8 Best Facebook Proxy Providers (2024 List)

8 Best Facebook Proxy Providers (2021 List)

There are many different proxy options out there, but some are better for Facebook than others.

This is why we’ve done our research and figured out the companies that we think are best for Facebook proxies.

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This is your personal data that ANYONE can view.

The only way to protect yourself fully is with a VPN. A proxy can provide some protection, but a VPN is a more complete solution and will ensure your privacy.

We recommend this VPN, or this proxy.

Best Facebook Proxies

If you’re looking for proxies that have been tested for things like success rate, connection errors, blocked requests, timeouts, and general success rate, read on to find our list of the best Facebook proxies on the internet right now.

1. BeeProxy


BeeProxy has data extraction that is high scope, and with a database that’s over thirty million strong, we think that you’re also going to want to check out BeeProxy too.

They have other options available that include things like inhouse rotation and sessions control, and they come with a high level of customer service, so if something goes wrong, you know that you’re not going to get too frustrated.

👉 Get FREE Account

We love that they offer potential customers a chance to try their services for free with a seven-day trial, and they don’t even ask you for your credit card number to do so.

If you want to use your Facebook proxy for things like web data extraction and web crawling, we recommend this relatively new tech company.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data

Bright Data cover just over 200 countries around the world, so while they’re not too far ahead, they may have some of the regions that you’ve been looking for.

With over 300k in their data center, and 2 million IP addresses for mobile, Bright Data is a versatile company that has a lot of options available.

A lot of people out there think that Bright Data has some of the quickest residential Facebook proxies you can find online, and with a proxy database that’s thirty-five million strong, we think you’ve got a pretty good chance of finding a good Facebook proxy with these guys.

3. SmartProxy


If you want a proxy company that has a large database of Facebook proxies to choose from, then you want to check out SmartProxy.

These guys know exactly what you need in a Facebook proxy, and the best part is that they’ve never done growing their database, so if you can’t see something in there that you like, there’s a good chance that it will be there soon.

With almost 200 countries covered with their proxies, they also support HTTP and HTTPs.

There are a lot of people out there that say they have some of the highest performing protocols you’ll find, and you get 20GB with every purchase.

One slight downside to this company is that they’re not the cheapest – they’re going to cost you from $75 a month, so if you have the budget for them, they’re ideal.

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4. Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller

Facebook is a helpful tool to use if you’re trying to grow your brand online, but you can’t gather too much data out there without the help of a proxy.

There are some reasonable proxy companies out there, but it’s more difficult than you think to find a high-quality option.

That’s where Proxy Seller comes in.

Proxy Seller is one of those rare options out there that are pretty new to the industry still, but have wasted no time in making sure that everyone knows they are an effective, reliable option for all your online proxy activity – Facebook included.

This is because Proxy Seller has many different private proxies on offer, from SOCKS5 to HTTPS.

They also make sure that all of their services require two-factor authentication, which is going to protect your data when you’re using them.

We’re impressed to see that Proxy Seller also offers their services at different price points, depending on how long you sign up for.

This gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to your budget, which isn’t something that a lot of Facebook proxy providers can offer.

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5. SSLPrivate Proxy


SSLPrivate Proxy also has a giant database of proxies, including Facebook proxies, but one thing that sets them apart somewhat is that their database includes a lot of shared and private proxies, too.

Another thing that makes them different and unique from other companies out there is that they also offer VPNs as well, so if you happen to be located somewhere where you can’t use a proxy, they’ve got alternative options available.

Customers love that their servers are super fast, and all of their proxy and VPN options come with RAM up to 16GB.

If you want to use your proxy for Facebook, this is a great option.

6. High Proxies


High Proxies offer a point of difference to the industry that makes them stand out, which is why they’ve made it to our list.

Instead of having a giant database of proxies, they divide them into different categories, so that you can quickly find proxies that are going to help you with what you need.

This means that they have a category for just Facebook proxies, making the decision process a lot easier. They have shared, and private proxies up for grabs, and they also cover 26 different regions.

They have a money-back guarantee, and their customers say that they’re great for those who need a proxy for social media.

They’re also one of the cheapest proxy companies around, starting from just $1.09 per proxy.

7. Buy Personal Proxy


If you need a reliable company with a great online reputation that can help you with your Facebook activity, then we suggest Buy Personal Proxy Proxy.

We think that these guys are best known for being a relatable company that is easy to set up and use, which is great if you’re new to the scene and don’t really know too much about using a proxy yet.

They even help their customers learn how to use proxies with Facebook, so they’re great if you’re looking for an ongoing relationship. For just $7 a month, Buy Personal Proxy is an affordable, accessible option.

8. Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing SEO Proxy offers its customers a number of different payment options, and they communicate with them through email, so if anything goes wrong, they’re only one message away.

In fact, you can email them whenever you like, because their customer service is 24/7. Their proxies are HTTPS and SOCKS supported, and they have unlimited bandwidth as well.

The only downside to this proxy company is that they only cover five different regions, so if you’re looking for more of a variety, you may need to look at a slightly more expensive company.

Blazing SEO Proxy offers its Facebook proxies from just $2.50, so we think they’re a pretty good middle-of-the-road option.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from our list, there are quite a few options out there when it comes to choosing the right provider to purchase Facebook proxies from.

We recommend that you weigh each one up and look at its advantages and disadvantages so that you can ultimately figure out which one is going to meet your Facebook proxy expectations.

We hope that you’re as excited as we are about the various options out there – there are definitely enough to give you everything you need for your Facebook engagement & activity.

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