11 Best Mobile Proxies in 2024 [3G/4G/5G/LTE, Cheap & Premium]

Best 4G Mobile Proxies (List)

If you’re in the market for a proxy that’s not going to get you blocked, then we suggest you try mobile proxies.

Mobile proxies (3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, etc) can save you from all the headache of being blocked by certain servers because they are the kind of proxies that connects their client’s website requests for mobile devices, that is, of course, connected to a cellular network.

This means that they use mobile IP addresses, which helps you avoid detection.

This is going to keep you totally anonymous, so you can web scrape or collect data in peace.

Let’s take a look at our list of the best 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE mobile proxies out there in 2024.

Best Mobile Proxies (3G, 4G, 5G, LTE) in 2024

1. Oxylabs – Overall Best Mobile Proxies

Oxylabs is one of those companies that not only comes with a high-quality data center, but they also make sure to include some extra features with their proxies so that you’re all set and can do whatever kind of activity you want.

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They currently have more than 100 million IP addresses in their database, making them a hot contender for most IP addresses available.

If you’re someone who likes to try something before you commit to buying it, you’re in luck because Oxylabs offer a free trial for a week.

If you go onto third party websites out there, you’ll notice that this company is a bit of a fan favorite right now.

2. Bright Data – Best Cheap 4G Mobile Proxies

Bright Data Mobile Proxies

If you’re wondering what the very best proxy company is out there, we suggest you check out Bright Data.

As well as having high-quality proxies available, they also have one of the biggest databases when it comes to their IP addresses, and they cover more locations around the world than most other proxy companies out there.

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They have great customer service and additional features that come with their packages.

The only thing we have to mention about these guys that may be a bit disappointing for some is that they’re pretty pricey, costing at least $500 a month for 4G mobile proxies.

However, if you have the funds, they are 100% worth it.

3. Proxy Empire


Proxy Empire is home to some of the best mobile proxies in the business, and everything about their mobile proxies is ethically sourced, so that you don’t need to worry about compromising your reputation, or your credibility by using these guys.

They boast some of the best mobile properties in the industry, and they can help you collect data in new and unique ways, so you don’t have to look suspicious when doing so.

They have rotating mobile proxies available as well, and you can source your proxies from more than 150 different countries.

You can even filter these down to the carrier level. Their pricing begins at $45 and goes all the way up to $4000, which of course is quite a margin, so depending on where your budget sits, we have a feeling that you are going to be able to afford these guys no matter what.

4. Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller - cheap mobile proxies

Proxy Seller is one of those companies in the 4g mobile proxy industry that may not have been around for too long, but has quickly made strides and garnered the attention of quite a few people already.

They are quickly becoming one of the best cheap proxy services, and one of the biggest reasons for this is that they offer 24/7 client help.

Another thing that you’re going to love about Proxy Seller is that they offer support for SOCKS5, HTTPS, and HTTP – making them great value for money.

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You won’t find this type of comprehensive support with too many other companies out there.

Proxy Seller comes with a helpful chatbox on the site itself so you can get in touch with them if you have any queries or issues.

Their two-factor authentication covers all of your data, making sure that you stay safe out there when you get connected over 4G.

Lastly, Proxy Seller has some very cheap prices, which become even more affordable when you sign up with them on longer plans.

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5. The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy is definitely one of the best proxies for mobile out there, because they have optimized their features for mobile.

In fact, everything that they do is centered around mobile proxies, so that you can feel confident that you are going to get your money’s worth with these guys.

They say they offer their clients high-quality 4G private proxies for mobile, and they say that all of their proxies are designed for automation.

They even offer a free trial so that you can see how their mobile proxies work with your smartphone, and the activity that you are trying to achieve online.

They say that their mobile proxies can easily provide you with an unlimited number of IP addresses, and these IP addresses are utilized by legit, real users, so you don’t have to worry about their credibility.

They also give their clients access to an advanced proxy management dashboard, which is going to include all the features that you need to be successful online with your activity.

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about your connection being cut at any point, because it is unlimited.

6. Smart Proxy


Smart Proxy is another one of those proxy companies that have it all when it comes to its features, but they don’t break the bank in the process.

In fact, they used to cost as much as $200 a month, which is still pretty affordable, especially when you put this against other companies like Bright Data.

However, since then, they have brought their prices down even more, and are now just charging $75 for packages like their residential proxy package.

Along with almost 200 regions on their list and over ten million servers in their database, Smart Proxy has 20GB for every purchase.

These guys are trustworthy and hold their customers in high regard.

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7. Soax

Soax Residential & Mobile Proxies

Soax is another really good choice if you’re looking for a mobile proxy that is going to take care of all your online needs and keep you safe at the same time.

