How Effective Blogging Improves Page Rank

How Effective Blogging Improves Page Rank

It’s always confidence boosting to see lots of people joining your blog network and commenting on all your posts, but having a popular site is only halfway to boosting page indexing on search engines.

Organic search results are the ones that matter most to people and these are generally rated in two ways. First is the relevance of content; how much content the pages or blog posts fit in with the search terms. Second is the volume of traffic going through the site each month, this latter part representing the popularity of the site.

People often seem happy if they have enough followers in their blog network, but by optimizing the content of each of their articles they will be blogging their way to the top of Google search results.

Up To Date Content

Another way that search engines establish the relevance of content is by checking how often new content appears on a site. Regular blog posts are the perfect way to appeal to this check. In addition to having new content all the time, if you post regularly, there will be a great influx of commenting and sharing from the blog network that keeps a close eye on the site.

Comments too have the ability to diversify the content by raising questions that can be discussed by other users or equally that could inspire the owner and feed ideas on hot topics that need to be addressed.

Social Networks

The popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter has revolutionized the way that blogging can move around. People will follow their favourite writers through these social networks and anyone smart enough to be advertising all their new blog posts through tweets and status updates will drive more and more people to their site on a regular basis.

The ability for followers to then pass this on to friends who they think will be interested is equally only a click away. In many cases, they don’t even have to pass content on. The newsfeeds highlight everything a person does and so contacts can be alerted to interesting snippets merely by browsing a page.

All this adds up to invaluable backlinks to the blogging site in question and with that, more and more unique users coming through. Activity like this is exactly what indexers are looking for and they love any site that follows this model.

Has blogging improved the page rank of your site? What methods do use to promote it?

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