Best Pinterest Proxy List (for Bots & Automation)

Best Pinterest Proxies

Pinterest Proxy: So, you’re here because you know that Pinterest has a lot of potential for your brand.

As one of the biggest resources for hundreds of brands online, Pinterest is a great way to market within your industry and niche.

Whether you want to scrape some data for your Pinterest growth, or you’re in a part of the world where access to Pinterest is limited, or even if you’re just at work and you want to get some Pinterest work done, then you’ll need a proxy.

Best Pinterest Proxies (2024 Reviews)

Let’s review our list of the best Pinterest proxy companies out there right now.

1. BeeProxy


BeeProxy is the heavyweight of the proxy world. This means that if you haven’t already heard of these guys, it’s about time you did.

This is because they have, by far, the largest proxy database, coming in at 35 million servers.

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They also cover the biggest area in terms of locations around the world, so if there’s a particular geographic location you want to be in with Pinterest, BeeProxy can make it happen.

They have dedicated customer support, as well as extra features that you won’t find with too many other proxy companies.

The only bad thing about these guys is that, when compared to other companies, their prices are a bit on the expensive side.

They will cost you $500 a month, so you need to be super serious about your proxy use with Pinterest.

2. Smart Proxy


Smart Proxy is another heavyweight in this industry that used to be almost as expensive as BeeProxy, but things have improved.

They actually used to cost $200 a month, which isn’t as bad as BeeProxy, but still pretty pricey when you compare this to other companies out there.

However, this has all changed, ever since they brought out their $75 package deal for residential proxies.

We also love that they now have 10 million servers in their database, making them one of the biggest proxy companies out there.

We like that they are similar to BeeProxy, except they don’t come with the big price tag.

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3. Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller

Scraping data for websites like Pinterest is harder than you may think.

It’s also harder than you may think to find a high-quality proxy company that can give you access to all the different proxy servers that you need. Enter Proxy Seller.

These guys know that their clients need easy access to high-quality private proxies that can support different servers, including HTTP and HTTPS.

They also know that their customers need an open line of communication, which is why they offer their customer support around the clock.

You’ll notice that they have a chatbox on their website so that you can get in touch with them directly.

What’s more, Proxy Seller requires two-factor authentication on all of their servers, making your life online a whole lot easier – and safer.

Their prices are excellent, and they get even cheaper if you sign up with them for longer. Proxy Seller is your go-to company for all of your Pinterest proxy needs.

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4. Oxylabs


Oxylabs is one of those down to earth, relatable kind of proxy companies that have done extraordinarily well, but they still happen to be current and trending.

These guys know what it takes to grow your brand on Pinterest, and they want to help you bypass those limitations and scrape your data in peace.

We love that they have extra features like being able to rotate the proxies you use in house, as well as sessions control.

While they may not have as many proxy options as some of the bigger companies, they make up for this with their awesome customer support and dedication to their clients in general.

5. SSLPrivate Proxy


If you want a simple, yet effective approach to your proxy use, then you have to check out SSLPrivate Proxy.

These guys know that when you use proxies for websites like Pinterest, you’ll need a diverse range to choose from.

This is why they have both residential and shared proxies available.

If you look up reviews of their services online, you’ll note that customers have said their servers are super fast, which is what you need to be looking for in a proxy provider.

The great thing about these guys is that they have VPNs on offer as well, in case you can’t get their proxies to work because of your location.

6. High Proxies


If you’re a type-A who likes the idea of being as organized as possible, you’re going to have a special place in your heart for High Proxies.

These guys know that it can be confusing when you’re looking at the right proxy for your online activity.

This is why they have put them into different groups, which are separated based on what you’re going to use your proxy for.

This means that you can skip all the other proxies and head straight for the list of proxies that will suit Pinterest activity.

They also have a money-back guarantee, which is a great way to invest without losing anything.

7. Buy Personal Proxy


If nothing else, check out these guys for the name because it’s a huge reflection of what they are like as a company. Buy Personal Proxy aren’t about the profit – they’re about the people.

They know that not everyone who wants to use a proxy is going to know how to use one to suit their needs best.

They’re always working closely with their existing customers, teaching them how they can use proxies better, and updating them on changes in the industry.

If you’re pretty new to the world of proxies and need someone who is experienced to teach you, we strongly recommend Buy Personal Proxy.

8. Blazing SEO Proxy


Blazing SEO Proxy may not be much to look at, but they’re going to be worth their weight in gold if our predictions come true.

They are still a pretty young company but have already proved themselves incredibly dedicated to their craft.

They know that they need a big list of proxies to offer customers, as well as ample locations, too – but they’re not there yet. They are there, though, when it comes to their prices and their customer support.

They also have a free trial, so you can try before you buy. You may be hesitant to try these guys out, but we promise you that you won’t regret it.

Warning: Your Personal Details Are Visible

Your IP:
Country: United States
Region: VA
City: Ashburn
Latitude: 39.0438
Longitude: -77.4874
Timezone: America/New_York

Scary, Right?

This is your personal data that ANYONE can view.

The only way to protect yourself fully is with a VPN. A proxy can provide some protection, but a VPN is a more complete solution and will ensure your privacy.

We recommend this VPN, or this proxy.

Final Thoughts on Pinterest Proxies

There are lots of things that you can do for your Pinterest growth by bringing on a proxy. Next to a growth service, they are one of the most essential features to have.

This is because they’re going to let you have access, no matter where you are, and they’re going to allow you to scrape relevant web data without anyone detecting it.

If you really want to get ahead with your Pinterest page and connect it to the people that matter, we suggest checking out our list of the best Pinterest proxies.

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