They say they can help their clients not only with mobile proxies, but with residential proxies as well, and they offer a proxy pool that is super clean, and regularly updated.

They have 7.5 million IP addresses, and these are active around the world. They offer flexible targeting by region, country, city, and provider.

You can even test out their mobile proxies for just $1.99, and to get started with them, we need to share your email address.

You will see a chat box on their website, so that you can talk to them about any of your existing or future needs, and we think that their pricing is pretty reasonable, starting at just $75 a month.

This is going to get you 300 ports, and five gigabytes of data.

8. SSLPrivate Proxy


For all of your private proxy needs, you need to check out SSLPrivate Proxy.

If you’re going to use 4G mobile proxies most of the time for your online activity, then we recommend that you use private proxies.

While there’s nothing wrong with shared proxies, private proxies are going to give you the level of anonymity that you need.

We like SSL Private Proxy because they have choices in both categories, and they even give you a back up if you need it.

They also sell VPN services, too, which is a great option if you’re stuck somewhere that isn’t compatible with proxies.

9. High Proxies


Some of us are type A, which means that we like to keep things pretty organized.

We also like having options available, which is why High Proxies has set their proxies up the way they have.

They have grouped them into different categories, and these different categories reflect the kind of activity that you may be doing online.

This is why they have a group for 4G mobile proxies, so you can head straight here and sort through which ones you think would be good and which ones wouldn’t.

This is also great if you plan on rotating your proxies and need a few options that you can switch between.

10. Buy Personal Proxy

Buy Personal Proxy

Everything you need to know about this proxy company is in the name. They call themselves personal, and this is an integral part of who they are.

They go beyond the numbers and dedicate their time to getting to know their customers, so they can help them be successful with their 4G proxy activity.

They know that while there are many people out there who like the idea of using a proxy, the vast majority of them don’t know enough about using one to make it work in their favor.

They’re constantly keeping their clients in the know so that they can make the most of their proxies.

11. Blazing SEO Proxy

Blazing SEO Proxy

If you’re someone who likes having different options not just with proxy services but with other things like payment methods, then you need to check out Blazing SEO Proxy.

These guys have three different payment methods, as well as customers, support that is available around the clock.

They also support many different proxy servers, including 4G, HTTP, and SOCKS5.

While they haven’t been able to take on too many regions yet, they are definitely headed in the right direction and have a solid foundation that could end up turning into one of the most successful proxy companies out there.


What Is a Mobile Proxy?

A mobile proxy is a proxy that you will use with your smartphone which is typically connected to a carrier like AT&T, or Vodafone.

A mobile proxy has been specifically designed to work with a smart phone, which is why it is usually pretty popular with people who are trying to access social media platforms on their phone from restricted locations, or if they’re trying to create more than one social media profile at the same time.

Mobile proxies are becoming more and more popular because of how many people now access the Internet through their mobile phones, as opposed to their desktop.

Why Would You Need to Use a Mobile Proxy?

As we mentioned above, there are a number of reasons why someone might want to use a mobile proxy, including being able to access social media platforms where they are restricted, and opening more than one social media profile on the same platform.

Other reasons you might want to use a mobile proxy is to be able to scrape web data from social media platforms, or to be able to access social media platforms anonymously, without giving away your IP address.

You also might want to be able to glean information from another brand, so that you can do successful market research without them knowing, and you want to be able to do this through your mobile phone while you’re on the go.

What Can You Expect from A Mobile Proxy?

Mobile proxies are pretty diverse, which means that they are going to offer you different features, depending on the service that you are working with, and what your needs are.

This is why it pays to get in touch with the service provider that you are considering working with and asking them what their mobile proxies consist of.

You will also want to make sure that the mobile proxy provider you are wanting to work with is compatible with the carrier that your phone is on.

Why Are Paid Mobile Proxies Better than Free Ones?

The answer to this question can be generalized to include all proxies, because we strongly believe that paying for a proxy is worth your time.

Yes, of course free proxies are going to be tempting, but at the end of the day, sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money, and you’ve also got to spend money to protect yourself online.

The problem with free proxies is that they offer no security, which means that you could be compromising your personal information in order to be able to access something for free.

This is why we always recommend that you use a paid mobile proxy, even if it is going to cost you a little bit more than you had expected.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different options out there when it comes to choosing 4g mobile proxies.

We always recommend that you choose to use more than just one and that you rotate it regularly so that you stay anonymous, and your data is protected.

From here, it’s totally up to you regarding which 4g mobile proxy providers you choose to go with, and we think that our list of the best ones in 2024 is going to set you up for success as you get used to using proxies for all of your online activity.

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