How to Make Money Through Amazon Without Investing Anything

How to Make Money Through Amazon Without Investing Anything

As you probably already know, Amazon is the undisputed king of eCommerce. Each month there are millions of people that visit Amazon to purchase products and services, much more than any other marketplace out there.

One of the best things about Amazon is that as well as making a lot of money through the products that they sell, they also give their users the chance to make their own money. In fact, you can start making money through Amazon today without investing a single cent.

Let’s take a look at seven ways to make money through Amazon without investing anything.

Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch

Amazon has a merch program, which is a great opportunity if you are a budding designer. All you will need to do is upload the design of a hoodie or T-shirt, and you can earn a commission on every sale. The best part is that you don’t have to keep any of the stock, and you don’t have to fulfill orders on your end.

All you’ve got to do is come up with a unique, original design, and you will get a commission when the merch that features your designers sold. First, you need to sign up for merch by Amazon and come up with a design.

Once you’ve done this, you can upload your design onto any form of merchandise, write a product description, and choose your preferred color.

Once you’ve done this, Amazon takes over. They will begin to create a product page for you, as well as figuring out customer service, packaging, printing, and fulfillment of the product. One of the best things about this way to make money through Amazon is that you don’t have just to be a designer.

There are a lot of design programs out there these days, which can help you come up with a unique, fun design. It is also worth looking through platforms like Pinterest to get design ideas. Just make sure that they aren’t already copyrighted.


Amazon will pay you a royalty every time a piece of merch that has your design on it is sold. The royalty is decided on by Amazon based on the price of the merch. They will take into consideration how much it costs to print and source material, as well as having customer support on the side.

Dropshipping by Amazon

Dropshipping by Amazon

Another way to make money through Amazon without investing anything initially is to check out Amazon dropshipping. One of the best things about dropshipping is that you do not need to purchase anything in bulk.

So, what exactly is dropshipping? It is when the seller, in this instance Amazon, showcases the supplier’s products, and when a customer purchases one of the products, they deliver the product for you, and you get the difference as revenue. 

If you want to make the most of Amazon drop shipping, then you need to choose the option of the merchant fulfilling the order, which means that you are responsible for fulfilling it and getting it to the customer.

All you’ve got to do to make the most of this feature with Amazon is to choose a product that is trending right now to sell on Amazon. Then create an individual seller account so that they will only charge you if your product is sold.

Make sure that you select a dropshipping supplier that is based in the states. This will ensure that the delivery is fast. Amazon will also ask you to include the seller’s information on the product, not the suppliers.

Then, all you have to do is to showcase your product on the Amazon store that you have set up, and when you get a sale, you ask the supplier to send the product to the buyer’s address. You will get money for the product from the buyer, pay the supply for their trouble, and keep the rest.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade

Another great way to make money through Amazon is by utilizing Amazon handmade. This section of Amazon is really similar to Etsy, and it allows you to sell a product that you have made yourself, including clothes, accessories, and jewelry.

If you love to make products like this at home, then this is a good opportunity to find people that will love them.

With Amazon handmade, you have the option of fulfilling and delivering the products yourself, all getting it sent to an Amazon warehouse where they will deliver the product for you.

This is another great way to earn on Amazon, but keep in mind that it is best for people who a passionate enough about DIY to make high-quality products that people will want to buy. When it comes to the referral fee, Amazon is going to charge you 15%.

The good news is that Amazon won’t charge you for any setup efforts.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk

If you’re looking to earn money through Amazon part-time, then the next option on our list could be the best one for you.

With this next method, Amazon requires you to work from home virtually. Mechanical Turk is a marketplace where you can find part-time jobs that suit your wheelhouse. From data validation to filling out surveys, this is a great way to earn some extra money on the side and complete projects faster.

The good news is that it is really easy to join, and many people have already been able to earn a side gig income like this. You get to choose which task you prefer to work on, and if you are located in the US, you have an even greater advantage as you will receive payments quickly.

Work From a Virtual Location

Amazon Virtual Location

Amazon has what is called a virtual location page where they post job openings that you can apply for. This can be anything from Technical Support to business development and customer support representative.

The majority of the positions are for part-time work; however, there are full-time options as well. If you think that you have a particular skill set, and you are keen to try and work from home, go and check out the virtual location page on Amazon for plenty of opportunities.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex

Do you have a valid driver’s license and a vehicle? Then you can earn money from Amazon today without having to invest anything. Amazon flex is a program designed for drivers, and Amazon launched it a little while ago to fulfill orders that required same-day delivery. 

One of the best things about this opportunity is that you get to choose which hours you work, and there is the option of earning up to $25.00 an hour. You have to be at least 21 years old, you have to have a registered vehicle, and you have to have a smartphone.

If you meet all of the requirements, all you have to do is download the Amazon flex app and choose which working hours suit you best.



Are you someone that owns an RV? Then you might want to make the most of Amazon to make a bit of money on the side from it. This is another seasonal gig that could be great for bridging the gap in between jobs.

CamperForce finds a seasonal task in a certain location. When that season rolls around, Amazon will assign you that location, and you will fulfill Amazon orders in your RV in that location. By doing this, you can earn up to $550.

Final Thoughts

Everybody knows how big Amazon is at this point, but you might not know just how many ways there are to make money through The eCommerce giant. If you like the idea of being given multiple ways of making money right now, then we think it is worth your time checking out what Amazon has to offer.

As we said above, one of the best parts of these options is that you don’t need any initial funding to get started with them. You might need a car for one and an RV for another, but generally speaking, it is really easy to start earning money through Amazon.

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