Growthoid Review: Is This Service a Scam?

Looking for a legit follower growth company to build your account?

We’ve done the work for you — Growthoid is the next big thing.  

Instagram has reached the 1 billion active users mark monthly, so there is no shortage of potential followers for those willing to expand their reach. 

Already, the most popular influencers, brands, and celebrities have hundreds of thousands, even millions, of followers.

How? They make it look so easy, but there’s more than meets the eye. 

Do you think that top influencers or top accounts stay tirelessly connected to Instagram building their following for hours on end? 

Or, do they work with a growth company to help build their follower count? 

Sitting around all day trying to build your follower count can be tedious and force you to redirect your focus from other important elements of your brand or business. 

A Review of Growthoid

Today we’re going to break down the growth service that actually grows organic followers by hand so that you don’t have to. That service is called Growthoid.

Here we’re going to discuss why you need to grow your account with quality followers and how exactly Growthoid helps you to do just that. 

Why Is Follower Quality Important?

Success on Instagram boils down to two main elements: follower count and engagement rate. If you’re looking to build a productive or profitable Instagram, you must have both of these elements working together. 

Before Growthoid, when Instagram first became popular for business, buying followers was one way to reach that goal. Eventually, Instagram caught on and put some measures in place to prevent people from using bots or fake followers. 

Not only can it get you in hot water with Instagram, but these followers also will not help your account in terms of engagement. They are hollow numbers that actually make your engagement rate lower based on your follower count. 

So, it’s far more beneficial for you to have 12,000 followers with high, active engagement as opposed to 110K with only a few likes or random comments on your posts. This looks so sketchy to companies considering you for sponsorship or even for potential customers and clients.  

Therefore, follower quality is key, and you must choose a growth service like Growthoid that actually helps you maintain this balance. 

What is Growthoid? 


Now let’s talk about what Growthoid actually is. 

Growthoid is the top organic growth service for Instagram, growing real followers by hand— absolutely no bots or automation!

Everything is done through real interaction and gains your followers organically. 

Growthoid is the top organic growth platform because it’s productive, transparent, and trustworthy. It employs the use of a dedicated account manager for each client to take control of their organic growth by hand

This account manager will use your targets to find real followers connected to your target audience. This is extremely useful; followers gained through Growthoid will actually care about your content and what you offer. 

Knowing that your account is handled by a team that really cares about your success and dedicates their efforts to bringing your account results is huge.

This brings peace of mind and also freedom to work on other elements of Instagram development. 

So, how does Growthoid work?

Let’s check out some features. 

  • They assign you an account manager. You’ll have someone to help you when you need it. Forget about waiting for random service team member attention! Your account manager will know your targets and your goals. The account manager is a pivotal piece to Growthoid’s unique service.
  • They follow your targeting instructions. You don’t have to worry about random followers; you get what you give, so based on the targeting information you give, those are the followers that Growthoid will work to get you. 
  • Growthoid works for everyone. It isn’t only for fitness gurus or makeup bloggers. Growthoid works in all industries and niches.  
  • Bulk pricing. If you manage multiple Instagram profiles or business accounts, ask about Growthoid’s bulk pricing. They offer special packages for those with multiple account needs. 
  • 14 day money back guarantee. Growthoid backs up their service with a 14 day money back guarantee for added peace of mind.
Growthoid Features

There are plenty of Instagram growth companies on the market, but buyer beware. Many of these will bring you nothing but ghost followers or fake accounts, which will harm your follower count vs. engagement ratio. 

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These followers also make your Instagram insights harder to examine.

Another problem with other services is that they sell you many empty promises, saying they’ll do everything manually and that you’ll have a support team, when in fact neither of those things happen.

Luckily, with Growthoid, you won’t run into these roadblocks. It’s as though you were doing it yourself, but you’re not! They’re doing it for you, which is a huge help. No bots, no automation, just organic interactions and followers. 

Compared to other similar services, they deliver an affordable and extremely effective growth service. 

The best thing about Growthoid is the account manager– you’ll never have to worry about being abandoned by the service team again, as you already have someone assigned to your account to work directly on your growth. 

With them as your growth partner, you can reclaim your time and balance your workflow, putting your energy into content creation or new Instagram strategies for boosting engagement and content performance. 

There’s already a large group of clients that are super satisfied with the results they’ve seen at Growthoid. 

Can You Actually Grow Organic Instagram Followers with Growthoid? 

Growthoid Growth

Of course, it’s important to be wary when selecting a growth company; as we said, there are many looking to sell empty promises that don’t work. 

But, Growthoid is not one of them, and it’s 100% possible to grow your organic followers with them. 

Growthoid cares about your needs and your targets, which already sets them apart from many other companies in the growth industry. They thrive on your success and will partner with you to ensure that you are gaining optimal results. 

Their service is very easy to use and the process itself is straightforward and transparent. 

Because Growthoid works directly with your targets and avoids using bots or automation, you won’t have to worry about gaining ghost followers or accounts that have no potential for engagement.

The accounts you gain from Growthoid are all valuable to you and can help your follower-engagement ratio. 

Since this is the key to Instagram success, it’s a very important win for the Growthoid service in comparison to other services on the market. 

Review Conclusion

Don’t spend all your time trying to build your followers on Instagram.

Growthoid will help you save time and build your organic followers with your dedicated account manager while you focus on more important elements of your business and content. Their reviews by industry pros back this up.

Please, don’t buy Instagram followers – they are likely fake.

Avoid companies that promise you things they refuse to deliver. The top choice for organic Instagram growth is, without a doubt, Growthoid. 

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