OnlyFans Statistics: Users, Demographics & Creator Earnings in 2024

OnlyFans Statistics: Users, Creator Earnings & More

Over the last few years, the popular subscription-based social media platform OnlyFans has amassed over one million content creators.

In addition, the platform boasts over 210 million registered users.

OnlyFans provided content creators a platform in which they could create exclusive content for their die-hard fans.

Demographic data shows that there are many creators who have made the platform their full-time job, and the company has garnered plenty of media attention because of stories like this.

This article will talk about various OnlyFans statistics and its user base in 2024.

Key Statistics

  • The top 1% of creators take home a majority of the platforms commissions
  • OnlyFans takes 20% of content creators earnings
  • Top creators on the platform earn around $100k per month
  • OnlyFans has over 210 million active users.
  • There are over 2.1 million content creators on OnlyFans
  • On average, subscription fees on the site are approximately $7.20
  • A majority of accounts earn less than $150 on a monthly basis

OnlyFans Statistics 2024: Demographics & Users of OnlyFans


Anyone can make use of OnlyFans, and its opportunities, as it’s a community for writers, painters, chefs, musicians, and celebrities alike.

However, the site is most recognized for being a content center for different types of sex workers. OnlyFans is popular among those in the pornography industry.

The platform allows them to submit films and photographs and engage with their fans via direct messages because it allows them to publish stuff that would otherwise get them banned on other notable social networking sites. 

OnlyFans grew significantly as a result of the global epidemic that began in 2020 and drove individuals to spend more time at home, which increased interaction on the social platform.

At this time, there are around 210 million registered users on the platform, and this number is expected to increase.

For reference, OnlyFans reached 100 million users faster than Facebook did back when it started out, so this should be a testament to the future of OnlyFans and its users. 

How Much Does a Content Creator Make?


You may be wondering to yourself, how much money do creators make on OnlyFans?

Of course, this number varies across many categories and takes other factors into account, such as the creator’s popularity and type of content.

The platform establishes minimum and maximum subscription fees that creators can customize with that range.

The lowest monthly subscription fee is $4.99, while the highest monthly subscription fee is $49.99 and everything in between. 

For an additional fee, creators on OnlyFans could also put up tips or even private messages for $5. Creators can also provide customized discounts to their subscribers. 

Paid tips and private messages may help content creators increase their profits and engage with followers and establish a devoted following.

Furthermore, OnlyFans supposedly paid over $2 billion to creators throughout 2020 as the company earned over $2.3 billion by November of 2020.

Moreover, the site pays 80% of its commissions to its creators. 

As the platform became more popular over time, OnlyFans became a common trending topic across the internet as a whole.

When the platform initially launched, it featured a highly appealing affiliate system that paid out decent earnings for the life of the content creator’s account. 

OnlyFans continued to develop, and they reduced these incentives. Creators on the site are also highly interested in generating cash from their efforts, so they’ll insert links to OnlyFans any place they can find and promote them.

This ends up causing a plethora of backlinks to the website that not only helps with online traffic but also offers better SEO rankings in search engines. It’s currently estimated that over 17 million web pages contain backlinks to OnlyFans.

The fact that OnlyFans has such an influence across social media is one of its leading driving forces.

People of many ages and demographics interact with the platform, in addition to the spread of social acceptability the platform has gained over the last few years.

Although platforms such as ManyVids came before it, they don’t have the same social influence as OnlyFans. 

New Creators Join OnlyFans Every day


Although growth metrics vary from time to time, OnlyFans saw exponential growth throughout 2020, primarily due to the pandemic shutting down most social interactions and many people losing their jobs.

Some signed up to OnlyFans as a way to pass the time while stuck at home, and others looked at it as another source of income.

For example, in May of 2020, the platform was receiving 7,000-8,000 new creators every day.

Once again, this is right after the pandemic hit and definitely had something to do with a spike in those numbers, but that doesn’t mean OnlyFans isn’t still going strong to this day. 

No Issues With User Retention

OnlyFans has an astounding amount of traffic, especially since most of it comes from referral sites and direct visitors rather than search engines.

The website receives 40% of its traffic from the United States alone, and it receives 174 million visitors every month, with over 5 million unique visitors each day.

Visitors will spend an average of six minutes on the platform with around four page views before exiting the site.

OnlyFans receives over 20% of its traffic from Google, which also includes YouTube, Instagram, and, but Twitter reigns supreme as the platform’s primary community hub for its creators.

In comparison to, OnlyFans relies far less on organic search traffic for its performance.

For ManyVids, they receive 23% of their total traffic from search engines, while OnlyFans gets only 14% from direct searches.

This means that OnlyFans relies on its branding to develop in the future, which is always optimal in solidifying your position as a leader in your industry.

Below are a few more statistics about OnlyFans online traffic and their sources.

Source of Online Traffic for OnlyFans

  • = 5.13%
  • Instagram = 5.69%
  • YouTube = 6%
  • Twitter = 9.84%
  • Google = 20.2%

Twitter Helped Propel the Company Forward

Twitter is the only social platform to which OnlyFans connects users directly and continues to stand as the most popular social medium for content creators. As a result, Twitter has become the hub for everything relating to OnlyFans.

Furthermore, the platform has garnered over 840,000 Twitter followers and counting. The majority of OnlyFans creators have accounts on Twitter as well, with some having over 1 million followers or more.

In today’s internet environment, social media impact like this can propel any brand reasonably far, and OnlyFans is a clear example of that as it continues to grow.

Top Earners on OnlyFans

As a creator on the platform, you’re able to establish your own fees and pick what sort of material you want to make and when you want to create it. 

OnlyFans empowers creators to do what they want, rather than what a particular business thinks is ideal, allowing them to build an audience catered to their specific style and interests. 

Most of the top earners on OnlyFans were quite famous before joining OnlyFans, and it’s not unexpected that they have devoted fan bases prepared to pay a high price for exclusive content.

It’s not only a new way for an entertainer to capitalize on their existing brand, but the news of such exclusive content will only bring in new viewers and subscribers.

Below is a brief list containing some of the top earner’s on the platform in addition to estimated earnings.

  • Blac Chyna – $20 million+
  • Bella Thorne – $11 million+
  • Cardi B – $9 million+
  • Tyga – $7 million+
  • Mia Khalifa – $6 million+

Growing a Following on OnlyFans


The platform has gained a lot of praise over the years as a way for men and women to make some extra money.

Nevertheless, many veteran users and creators on the platform will preach about how difficult it can be to build a following and attract subscribers on OnlyFans.

Many online sex workers who have developed a presence on OnlyFans agree with this point as well.  

A large part of building a following is entirely dependent on running your account like a business and promoting yourself and your content.

Aside from that, you must devote effort to constantly producing material for a period of time well before the profile begins to generate a sufficient profit.

Some artists have included a tip menu that lists the material and exclusive content they provide and how much they charge for each.

To Conclude

OnlyFans statistics for 2024 show that it has been through quite a few changes and hurdles over the last few years and has continued to grow and develop amidst some adversity.

Although the company doesn’t promote itself as a leading platform for various sex workers, it’s clear that they understand how business and branding work.

They continue to excel beyond their competitors and grow a more extensive user base year after year.

Some argue that the platform has given them the financial freedom they’ve never seen before, while others see it as a way to express themselves in a more controlled social environment. 



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