10 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps in 2024

Best Private Instagram Viewer

You may be aware that private Instagram accounts are only viewable by approved followers, making it difficult to access them. 

Thankfully, this issue can be resolved with the help of these private Instagram viewer apps, which provide access to all content generally reserved for public users.

Users can choose who can view their Instagram profile and content by switching to the private profile mode. 

However, you can view any profile, whether mutual with them or not, using private Instagram viewer apps.

Many sites and apps promise to give you access to locked Instagram accounts, but some of them are just trying to steal your personal information. 

So that you can safely and legally view any private account you want, we have compiled a list of the 10 best private Instagram viewer apps available.

10 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps in 2024

Below are the top ten Instagram private viewer apps, according to our research.

1. Glassagram

With the help of the ground-breaking app Glassagram, users can invisibly view private content on Instagram accounts. 

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Its faultless operation and extensive features make it our top choice among all the private viewing apps we have encountered.

It stands out for its easy use, requiring no installation and providing beginners and experts with an intuitive user interface. 

Thanks to the app’s anonymous story and video tracker, users can easily view Instagram stories without the owner’s knowledge from any account. 

The user does not need an Instagram account to use this feature.

In addition, Glassagram users have access to detailed post information, the ability to view multiple accounts at once, and even the ability to download videos to their devices. 

Client information is always secure and private thanks to the encryption and storage of user data in servers located in various nations thanks to the app’s security.

Users can instantly access private Instagram profiles, including posts, stories, and messages, by creating a personal profile on Glassagram. App users can also modify their settings to view particular posts, stories, or even the entire page.

2. eyeZy

EyeZy is the ideal tool if you’re looking for a simple way to view private Instagram accounts on various devices. 

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In addition to providing monitoring options for various devices, it has several powerful features that set it apart from other Instagram viewers.

The ease of use of eyeZy is one of its best features. To get started, you don’t need any technical knowledge or experience. 

Simply download the app, sign into your account, and begin watching Instagram accounts that interest you. It is an excellent option for parents who want to monitor what their children are doing online because it allows them to monitor other aspects of a device.

The “social spotlight” function of eyeZy is one of its most notable features. This enables the viewing and recording messages on Instagram and other social media sites. 

The “invisible shield” feature lets you browse content covertly without being seen. Additional functions like “pinpoint,” “plans breakers,” and “file finder” are also beneficial. Given how many features this app has, you can’t go wrong with it.

3. uMobix

uMobix Instagram Spy App

When protecting its users’ personal information, uMobix, an Instagram profile viewer, comes out on top. The website provides a secure method of accessing Instagram profiles without the usual risks associated with doing so.

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uMobix’s ability to access otherwise inaccessible Instagram accounts is a standout feature. This means you can view people’s private profiles and comment without them knowing. You can confidently explore restricted areas of uMobix, thanks to the increased encryption it employs.

If you use uMobix, you can rest assured that your privacy will not be invaded in any way, shape, or form. 

The person whose profile you view has no idea who you are. Compared to competing social media sites, this function significantly increases user safety. The features that uMobix offers for public and private accounts include security and privacy. 

You can manage the target’s account to prevent them from accessing inappropriate material, and the platform lets you monitor their activity by taking screenshots.

4. mSpy

mSpy is a fantastic Instagram viewer app allowing parents to track their children’s activities on the platform. 

The app provides detailed information about their children’s chats, location, call logs, and Instagram content.

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One of the app’s best features is its user-friendly interface, which makes it simple for parents to use and install. 

Furthermore, it operates in the background and stealth modes, ensuring your child is unaware that they are being watched.

Another advantage of the app is its 24-hour customer service, which provides dependable assistance and guidance to its users whenever needed.

Apart from Instagram, mSpy allows parents to monitor their children’s text messages and phone calls, ensuring they are always safe from potentially harmful activities.

Overall, mSpy is a fantastic tool that ensures children’s safety while using Instagram, making it a must-have tool for concerned parents.

5. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch’s private Instagram viewing experience is tailored to your needs and includes tools to help you find the posts you want to see.

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One of the most notable features of Hoverwatch is the ability to view private profiles without following. This ensures you can see everything in the shape without the owner knowing.

Hoverwatch grants you access to otherwise restricted profiles and all media uploaded to those profiles. 

You can learn everything there is to know about the account holder’s posting and sharing habits by doing so.

Another feature worth praising is Hoverwatch’s user-friendliness. Hoverwatch is a reliable and straightforward app worth investigating whether you want to snoop on a secret account.

6. xMobi

Xmobi Instagram Hacker

You can easily track and keep tabs on Instagram profiles with the help of the xMobi application, which provides several features. 

