This allows companies to give a quick response back to their customers so that they receive a high level of customer support and care.

They can even help you get potential customers through the sales funnel effectively without any issues. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what we think are the best AI chatbots to integrate with your app or marketing strategy, increasing your brand’s overall revenue.

1. Live Person

Live Person

Live Person really stands apart from the rest right now as currently being the best AI chatbot in the industry. It has a long list of powerful brands that it works with right now to increase sales and improve customer care. They have a conversational platform that makes it easy to implement their features on everything from WhatsApp to Facebook.

One of the best parts is that it includes many different features. One of these is Conversation Builder, a self-service chatbot platform, which makes it easy to build conversations with a click-and-point system. They also offer an unmatched level of expertise and bot development, to make sure that anyone visiting the messaging platform is going to have the best experience possible.

They have 20 years of transcript data under their belt, which is just one of the many reasons that brands opt to implement Live Person into their messaging marketing approach.

2. Botsify


This popular online chatbot can help you come up with unique and intelligent chatbots for your website, as well as on popular platforms like Slack and Facebook, too. This is going to save you a ton of time coding, and allow you to focus on other aspects of your brand.

Their software program is easy to use, which lets you take the conversation from a bot to a human customer support person so that the customer can get help whatever their issue is. They also have conversation forms that allow you to collect information that is essential for your lead list.

Their plans start from just $50 a month, and if you sign up for a year, it’s only going to cost you $520, giving you a slightly better deal. They also offer fully managed services for companies that need help with it all, which is going to cost $300 a month. As you can expect, if you sign up for a year, you will receive a discount.

3. Reply.ai


The next AI chatbot on our list is Reply.ai, and they are also one of the most popular AI chatbot programs out there right now. It is not only a bot building software, but it’s also a management solution too, which helps you to improve the level of customer service you have in general.

Their bot builder makes it super easy to build sophisticated bots for your website, and their dashboard comes with current insights and machine learning so that your bots are faster and smarter than other options out there. They have custom price points, so make sure to get in touch with them to learn more about what they offer.

4. Aivo


Not only can Aivo help you power your customer support, but it can also help you respond to all your customer’s needs through voice or text. They have an interactive chatbot so that you can make sure your customer service is up to a high standard.

Not only can you increase conversion rates through your sales funnel, but you can also optimize the resources that you already have. You can also give your customers a nice, predictable, uniform experience where they can get in touch with you through Facebook, WhatsApp, or your website.

Their bots can adapt themselves to your channel rules, and they can give out automatic responses that will give your customers a nice, personalized experience. Their plans start at $192 a month, and they also offer a free 14-day trial, which is definitely enough to get to know them and make sure they’re a good fit for your needs.

5. Pandora Bots

Pandora Bots

Pandora Bots is one of those AI chatbots that have many different solutions for chatbot development, and is actually one of the oldest hosting services in the industry, so you know that they’re high quality and come with a great reputation.

You can build interactive chatbots through any mobile apps you own, as well as your website, too. It scales two-way communication, making customer support easier than ever. They have four different categories for their price points, from Sandbox at the bottom, to Enterprise at the top.

This means that they start at just $19 a month, and go all the way up to $199, so there definitely are options depending on how much you have to spend.

6. Boost.ai


This AI chatbot can help you build interactive and intelligent chatbots for all of your website needs. They can provide your customers with quick response times and support, and they can also give them automatic answers to FAQs, saving time on both sides.

Their conversation flow feature means that you can train your bot without needing to be an expert in the field. There are many big brand companies out there that have benefited from using Boost.ai.

To find out how much they charge for the average package, get in touch with their friendly team. They don’t want your customers to be waiting, ever, and they know that time is money in an industry like this.

7. Chatfuel


Chatfuel is the kind of chatbot that can help you make a Facebook chatbot really easily. However, if you’re looking to build a more sophisticated chatbot for something like your website, for example, they may not be the best option.

