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How to Get Your Backlinks Indexed by Google

It’s a depressing notion, but the truth is, Google might not index your backlinks.

And, in order to succeed with organic search, you’re going to need to get as many of your backlinks indexed as possible — and the faster the better.

After all, unless Google indexes your backlinks, you’ve wasted your resources in creating those links.

So, today I’m going to go over the different backlink indexing methods and services, both free and paid, so you can see which is the fastest and most effective method.

NameSpeedSuccess RatePrice
One Hour IndexingAlmost Instant50-70%+ Check price
IndexificationFast25-30% Check price

Use Google Webmaster Tools’ Fetch feature

Before we get started, here’s a HUGE tip that many people overlook, and
this is by far the fastest way to get pages on your own domain indexed.

Note: If the links/content aren’t on your own domain, then obviously you will skip this section.

First, start with a Google search using site: yoursite.com. It will return which of your pages and the number of your pages that have been indexed already. If you can’t find your page on there then it’s time to use the Fetch tool.

Go to Google Webmaster Tools.

On the left hand toolbar, click “Crawl” -> “Fetch as Google”.

And then simply put the URL’s of your page that you want indexed in the box and press “Fetch”!

After Fetching, your content will be indexed almost immediately.

I personally use this method if I want something on this website indexed quickly – it normally takes less than 60 seconds from the time I have requested Google to index it to when I can find it in search results.

I thought it was prudent to mention this, as I’ve found from experience, that the majority of people don’t use this method to index their own pages.

Try a Free Ping service

Ping to create awareness in Google through a site like Pingomatic, Ping Bomb, 24/7 Pinger, Ping Farm, BulkPing.com. and BacklinkPing.com. or some other free pinging site.

These are simple services that allow you to ping your links. Essentially, all they do is notify the major search engines that your website or blog has been updated.

In my experience, it doesn’t really matter which one you use – they all have a similar (i.e. low) indexing rate.

It’s best to use these services in conjunction with other backlink indexing strategies – free methods don’t work well as a standalone technique.

Build links to your links

This is a time consuming process, and all you’re basically doing is creating links to your links, so that Google thinks your links are important.

Got a headache?

Yeah this method does that for me too.

Web 2.0’s are a good method for this. Here’s a great guide for making web 2.0’s manually if you want to go down that route (lots of effort).

For best results, combine this with the free pinging method above.

Use a Backlink Indexing Service

You can also use software to do most of the heavy lifting for you. These services promise to work hard behind the scenes to make sure you get results.

There are two paid services that simplify the whole process of getting your backlinks indexed. They are Indexification and One Hour Indexing.



Indexification uses a variety of methods to get your links indexed including:

  • Shortening URL’s
  • Pinging
  • Building links to your links
  • Creating RSS feeds
  • Creating & pinging XML sitemaps
  • Plus some secret tricks

It’s a pretty good service, and they can get a decent amount of your links indexed (assuming high quality).

It’s much better than free or manual methods.

One Hour Indexing

I haven’t been able to uncover how they index links at One Hour Indexing – they are very secretive about it – all I can say is it works better than all the other methods combined.

They claim a 60-90% index rate depending on your quality of link – some people report a slightly lower index rate (around 50%). Regardless, it’s still a much higher percentage, and faster than the other methods.

The Final Verdict

If you have more time than money, then by all means, try a free pinging service and see if it works or not – it’s a numbers game so maybe your link(s) will be indexed and maybe they won’t.

If you’re on a time limit, or you value your links being indexed, then it makes sense to go with a paid service (probably One Hour Indexing).

NameSpeedSuccess RatePrice
One Hour IndexingAlmost Instant50-70%+ Check price
IndexificationFast25-30% Check price

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