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How to Rank Number One with SEO in 2024

How to Rank Number One with SEO in 2020

2024 SEO Trends: It’s the end of another decade and the end of an era for SEO.

SERPs have changed significantly, snippets are the newest ‘first page’, and we’re no longer just optimizing for mobile – we’re focusing on visual, voice, and Facebook Search.

How to Rank Number One with SEO in 2024

Let’s talk about what SEO looks like in 2024, and what you should be focusing on.

Content Marketing That Will Scale

Content Marketing

Content marketing is no longer the novelty that it was in 2010. Now, companies are looking at how they can scale their content marketing strategy. With this in mind, it’s worth thinking about how all of your content works together as you push out different categories to promote your brand.

Google has helped pushed things like blog articles, but companies need to be focusing on the quality of their content – especially if they’re producing it through a new channel.

A big trend right now is brands creating content based around case studies or previous expertise. When your pieces of content are well-informed, your audience is more likely to trust you.

Update Your Existing Content

Of course, it’s essential that you keep creating content as much as possible – but it’s also important not to forget about your old content, too.

One rule of thumb to follow is not to let any pages on your website age older than six months. Refreshing blogs is a great way to keep up with stats and external resources that may have changed. We recommend conducting regular site audits, which of course, includes figuring out any technical issues so that your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Your content should match the searches your target audience is making.


We all know the importance of YouTube in the face of SEO content marketing. If you’ve got a brand and you haven’t thought about putting it on YouTube yet, then perhaps you should.

Scaling your content is all about broadening your horizons, and applying your content strategy to both new and existing platforms. One good thing about YouTube is that you can embed videos into your blog content so that your audience can easily find your YouTube channel.

YouTube now also connects with Google Discover, so it’s just yet another way to put your brand in front of people.

Facebook Search

Facebook Search ads are the newest addition to Facebook’s paid ad lineup, and judging by the build-up and current response, we think that it’s supposed to be a pretty big deal.

Facebook’s new search ads will run both in the search results, and in their Marketplace.

This brand new form of content marketing is a great way to drive conversions to your website. This means that brands can now push through the crowd by targeting niche, specific keywords, which means that they are reaching more unique audiences that haven’t already been bombarded by marketing.

Guest Posting and Backlinking Is Still Important

Services like the Avidon Marketing Group, have been telling us for years that backlinking is a great way to build up trust with your target audience online. Guest posting also shows Google that other websites think that your content is credible.

So, backlinking is important – but it’s slightly different now that we’re headed into 2021. It’s quality over quantity, which means that you need to focus on perhaps getting fewer backlinks to your content, but the ones that you do get need to be high quality.

This means that you need to focus on websites that have high domain authority. If they have a similar target audience, even better. The same thing applies to guest posting.



Schema has blown up over the past couple of years, and it’s now essential for snippet eligibility. Whether you’re hoping for a spot on featured stories, or you have a great recipe, then you need to integrate Schema.

Any structured data that you have can also feed information to Google Assistant. This means that every time someone enters a query that is voiced-based, the information that they need is ready to be relayed back to them.

Google will only read one answer out loud, so using schema to optimize this voice is essential.

Google Actions

Google Assistant can be found on everyone’s smartphone. It does a lot more than just optimizing ‘near me’ searches. This feature is becoming more and more important in terms of SEO.

Google Actions or Assistant is considered more of a brand extension than a viral game, which, of course, is an opportunity for new people to discover things like your product or service.

What’s more, Google has been coming up with new, easier ways to build your own Action through this feature.

International SEO

International SEO

You may want to think about going international with your SEO strategy. This will involve translating your content into a different language so that you can reach new markets.

Interestingly, this sector isn’t all that competitive right now. However, this doesn’t mean that your SEO with this area is going to be easygoing. If you are determined to connect to an audience that speaks a different language, you’ll need a lot of initial support.

Technical SEO

While you shouldn’t come across too many technical issues when executing your SEO strategy, it’s still possible in this day and age. Of course, as we enter another year, the stakes are higher for SEO. This means that even the smallest technical issue could mean a big loss in revenue.

Page speed is still one of the essential features for your website. It would help if you had a score of at least 70 for desktop, and 80 for mobile.


Accelerated Mobile Pages, otherwise known as AMP, comes with both its advantages and disadvantages. These include things like potential damage to revenue streams or lost links.

Remember, though, that you can add structured data to AMP content so that it comes up as a SERP feature, which is going to generate a Google Action automatically.

Sometimes, though, having the extra speed isn’t worth the potential risks.

2021 SEO Trends: Final Thoughts

If you feel a little overwhelmed by SEO in 2021, don’t worry – you’re not alone. There are many pieces to this seemingly complex puzzle, and they must work together cohesively in order to drive traffic and bring more revenue for your brand.

We have more tools available for brand growth than ever, so make the most of it – but remember to be strategic.

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