20+ Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes (2021)

If you haven’t jumped on the TikTok bandwagon yet, you really should. Remember when there was an app called Vine that everyone was obsessed with?

Well, TikTok is kind of like that – and it’s capturing the creative juices of teenagers everywhere.

While it’s still in its infancy, it’s definitely getting bigger and bigger – just like Instagram did when it first began.

This means that while it’s not as big yet, it won’t be long before it takes over completely, and then you’ll have a pretty hard time building up a following and engagement.

So now is the right time to buy TikTok likes to build up your account.

Best Sites to Buy TikTok Likes

While the going is good, though, we recommend making the most of it and affiliating yourself with a site where you can buy TikTok likes (also known as hearts).

Let’s review some.



If you’re looking for a growth service to help you buy TikTok likes, then we think it’s a good idea that you check out Tokupgrade.

The thing that we like about this website the most is that they don’t use fake likes or engagement.

This is a much better option than simply buying your likes because it’s going to sustain your profile for a long time – buying your engagement isn’t. In fact, they claim on their website to not supply bots, which has definitely already helped them a lot with existing clients.

TokUpgrade - Buy TikTok Likes

This confident company knows that it takes a lot more than just putting your heart and soul into making awesome content – you’ve got to be efficient, business-minded, and innovative to really get somewhere. Check out Tokupgrade today for all of your TikTok likes needs and discover a different way of doing things without purchasing them outright.

  • Great pricing
  • Secure https site
  • Good features
  • Easy setup
  • Effective reach
  • Can only be used with TikTok



If you’re looking for a reliable company that you can purchase TikTok hearts from that isn’t going to put your account at risk of being suspended or shut down, we suggest you check out Toksocial. These guys are seasoned experts, and they know what it takes to grow a TikTok account successfully.

Of course, this includes things like no spam or bots, which they promise not to associate with on their homepage. They also promise that the setup process to get on board with one of their services is super simple, and you can cancel it at any time.

Did we mention that Toksocial offers a personal account manager for every client so that you don’t have to wait for hours to get some help or ask a question? Their price points are also affordable as well, starting at just $79 a month, and going up to $149 a month. If you’re in the market for something that is not only affordable but reliable as well, then we highly suggest you check out a company like Toksocial.

  • Pricing is visible and affordable
  • Website is secure
  • Packages are affordable and safe
  • No spam
  • No fake engagement
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Can cancel at any time
  • Looks like you can only use them with TikTok



TokCaptain has your back when it comes to being able to buy TikTok likes, and the best part is that they are actually going to be real. When we say real, we mean that the likes will be from real people, and not bots.

It’s easy in this industry to send bots out to people, but it’s not easy to send out real engagement. These guys are all about focusing on your brand, and what your brand’s goals are for TikTok.

From here, they will make sure that you get the likes, followers and comments that you need. Try them today and discover how easy it can be to do really well with your TikTok likes.


UseViral TikTok Likes

Buying TikTok likes is no small feat, especially if you aren’t someone who is very familiar with the social media marketing industry and knows what a legit site looks like. This is why it’s so much sweeter when you come across businesses like UseViral.

All the companies on this list have a point of difference, and the point of difference here is that UseViral can connect you with people in your industry who can actively spread the love with your content.

They will look for people on other social sites to watch your videos and interact with them, so that you can attract the right crowd.


SidesMedia TikTok Likes

SidesMedia is so much more than just your average TikTok hearts company. If you’re trying to find a place to buy TikTok likes, then this is certainly a good place to be – but they can also help you with other things, as well. In fact, the first thing that you’ll want to do is choose which platform you need help with the most because they can help with all kinds of different social media channels.

Don’t worry, though – they divide their features between different platforms so that you don’t get confused. As well as a privacy policy and a FAQ page, they also have a good level of customer service. We can’t see anything that we don’t like about SidesMedia, making them an ideal place to purchase your TikTok hearts from.

Media Mister

Media Mister TikTok Likes

Media Mister is a pretty comprehensive TikTok website where you can buy all the hearts and likes you need in order to be popular. They also offer this kind of service for other social media websites, too, so if you need engagement for your Instagram, for example, they can help you out. We like that you can put everything you need in one place and access it from there. This is going to end up saving you a whole lot of time and money.