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One of its most impressive features is that this app offers a quick and easy way to access someone else’s Instagram account without their knowledge.

One of xMobi’s standout features is that it enables remote access to the target person’s Instagram account without requiring physical access to their device. 

It makes hacking into an Instagram profile quick and straightforward, and using the app’s features doesn’t require any technical expertise.

You can view content from private Instagram accounts using the monitoring features that xMobi offers and tracking capabilities. 

The dashboard provides quick access to videos, pictures, and other content. On Instagram, you can view your private messages, your contact list, call logs, and message history.

Your information and privacy are safeguarded while using the app, thanks to xMobi’s top-notch security features. 

7. IG Magnify

IG Magnify

The ground-breaking new service IG Magnify allows users to conveniently and privately view their loved ones’ Instagram accounts from the comfort of their own homes or workplaces. 

The ability to securely view social media accounts is increasingly vital in a world where more and more people rely on Instagram to share their private lives.

Users can quickly and anonymously view the Instagram posts of their friends using IG Magnify, and they also have the option to download them in high definition. 

Users can rest easy knowing that their privacy is always protected thanks to this cutting-edge technology.

There’s still more, though! Viewing Instagram posts is now even more accessible, thanks to the extra features of IG Magnify. Users can configure notifications, for example, to stay updated with their friends’ latest content. 

8. Gwaa

Gwaa is undoubtedly an excellent choice for viewing private profiles because it is among the most secure and trusted applications. 

This app is handy because it focuses on assisting you in gathering information about the target profile, 

Include information about the accounts they follow, and the posts shared, the comments received, and the number of followers.

Gwaa guarantees your security and privacy and is completely free to use. This private Instagram viewer is extremely popular due to its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set. 

It provides superior encryption and firewalls to safeguard your data and includes an Instagram tool that lets you view private content anonymously. 

You can also download photos, videos, and other media in bulk or individually. Gwaa’s impressive features are free, so you won’t have to worry about hidden costs or fees.

9. PrivateInsta

Do you want to look at someone’s Instagram profile but are hesitant to follow them because you don’t want to risk getting caught because they have a private account? Consider PrivateInsta as a solution. 

Thanks to this fantastic viewer app, you can check someone else’s Instagram without following them or logging into your account.

By keeping your information private, PrivateInsta ensures your confidentiality. You can browse all of the profile’s photos without being noticed. 

You can use this app on your chosen device because it is compatible with many different operating systems, including Android and Windows.

To view the content behind a protected account, simply copy the owner’s username and then paste it into the appropriate field on PrivateInsta, and hit the submit button. 

Before downloading the extracted data, you must complete a brief survey; no lengthy surveys or human verification are required.

10. IGLookup


This popular service has allowed users to view restricted Instagram profiles for years. You can view anyone’s protected profile with the click of a button. To view a user’s private profile, just hit the “Spy Now” button and enter their username. 

You’ll then have unrestricted access to the account’s media library. The best part is that your security and privacy are not at risk. You won’t be able to be tracked or found using IGLookup, and your privacy and confidentiality are fully ensured.

You can find all the information you need about this service and how it operates on the website before deciding to use it. The company behind IGLookup is honest and offers its service for no cost.

What Are Private Instagram Viewer Apps, And Do They Actually Work?

A private Instagram viewer is a software that allows users to view private Instagram profiles without being followers of those profiles. 

This app is a great way to view content from accounts without following them. Anyone with internet access can find it and use it to gain access to otherwise private financial data.

Using a private Insta viewer, users can see posts from accounts they aren’t following. 

This tool allows users to view restricted content, such as that of a friend’s account, without the owner sharing their credentials. 

This is a great way to check out Instagram content without breaking any rules, and it protects the privacy of users who don’t want to follow the accounts they’re using to do so.

Many Instagram posts are hidden from public view but can be viewed by a private viewer, which is a great way to see what your loved ones post without actually following them.

Hundreds of them are available, but not all are legitimate or effective. You should be aware that some of them are scams.

Scammers on this platform aren’t interested in helping you but rather in stealing your personal information.


After researching and testing numerous Instagram viewer apps and websites, we’ve narrowed the field to the 10 Best private Instagram viewer apps. 

These apps are simple to use and include survey questions that reveal helpful details about the account owners who are being targeted.

You can learn more about your close friends, family, or potential business partners using one of these private Instagram viewer apps.

It is important to note that we have only included trustworthy applications that do not engage in malicious behavior, such as pop-up ads or site redirects. We care about providing a safe and enjoyable viewing environment for you.

You should download one of the programs mentioned above to view hidden Instagram profiles. All that’s required is the correct username of the desired profile.

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