How To Build A Mobile App For Your Travel Agency Without Coding?

From travel eCommerce to itinerary to booking and review websites, the online travel industry is quite vast and widespread.

However, it is the age of smartphones and customers are demanding the true mobile experience.

Thus, every business needs an app for offering a holistic and multichannel experience to its customers. 

While websites are significant for visibility on the search engines, you must complement your travel site with an equally powerful app.

It will enable your customers to access all your listings, products, and services with a few taps.

Most businesses dread development because it comes with certain challenges.

Custom methods of app development demand a lot of time, money, resources, and an extensive workforce.

However, this trend is now changing because of advanced DIY app development technologies like AppMySite’s free app maker

You can also create your own travel app with this code-free app builder. Stay tuned and go through the detailed guide.

Follow the steps and build your own travel app loaded with native features and functionalities. Launch on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and grow your reach. 

Build Your Travel App With Appmysite: Step-by-step Guide

AppMySite is a code-free app builder that lets you manage everything from development to deployment with ease.

Fast track your development projects and build any kind of travel app in minutes. Follow the steps listed below and go from idea to app in no time: 

Find Your App Niche 

The travel industry is quite extensive. It is not possible for businesses to cover every niche within the industry.

Therefore, it is important to identify and enlist your business goals, targeted audience, niche, targeted market & location, and more.

Some ideas that you can consider for your travel app are as follows: 

  • Flight booking app
  • Hotel booking app
  • Travel guide app
  • Transportation app
  • Navigation app
  • Travel insurance app
  • Currency converter app
  • Language translation app
  • Travel planning app
  • Business trips & travel app

These are some of the many ideas that you can consider for your online travel business.

Else, you can also create an app based on your own idea. Just be sure to conduct thorough research, make strategic goals and plan and understand your market before venturing into it. 

Create Your App Project

Once your blueprint is ready, you can go ahead and subscribe to AppMySite.

Enter a few basic details and create your app project. Start with giving your app a name. This need not be final.

You can edit the name as you proceed to build the app. Select the type of app you want to build and then enter the link of your website.

Next, you will be presented with a dashboard with several modules. Cover every module and watch your app idea steadily come to life. 

Design Eye-catching Assets 

The design and layout of your app must be personalized and align with your brand theme and goals.

AppMySite gives you the freedom to do the same on a template-free canvas.

Start with designing your app icon or uploading your existing logo. The icon should make your app stand out on your user’s phone and represent your brand.

Next, continue to design the login, sign up and other screens of your app. Set the color theme and design the home screen.

Customize the app to add your own look and feel. Preview the developments as you proceed and keep perfecting your designs. 

Connect Your Website & App

Once your app design and layout are sorted, proceed to connect your website and app.

This will help you in keeping your app synced with the website and reflect updates in real-time.

It will also save you hours’ worth of efforts required to add content to the app.

Syncing your website and app will enable you to auto-populate all the content and data without any manual effort. 

Configure Features & Settings

Features determine your end user’s experience and the overall success of your app.

AppMySite makes it easy to integrate complex features like push notifications, social login, in-app chat, monetization, etc., in your app.

You can configure these features and finetune the settings of your app.

Add your business details to your app, enable web views if desired, allow guest browsing, link your social media handles, and manage how users will interact with your app. 

Preview And Test Your App

Once your features and settings are configured, go ahead, and finalize your app build.

You can preview your app on the Android and iOS emulators and test how the app looks and performs.

Also download your app on real devices and test its design and performance.

This will give you a first-hand experience of your app and help you test your app like the end user.

When satisfied, you can take your app to the app marketplaces. 

Launch On The App Stores

Target both Android and iOS marketplaces as these two operating systems cover almost the entire mobile market together.

Launch your app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and make it available for users to download.

Follow the guidelines laid out by Google and Apple to avoid rejections and remain in compliance with their terms & conditions.

You can also invest some time and resources on App Store Optimization to ensure better ranks and visibility for your app on the app marketplaces.

Go ahead and start promoting and marketing your app and earn downloads and engagement. 

Wrapping up

The travel industry is worth billions of dollars. You can upgrade your travel business by launching a native app and offering ease and convenience to your customers.

A robust and multichannel software infrastructure will help you make the most of the travel & tourism industry and unlock new opportunities.

Once your app is up and running, you can explore several new business and marketing avenues and grow your profits.

Offer one-touch access to customers & clients, invite affiliate marketers, and monetize through ads, and more.

Gain business visibility with a website and offer the true mobile experience with an app. 

If you need further help developing your travel app, you can also refer to our detailed and step-by-step guide on how to create an app and build your app with ease.

Launch your apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and grow your engagement and revenue. 

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