Another thing that we like about Media Mister is that their prices are affordable, and their customer support seems to be up to scratch. In fact, they feature a chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of their website, so that you can get in touch with them if something goes wrong. Even if you just want to ask them a question, you can talk to them directly. Not all companies offer this, so it’s worth taking advantage of when looking to purchase likes.

  • Lots of different features
  • Multiple platforms
  • Specialized features
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fast delivery
  • Might be too much for some


Followersup TikTok Likes

One thing that we like about FollowersUp is that, like Media Mister, they offer services like hearts and likes across the board, so you don’t just have to limit yourself to TikTok. In saying this, though, they make sure that they can offer their clients a very specialized set of features for just TikTok, so you know that you’re getting the best treatment available.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have too much time to sit around and wait for your TikTok hearts and likes, don’t worry – with Followers Up, you don’t have to. They say that they can start processing your order almost as soon as you have paid for it. Worst case scenario, you’re looking at having to wait 72 hours for something to happen, but in the grand scheme of things, this really isn’t that bad.

Followers Up also make sure that their services are in line with TikTok’s policies on third party companies, so you don’t have to worry about risking your reputation. FollowersUp is a great place to buy TikTok likes, no doubt.

  • Many different features to choose from
  • Great prices
  • Good customer support
  • Secure https site
  • Quick delivery
  • Might be overwhelming for some

TikTok Luv


TikTok Luv is one of those companies that doesn’t look that great on a surface level, but when you start to see what they have to offer, you’ll be hooked. Their website is a little old and outdated, but their services definitely make up for this. What’s more, they guarantee that their services and the engagement you’ll receive as a result are going to sustain your TikTok account long term, which is exactly what you need. Like you, they are in this for the long haul and prepared to do whatever it takes.

You can start getting hearts and likes for your TikTok account from as little as $55, and while this may not be as cheap as some of the other companies on our list, it’s definitely not bad for a great service still. You can pay with PayPal, and they have customer support that runs around the clock, so you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble and not having anyone to talk about it to.

With a 100% guarantee on their services, we think that TikTok Luv is a great option for all the hearts and likes you could want.

  • Great pricing
  • Secure https site
  • Easy ordering
  • Great features
  • Safe service
  • No free trial



If you weren’t that impressed with TikTok Luv’s website, then you will be with Alessin. They have put a lot of time and effort into making sure that their website is attractive, and it’s certainly paid off. It’s nice and minimal, but clean looking, which is sure to attract new clients every day. In fact, they are pretty clear about how many clients they have helped so far, which is 12 million and counting.

They make sure that every delivery is sent off within two hours. Of course, this does depend on how many likes and hearts you’ve requested, so if it’s a lot, you do need to have a bit of patience. They don’t have too many payment options, but personally, we think that this is a good thing because it keeps things nice and safe. Their main go-to is PayPal, which is one of the safest options anyway, so we’re totally on board with this.

Alessin knows that hearts and likes are the way to get bigger on TikTok, and we love that they have a customized feature where you can adjust their settings to suit your particular niche and industry. You can start getting likes and hearts for just $2, which is definitely one of the more affordable options we’ve seen lately.

Share Fans

Share Fans is one of those fan favorites that has been in this industry for a while now. Not only can they provide you with more hearts and likes for your TikTok account, but they can also provide you with different types of engagement on other social media sites as well. We like that they feature their customer support right on their homepage, so it’s not difficult to get in touch with them if something’s not right.

We love that they offer middle of the road prices, starting at just $14. They say that they provide real likes and hearts for their clients, as well as a great delivery time of just one day. All you need to do to sign up with them is give them your TikTok username, and you’ll be getting the best hearts and likes in no time. Their payment method is PayPal, which, as you know, is one of our favorites.


Bouxtie is the kind of company that goes above and beyond for the customer in terms of their TikTok growth. This means that they offer so much more than just TikTok hearts, and if you need to buy other engagement, you can do so through Bouxtie as well.

The first thing you need to do is plan your TikTok campaign with them. You’ll need to define your objective, as well as the number of views you want to buy. Once you’ve done this, you can place your order with them, which will be delivered straight away. It only takes a few short minutes for Bouxtie to process your order request.

They claim to have some of the lowest prices in the business, as well as 24/7 customer support. They also claim to be completely safe, so there’s no need to worry about your profile’s reputation being at risk.

