Hashtagify Review 2024 – The Perfect Hashtag Strategy?

Hashtagify Review

Hashtagify Review 2024

Today we are going to review Hashtagify.

It’s not easy coming up with the perfect hashtag strategy for your Instagram and Twitter. There are a lot of factors to consider, and if you’re not a seasoned expert, you’re probably going to find it challenging to get it right.

Luckily, though, there are now quite a few hashtags analytics tools out there that can save you time, and help you come up with the best approach to your hashtag strategy, based on your niche and brand.

Let’s review what we think is one of the best options out there for you and your social media growth.

Hashtagify Review Intro

There are many different tools out there on the market right now that can help you track your hashtags, and how you use them. However, there are only a few hashtag tools out there that can help you find the right hashtags to suit your brand’s specific needs.

While this may not sound like a big deal, there is a bit of difference between the two, and we think that Hashtagify helps to highlight that difference with their high-quality features.

This is one of the most powerful hashtags analytics tools out there.

Their powerful insights can help you make the right decision about your hashtags, which will, in turn, set your Instagram and Twitter pages up for success as you learn more about hashtags and the important place they have in your overall Instagram engagement strategy.

What is Hashtagify?

Hashtagify Features

Hashtagify is definitely an Instagram hashtag generator that stands out in terms of its quality features for your hashtag strategy on Instagram.

Perhaps one of the things that stands out to us the most about Hashtagify is that they can also help you with other social media websites, like Twitter – and they understand that each social media channel is going to have different hashtag requirements, even if your brand is the same across the board.

We like that Hashtagify can help you find top influencers on both Instagram and Twitter, and through your hashtag searches with them, you can be given analytical data about each hashtag.

This is going to help you generate others that may be useful in the future.

You can begin to build a database of analytics around relevant hashtags with Hashtagify, and they can even track hashtags based on both influence and reach for as long as eight weeks.

Hashtagify can provide its clients with essential data on hashtags that relate to the ones that you’re already using, so you can stay within your niche and brand.

Our Favourite Hashtag Tools

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2Inflact Check Price

Getting Started with Hashtagify

The Hashtagify home section is where you get started once you’ve logged yourself into your account.

Here, you can find a few choice pieces of content that are from the main hashtag you’ve been using, but they will also offer up relevant hashtags to your content wall, too.

Let’s talk a little bit more about their different features within the home section.

All Time Top 10 Hashtags

Basic Mode: their basic mode is their default mode, and this will allow you to see their list of related hashtags, organized into a bubble graph, which means that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to read it.

They will all be connected to the main hashtag that you have searched, and you can even hover your mouse over each one and receive information.

When you do so, you will get the name of the hashtag, how popular it is, and how it is related to your original hashtag.

Of course, there are other things to consider when reading Hashtagify’s bubble graphs. First, the thicker the line is that connects a new hashtag with the original one, the higher the relevance.

Secondly, the bigger the bubble of the hashtag, the more popular and trending it is.

Advanced Mode: Hashtagify’s advanced mode helps you take things a little bit further with each bubble. It will pull up even more bubbles with related hashtags. This is great if you want to get even more technical with each related hashtag to help you decide which ones to use in the future.

Table Mode: Hashtagify’s table mode is arguably the most useful feature they have. This is because it shows you numbers that could be the difference between a great hashtag, and an average one.

It also lets you copy hashtags so that you can compare them. With the three modes that you see here, you can easily shortlist your group of related hashtags, making it a bit easier to choose which ones are best for your growth.

As we mentioned, Hashtagify can help you find the top influencers in your niche and industry as well. They will do this by finding popular social media accounts that are using the hashtag you initially searched.

This is going to give you a really good idea of who your rivals are when you use that hashtag on your content.

Their ‘usage pattern’ tab is going to give you stats on your hashtags, like popularity trends, as well as top hours and days for that hashtag.

Lastly, their live stream feature allows you to see a live stream of posts that are public and contain the hashtag that you’ve searched, from all different social media channels across the internet.

Hashtagify Pros and Cons

Just like every other hashtag analytics tool out there, Hashtagify comes with both its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s review these:

  • Free ten-day trial
  • Basic mode
  • Advanced mode
  • Table mode
  • Extensive help section
  • Navigation helper
  • Users lab
  • Hashtag café
  • Live streaming wall
  • In-depth analytics
  • Pricing might be a bit expensive for some
  • Other companies are leading the way in terms of features


Speaking of pricing, let’s now check out how much Hashtagify is going to cost you.

Like we mentioned in the pros and cons, Hashtagify offers all potential clients an opportunity to check out their features before committing to anything through their free ten-day trial. After that, it’s going to cost you $29 a month, which is the basic package.

While it gives you a number of features that will be helpful, if you’re serious about your hashtag strategy and need a bit more help than this, you may want to consider checking out their next package up, which will cost you $86 a month.

Lastly, they have an enterprise package that is more suited to agencies, which will set you back $311 a month.


What is Hashtagify’s Hashtag Café?

Hashtagify’s hashtag café is a place for you to draw inspiration. This is where you can find content and hashtags that relate directly to the hashtags that you already have so that you can easily share them with your fans and followers.

What is the Users Lab?

The user’s lab that you’ll find with Hashtagify is where you can analyze all the hashtags you already use and find out how well they’ve been working for you so far.

They can also give you hashtags that they think are trending in your industry and look at how their popularity rises and falls.

What is the Navigation Helper?

This is kind of like their customer support system. They have a map that will give you a little bit of information on each of their features, and where you can find them.

It’s kind of like their way of teaching you everything you need to know about their service, so you can start making the most of it as soon as possible.

Review Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, we think that it’s pretty safe to say that Hashtagify has outdone itself in terms of being a high-quality hashtag analytics tool.

As you can see, they go above and beyond for their customers, making sure that they have the necessary features and tools required to help you come up with the ultimate hashtag strategy for your Instagram and Twitter growth.

Remember to make the most of their free trial. Happy hashtag hunting!

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