10 Best Places to Study Marketing

10 Best Places to Study Marketing

These days, marketers are an integral part of most companies and organizations across a wide variety of industries. From hotels and restaurants to fashion houses and food companies, marketers are needed everywhere and consistently make the list of the most in-demand talent.

There is also a great demand abroad for education in the field of marketing. Often, such an education opens up a wide range of career options for the graduate. It can also be combined with business, commerce, economics, social studies, and many other disciplines.

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1. York St John University, UK

York St John University, UK

York St. John’s University is known not only for its wide range of marketing and business programs but also for its diverse internship and hands-on experience options. Not surprisingly, as many as 95% of university marketing program graduates find employment abroad within 6 months of graduation.

The university offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in marketing with specializations in subjects such as management, hospitality, international marketing, sports marketing, etc.

2. Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland

Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland

As one of the largest technical universities in Ireland, Carlow Institute of Technology is renowned for its quality and affordable business programs. At various academic levels, the institute offers the study of general marketing, as well as marketing with specializations in business, public relations, innovation, digital marketing, international business, etc.

The Institute actively cooperates with local companies, offering students internship opportunities with subsequent employment.

3. Stockholm University, Sweden

Stockholm University, Sweden

Stockholm University is Sweden’s leading institution of higher education teaching students from all over the world and offering high-quality and affordable English language programs. Particularly popular with marketing students is the award-winning MSc in Marketing, taught at the Stockholm Business School, which has extensive experience in marketing, strategic communications, and consumer research.

The program brings together advanced theoretical knowledge and skills in the social sciences to meet today’s challenges in consumer and business marketing.

4. Centennial College, Canada

Centennial College, Canada

Centennial College is Canada’s most popular college for foreigners and teaches students from 134 countries. It offers high-quality and relatively inexpensive diploma and certificate programs that allow graduates to quickly find a job in Canada. The college offers a wide variety of marketing programs lasting from 1 year.

In particular, the college offers specializations in advertising and marketing communications, business and marketing, creative and digital marketing strategies, marketing research and analytics, marketing management, and corporate communications.

5. Western Michigan University, USA

Western Michigan University, USA

Western Michigan University offers marketing students extensive opportunities for personal and professional development. First, students are offered a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in general marketing, advertising and promotion, e-business marketing, consumer behavior research, sales, and business marketing, and merchandising.

Additional specializations include international marketing, sports marketing, and digital marketing. Secondly, all university students undergo internships in marketing agencies and also participate in specialized student organizations.

6. Fanshawe College, Canada

Fanshawe College, Canada

Fanshaw College offers over 200 affordable education programs, green campuses, an active student life, and completely free sports classes in well-equipped modern sports centers. For students who wish to study marketing, the college offers certificate and graduate certification, diploma, and advanced degree programs ranging from 1 to 3 years.

Students can obtain a narrow specialization in marketing, business marketing, fashion marketing, marketing management, corporate communications, and business administration marketing.

7. University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia

Tunku Abdul Rahman University is a large private university that trains the best business leaders and innovators in Malaysia. The university offers several 3-year undergraduate programs that lead to honors bachelor’s degrees in marketing and communications, advertising, public relations, and corporate communications.

The university collaborates with more than 330 companies and organizations in Malaysia and abroad, which provides excellent opportunities for students to internship and subsequent employment.

8. Peking University, China

Peking University, China

Even though Peking University is the leading institution of higher education in China and offers the best education in the country, it is relatively cheap to study here. And this even applies to such a popular direction as business and marketing.

In English, the university offers two fundamental undergraduate programs that last 4 years and lead to specializations in advertising and marketing. In the third year of study, students can choose an additional narrow specialization, and in the last year, they undergo compulsory work practice.

9. University of Southern Queensland, Australia

University of Southern Queensland, Australia

The University of South Queensland is renowned for its wide range of academic programs and excellent preparation for practical work after graduation. Marketing at the university can be studied at the bachelor’s, master’s, and research program levels.

Students have access to a general specialization in marketing and narrow specializations in public relations, marketing in the hospitality industry, marketing and commerce, communications and media, advertising, and public relations.

10. Kent Institute Australia, Australia

Kent Institute Australia, Australia

Australian Institute Kent is located in Sydney, one of the best student cities in the world, and consists of only two divisions, one of which is the School of Business and Marketing. This is where Australia’s most affordable marketing education is offered.

At the institute, you can get a certificate, diploma, or advanced diploma with a specialization in marketing and communications. After completing these programs, students can continue their studies at universities or get a job.

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