TikTok Fame

TikTok Fame is not only the kind of website that is user-friendly, but it’s also visually pleasing too, which is perhaps why it has become so popular among TikTok users. They claim to be the number one provider for people looking to buy TikTok likes and hearts and judging by their customer reviews, we’re inclined to believe them.

They also claim to be genuine, which means that you’re going to get real engagement that will sustain your account for the long term. Their prices start from just $1.97 and go up to $33.99, both of which we think is affordable. They even come with 24/7 customer support. The longest a delivery will take is one hour, which we think is totally reasonable. 


Potentially the best thing about Instafollowers is that they promise their engagement is completely authentic and genuine. You’ll also notice when you visit their website that they have a chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of their homepage, where you can get in touch with them if you need to.

Their prices are divided between how many TikTok hearts you need, so if you’re looking to buy TikTok likes, hearts, and followers, you can get as many as you need. They claim to be high quality, affordable and provide their customers with real and active accounts when you buy TikTok followers from them.

They also guarantee that their services are completely safe, and they also offer customer support around the clock, as you can see with their chatbox. There’s not a lot not to love about this TikTok likes company.

Musically Po

Musically Po is somewhere to buy TikTok likes – but don’t get put off by the name. TikTok did used to be named Musically, so they just haven’t updated their website. Either way, these guys have been in the business long enough to know exactly what their clients are looking for, and we have a funny feeling that they can provide it, and more.

They make sure never to delay their deliveries, and they will never ask for your personal information like your TikTok password. They have a customer support system that is available around the clock, and they have some pretty affordable price points, starting at just $1.99. They have PayPal as a way to process your payment as well as other options, making it safe to do so.

Gain TikTok

Gain TikTok says that if you buy TikTok likes through them, you’ve got a pretty good chance of becoming famous, getting fans, getting likes, and getting everything else you need to do really well on the world’s most popular social media channel right now.

Not only do they claim to offer their clients real likes and followers, but they make sure to keep their prices super low, so you don’t have to worry about being able to afford them. They also claim to put their customers first, before all else and have the best customer support in the industry. While they may come across as simple, we get the feeling that they know what they’re doing and can do it well. 

TikTok Blaster

The first thing that you need to know about TikTok Blaster is that there’s no signup involved with their services, and no download, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your account and personal information. In fact, you can get started with them for free without having to buy TikTok likes – you can simply get 75 of them free of charge on one of your videos.

All you need to do is follow the instructions they have on their website. They guarantee the results of their engagement, so you’re not going to be left in the lurch. As well as offering around the clock support, they make sure that their security is up to scratch as well, so your personal details remain safe. TikTok Blaster has all of the features that you’d want in a TikTok hearts company.

Follower Hike

Follower Hike knows that all of its clients are just looking for a way to stay relevant and on top in the incredibly competitive world of TikTok. They know that it’s not easy to stand out and make a name for yourself, which is why they take each client as they are – an individual, in need of an original and unique service.

They can help you buy TikTok likes, but they can also help you use these to really get ahead and stand out from the crowd. This is their entire mantra, and we think that so far, they have done a pretty good job of it with other clients. They have a chatbox on their homepage, so you can ask them anything whenever you need to, and they can also help you with other social media channels as well.

Buy Social Media Marketing

The impression we got when we first visited Buy Social Media Marketing’s page is that they don’t muck around. They know that your time is limited, which is why they want to be able to help you straight away. They promise that their delivery begins within a few hours after your order and that they always keep their prices affordable.

If you want to buy TikTok likes, all you’ve got to do is decide how many you want and what your budget can afford. They make the entire process super simple – all you need to do is choose a package that fits your needs, enter your order details, and checkout with either Bitcoin or your credit card. They will take care of the rest. 

Fame Buys

Fame Buys is probably the simplest TIkTok hearts company that we’ve come across, but a lot of the time simple is better. You don’t need all the frills to get ahead in the world of TikTok, and Fame Buys proves this with every new customer they bring on board. To buy TikTok likes, all you’ve got to do is choose which package you prefer and then enter your details. Don’t worry – they won’t need your password to deliver your order.

