3 Best Places Buy YouTube Channels Safely

If you’ve always wanted to be YouTube famous but you just have no idea where to even begin, there’s now a new industry making waves online that could just be the answer you’re looking for.

Believe it or not, buy YouTube channels is a pretty profitable venture.

However, because the industry is so new, there’s understandably a lot of skepticism surrounding it.

They’re also many questions to answer about it, too, from how much does a YouTube channel cost, to is it even legal to buy YouTube channels?

If you’re interested in taking this kind of path to YouTube fame, then keep reading and take a look at everything you need to know when you buy YouTube channels, and the best sites to do so on.

Best Places to Buy YouTube Channels

1. Fameswap

Buy YouTube Channels from FameSwap
Buy YouTube Channels from FameSwap

If you take a look at the industry, you’ll quickly realize that Fameswap is by far one of the best places right now to buy YouTube channels.

They’re what you would call a middleman website, which means that they facilitate these types of transactions, and connect the vendors with the customers.

They only work with people who have real channels to sell with a high-quality set of subscribers, which is why they’re one of the best.

The channels the list for sale are often aged, monetized, and successful.

Their prices are set based on how many subscribers the channel has, and they also help you do background checks into the account, to make sure that it’s legitimate.

Again, this is definitely one of those companies to bookmark on your computer, because not only can they help you buy YouTube channels, but they can also help you purchase other social media platforms as well, like Instagram and even TikTok.

  • Good prices
  • Safety comes first
  • Secure https site
  • Facilitates different niches and industries
  • Lots of third party positive reviews
  • Some of its pricing could be seen as expensive

2. AppSally

App Sally

If you’ve already heard of AppSally before, we wouldn’t be surprised.

This is because AppSally has actually been around for a while now, and once upon a time, they were helping their clients with things like social media engagement growth.

These days, they are making the most of this brand new industry and helping their clients connect with real, authentic, existing social media platforms like YouTube channels that they can use to give themselves a good headstart.

We think that their prices are affordable, and they can help you with other platforms, like Snapchat.

They allow payments through PayPal, which, as you know by now, is the safest option. They have a chatbox on their website, which makes it nice and easy to get in touch with them if you need to.

  • PayPal an option
  • Plenty of information about their services
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Chatbox for customer support
  • Has some average reviews

3. 123accs


123accs is similar to Fameswap, except we would say that they’re not quite as high quality. They have a very similar operation, though, and could be considered an all-in-one website, where they can help you with many different features for social media.

This means that they can also connect you with a hashtag generator if you’re just looking to improve your hashtag strategy.

They can help you find existing accounts not only for YouTube, but for Pinterest and Reddit as well, so they’re pretty comprehensive. We love that they offer PayPal as a payment method, and have a contact form if you need assistance.

  • PayPal is a payment option
  • Https site is secure
  • Contact form for customer support
  • Wide variety of social media accounts
  • Doesn’t come with the best reputation

Is It Legal To Buy YouTube Channels?

Don’t worry – buying and selling a YouTube channel is legal, and people have actually been doing it for quite a while now.

In fact, there are quite a few companies out there that have built their reputation on YouTube by purchasing a variety of different channels that already exist.

YouTube has a really good relationship with some of these companies, so you definitely don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for doing so.

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How Much Will It Cost to Buy a YouTube Channel?

This question is completely relative to quite a few things. Let’s take a look at what goes into pricing a YouTube channel:

  • Whose face is linked to the channel?
  • What does the audience look like?
  • How many existing videos does the channel have?
  • Does it come with any strikes?
  • How far back does the channel go?
  • Is the channel monetized? If so, how much does it earn?
  • How many subscribers does the channel have?

All of these factors will determine the cost of the channel.

Let’s break them down a bit more.

Whose Face is Linked to the Channel?

This sounds like a bit of common sense, but if you buy YouTube channels that have a face associated with them, it’s going to be pretty difficult to execute a smooth transition.

If the YouTube channel you buy relies on the face of the person who makes the content, it’s going to be pretty difficult to make similar content for that existing audience.

Of course, if the channel doesn’t already have a well-established face associated with it, the transition is going to be much smoother.

What Does the Audience Look Like?

What this really means is where are the majority of the subscribers located? Naturally, the location of the subscribers is going to be a big factor in determining how much the channel is worth.

For example, if most of the subscribers are located in the U.S., then the channel is going to earn more on each video than if the channel is mainly located elsewhere, like South America, for example.

How Many Videos Does the Channel Have?

Of course, the quality and quantity of the existing videos should be something to take into consideration when deciding on whether to purchase a YouTube channel or not. Of course, if the channel only has two videos so far, the channel’s not going to be worth as much as one that has published over 200 videos.

Does It Come with Any Strikes?

Firstly, what is a strike?

A strike is one of the worst things that can happen to you and your YouTube channel.

This is because it could even result in your channel getting banned. There are many different reasons why you may get a strike against your channel, but the most common one is copyright infringement.

Don’t worry, though, you get three strikes and then you’re out. Each strike has a time limit, and it gets written off after three months.

So as long as the channel you’re looking at hasn’t received three strikes in three months, you’ll be fine.

How Many Followers Does the YouTube Channel Have?

Naturally, subscribers are a pretty important thing to consider when purchasing a YouTube channel. However, they’re not as important as you may think.

There is the possibility that the subscribers are fake, so just because you see a high number doesn’t mean that it’s going to make you successful.

As well as knowing how many subscribers a channel has, you also need to make sure that they’re real, not fake.

Is It Monetized?

When a YouTube channel generates revenue, it is monetized.

Obviously, the vast majority of individuals and companies want to buy YouTube channels that are monetized, so they can start making a return on their investment.

To be monetized by YouTube, the channel has had at least 4,000 hours of views within the last year, and 1000 subscribers.

It’s also important to know the monthly revenue of the channel to give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of profit.

How Do I Transfer a YouTube Channel?

While YouTube channels can have multiple email accounts associated with them, they will always have one primary owner, and this account is the one that has access to everything.

When you buy YouTube channels from someone, you need to make sure that they sign the primary owner to be you, so that you’re in charge of everything.

This request can take up to 24 hours for YouTube to approve. Once you’ve been approved as the primary owner, you need to make sure that you delete all other channels linked to it, so you retain complete control.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – how to buy YouTube channels safely.

It’s always vital that you do your due diligence beforehand, and make sure that the channel you’re purchasing has a good engagement rate and real followers.

If you’re making an investment like this, the last thing you need is to spend money on something that’s not going to give you a good ROI.

If you get it right, though, you could end up making a tidy profit each month from your brand new YouTube channel.

Happy hunting!

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