Instagram Tests Cross-Posting Stories to WhatsApp

Instagram Tests Cross-Posting Stories to WhatsApp

We all know by now that Facebook bolstered its social media expansion with its purchase of Instagram and then WhatsApp.

And, with a continuous revising and updating of features, 2018 will see a continued competitive edge for Facebook as it introduces a new feature that will set it up against its well-known rival, Snapchat.

Facebook is implementing a feature which will allow you to share your Instagram stories to WhatsApp. You will be able to cross-post your stories between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – and just like the other platforms, they will be on your WhatsApp for 24 hours before disappearing again.

Because this feature is so new, it is still under trial and therefore not available to everybody on Instagram (mostly just users in Brazil). Facebook introduced stories to its newsfeed last year with the addition of a share-to-WhatsApp button.

Facebook is clearly building on its successes, having only recently added the feature that allows you to share your Instagram stories to your Facebook page.

Having seen how popular this was with its users, Facebook has therefore decided to spread this ability across all three of its social media platforms and integrate sharing of your stories and content like never before.

While still only on trial, this feature is sure to take off if it does well – and I can’t see there being any reason why it won’t.

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  1. Interesting stuff, any idea when this will come into effect for the rest of whatsapp? Is this currently the only thing shared on both apps?


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