Lastly, all you’ve got to do is wait for the results to be delivered. This means that you can put all of your focus and attention on your end into creating more amazing content. They have a phone number and an email that you can call if you need any assistance. 

Tik Fan Tok

Tik Fan Tok is making the most of the new year by offering new clients a sweet discount on various features – and we think that you should make the most of this. It’s never been easier to buy TikTok likes, and by the looks of things, it’s never been more affordable, either. Not only can Tik Fan Tok provide its clients with high-quality services, but it can also throw a bit of profile promotion in there as well.

They always make sure to deliver their orders on time, and they reckon that they’re pretty affordable, especially when you compare their prices to others out there. Their support team is available around the clock, and you can get in touch with them any time, from before you place your order, to after you’ve received it. 

TikTok New Star

One thing to look out for when looking to buy TikTok likes is to find a company where you can pay for your order through PayPal. They claim to have a high level of security, and they also claim to have fast delivery on all of their orders. They even say that they have customer support that can help you whenever you need it, which isn’t as common as you may think.

They want their clients to do so well on the internet’s latest social media craze that they go viral, and with big dreams like this, we think that they’re a great company to have on your side. They also have email support too, so there are plenty of ways to get in touch should you need to.

Glow Insta

You would be forgiven for thinking that Glow Insta is a company that sells Instagram engagement – and they do. However, one of their latest services is helping their clients with their TikTok growth, too, so if you’re looking to buy TikTok likes as well as a bit of engagement for your Instagram, you’ve come to the right place.

Once you’ve loaded Glow Insta in your favorite web browser, you can figure out which service is going to best suit your needs. You’ll be asked to enter your TikTok username, as well as how many likes and followers you want to get. From here, Glow Insta can take care of the rest and provide you with a real order that will help boost your account. 

Red Social

For all of you that want to buy TikTok likes, you may notice when you visit Red Social that they’re one of the simplest TikTok growth companies out there. However, don’t let this fool you, because they’ve got some pretty awesome features that can really make a difference to your TikTok growth.

From their user-friendly, simple interface to their affordable prices, and even quick delivery, there’s a lot to love about this TikTok hearts company. They know that you don’t have an endless amount of time on your end to do it all, and they want to help you as a result. They also say that their support is both quick and helpful, so you don’t have to worry about it being worth your time.


What is TikTok?

While this FAQ may seem almost unnecessary, we think that it’s vital to cover all bases – after all, there will still be some people out there that don’t really know what TikTok is yet.

TikTok is an app that you can use on iPhone or Android. It has been created for video creating and sharing, which can be in the form of comedy, lip-syncing, or talent videos. People are encouraged to share these with their family, friends, and fans. Since it first became live in October 2019, it has taken the youngest generation by storm.

Why Do I Need TikTok Hearts and Likes?

Just like on Instagram, TikTok users can like or heart other people’s content.

This is their way of saying that they enjoyed viewing their content. Of course, this is going to show other people that they like your content, and the more hearts and likes you get on your videos, the more popular they will become.

This is why it’s a great idea to outsource your engagement to a certain extent, especially if you’re at the beginning of your TikTok career, and your content needs a bit of a boost so that people take notice.

Why Does My Account Have to be Public?

You may have started off with your account set to private, and this makes a lot of sense if it was small at the beginning, and you just wanted to share your content with friends and family.

However, if you want to take our TikTok profile a bit more seriously and gain access to services like the ones that these companies offer, we suggest switching it to public. In fact, most brands like this won’t be able to help you unless it is public, so make sure to do this so that you can make the most of having a TikTok page.

Are These Companies Safe?

For all of the companies on our list, they make sure that safety is a high priority.

This means that they don’t violate any terms and conditions that TikTok puts out with their services. Whether you’ve already got an established reputation on TikTok, or you’re just starting out and trying to build one, companies like this aren’t going to put it at risk.

They provide a 100% guarantee that your reputation and personal information is safe with them.

Final Thoughts

Building up a following online is never easy, but with TikTok, you’ve got a chance to get it off the ground before anyone else.

While it’s pretty popular right now, this is nothing compared to what it’s projected to be, so it’s a great time to bring on a site to buy TikTok likes from and see just how effective they can be for your growth.

One thing that we love about a lot of them is that they offer free trials for potential customers, so you can get used to how they work before committing to buying TikTok Likes.

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