With Facebook, though, they can help you come up with automated answers to FAQs, streamlining the whole process. Like some of the other AI chatbots on this list, you can even hand over the questions to a real human support person if your chatbot doesn’t know the answer to it.

What’s more, their agency can help you create your very own personalized chatbot, if you don’t have the time. Their prices start at just $15 and go up to $199 for a month, so they cater to a wide range of budgets.

8. Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey

This software solution can help you build advanced chatbots for your Facebook messaging needs, which can ultimately take your brand marketing to the next level. Mobile Monkey can be used to manage many different lead generation actions, like drip campaigns, list building, and even chat blasts.

They can also help you automate the customer support process but providing automated answers to FAQs and reducing the overall wait time. You can even bypass your chatbot and jump into the conversation whenever you need to.

Their features are divided between agencies and freelancers, and their plans are priced from just $19 to $129.

9. Flow XO

Flow XO

Flow XO is an AI chatbot that can help you make advanced chatbots, without having to know any coding. They have an easy to use editor, and their platform can help you integrate your chatbot with many third-party apps.

This means that you can create a chatbot for platforms like Twitter and Google Sheets, among others. They have some excellent management and hosting features that easily make them one of the best options out there.

We love that they offer flexible software solutions, with prices that can accommodate for most budgets. This is why they start out at just $19, and for an additional $10 and then $25, you can get more chatbots and features.

10. Imperson


This AI chatbot can help you with things from video, audio, and support text, to VR and AR on most popular messaging platforms out there. Their bots can provide both engaging and authentic customer chat experiences that make the entire process a lot more manageable for you and enjoyable for the customer.

They use relationship memory, as well as dialogue context, to figure out conversations. They also have a moderator that can help the customer with whatever they need.

Their end to end bot solution can provide you with real-time insights to improve the overall performance. To find out about the different price points they have on offer, get in touch with the team today.

11. Its Alive

Its Alive

This is one of the best AI chatbots if you’re thinking about building one for Facebook messenger. It can help you interact with people on Facebook around the clock, with lots of automated content to make sure that your response time is good.

Not only can it help drive the conversation, but it can also help you answer those FAQs, and if it’s necessary, hand over the conversation to a human.

They have five different price points that start at just $19 and go up to $99, which we think is a good range. They can also customize their plans to suit your needs, so get in touch with them today.

12. Many Chat

Many Chat

Just like Its Alive, Many Chat can help you primarily with your Facebook messenger needs. They can also help you with sales and marketing too, so you can get everything you need from the same source.

They have a drag and drop builder, which allows you to create your Facebook chatbot in a very short amount of time. They also have some helpful tools which can help you grow your Facebook Messenger audience and can get your messages across clearly and quickly.

You can even time-delay messages if you need to. They have two different price points – free and pro. Get in touch with them today to find out more about what they offer.

13. Meya.AI


This AI chatbot can help bigger companies create advanced bots that can help with both messaging and customer support. They have a live chat chatbot that is a great program that you can use on your website.

They also have other features as well, like a debugger, a code editor, and even a visualizer, too. One of the best parts is that you can easily scale the bots you build, too, and they can be connected to third-party apps easily as well.

They even come with a free 14-day trial, which is going to be more than enough time to figure out if they’re a good fit for your inbound marketing strategy or not.

14. Octane AI

Octane AI

We love that with Octane AI, you can create chatbots for sites like Shopify in mere minutes, and you can even customize them to suit your needs.

We love that they can make it super simple and easy to connect with your customer base through Facebook messenger, and you can also automatically answer any query a customer might have.

You can even send them a follow-up message too, as well as further information about shipping, among other things. Their prices start out at just $9 a month and go up to $209 a month, which we think is pretty decent.

Get in touch with them today if you’re looking for a personalized program.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many options out there that can effectively help you grow your very own chatbot, which can help the customer support experience be a lot better for everyone. What’s more, AI chatbots can also help you improve your inbound marketing approach as well.

Make sure you talk to the teams we’ve mentioned today about what you’re hoping to get out of using an AI chatbot with your online brand.

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