Promolta Review 2024: Legit or Scam?

Promolta Review: Legit or Scam?

Promolta Review 2024

Videos are the hottest format of sharing content. They are intuitive and cover many things in a just few minutes.

This’s why video-sharing platforms are soaring in popularity and YouTube is the largest of them. But growing your channel on YouTube is tricky and takes some time.

To tackle this problem, most people invest in online growth services that help them get genuine views, subscribers, comments, likes, and shares, putting little to no effort.

While these services do an excellent job, but some of them hurt your growth. There are services that sell fake engagement and kill your content. Hence, it’s critical to invest in a service that sells proper engagement.

Promolta Review

Today, we’re going to discuss a growth service: Promolta. In this Promolta review, you’ll know all about them.

Let’s get started…

What is Promolta?

Promolta logo

Promolta is an online video promotion service that claims to help users get more views by promoting and embedding their videos on various networks like blog posts and social media.

They have a functional website where they give you a glimpse of how your video will appear when they share it on different networks.

How Does It Work?

Promolta works by sharing your videos across its trusted publisher network of blogs, websites, apps and social networks.

The idea is to embed your videos to attract people to click on them and hence increase the number of views.

You can get started with Promolta by signing up on their official website. Then, search for your video and choose a budget for the promotion.

While this’s a solid idea, still everything depends on the quality of the views you receive.

If people who share a smilier interest watch your videos, then you can expect them to subscribe to your channel.

But if all you get is fake YouTube views, the overall value of your content and channel will degrade substantially.

Legit or Scam?

Promolta Features

Now, let’s address the most critical question: Is Promolta legit or scam? Unfortunately, Promolta doesn’t stay true to its made-up reputation. They are a scam service that loots innocent people.

Fake Views

The aim is to grow your YouTube channel. Undoubtedly, you need to views to increase your exposure.

But you also want the viewers to subscribe to your channel. The more the subscribers, the more the authority in the niche.

Whether you’re a content creator or a brand, a huge subscribers list helps you market your talent/product to a larger audience and hence drive your growth by many folds.

But there’s one checkbox that people often forget to look at. They believe more views are great for a channel.

While this’s true, but partly. The quality of the views matter than the quantity.

You can have a million views on your video, but if they aren’t genuine, your channel won’t grow even a little.

This’s because only the viewers who are genuinely interested in your work watch your video intentionally.

They appreciate your work and subscribe to your channel and consistently create meaningful interactions by engaging with your uploads.

There’s a second scenario where you could have a huge number of viewers, but they’re fake. Fake views come from automation services and bots that degrade the value of your work.

They never engage with your content or subscribe to your channel. And after a while, they start to spam your comments section.

YouTube hates bots and has a zero-tolerance policy against users that use fake accounts to get the results. They even ignore views from users that leave spammy comments.

Why are we talking about this?

This’s because Promolta sells fake views. They keep their promise to increase the number of views on your videos, but fail at growing your channel.

Many of their customers have complained about not gaining traction from the views they got from them.

Now, the question is: Would you invest in a company that degrades your growth by hooking you up with fake views?

Non-transparent service

Promolta is the most non-transparent company in the market. What’s a transparent company?

It’s a company that openly shares information about various aspects like pricing, working, policies, functions etc with its clients.

Companies do this to showcase their product and help customers to make a calculated decision about investing in them.

This’s also a great technique to gain trust of the potential customers. This’s where Promolta fails terribly. You’ll find minimum information about them on the website.

They don’t even reveal their pricing which is shady because almost every service in the market displays the pricing for the clients.

Now, you can get the pricing data, but for that, you need to sign up on their website. This’s like forcing you to enrol in a group that you do not know about.

So, why does Promolta do this?

Now, different experts have their say, but one of the key reasons that strikes out is that Promolta doesn’t have many customers.

People know about the fake views they sell. Hence, to get more customers or at least sign-ups, they use this strategy.

False Promises

Promolta makes false promises to its clients. One user claimed that Promolta promised her to deliver 10,000 views for $100 a month, but never really did it.

Even after reaching out to the customer support, Promolta kept sticking to its false promises and charged the user next month.

This says a lot about the service. They charge a premium for their service and present them in a way that looks convincing on paper but bail on you later.

Random Views

Another promise that Promolta makes on its website is that all their views come from people who care about your content.

They claim to execute targeted actions to get views from the most relevant people in their network.

Unfortunately, this’s another of their fake claims.

One user found out this from the analytics dashboard that said all the views he got came from campaigns running on sites like ‘’ and ‘’.

What does this mean?

‘’ and ‘’ are sites where you pay people to watch your videos. This means Promolta takes your money and funds campaigns on these sites to get the views.

So, they don’t give you views from relevant people.

Which implies your channel never grows because you don’t earn subscribers as the views come from paid campaigns.

No FAQ Page

This’s the biggest downgrade that Promolta has. Their website doesn’t have a FAQ section/page.

FAQ sections are like gold dust.

They help solve almost every doubt a customer has about a service.

Think about it.

How many times you have navigated to the FAQ page and found the answer to your question? When a service includes this section on their website, they assure you they’re authentic.

To be honest, this’s surprising because every reputed service has a FAQ section. This’s also concerning because Promolta has put zero effort in building a customer-friendly website.

They talk about boosting your growth and make tons of promises, but have failed at creating a smooth experience for their clients.

Poor Customer Service

Promolta has a poor customer team.

This’s from the case where discussed how contacting the customer service didn’t help the user who complained about not receiving the promised number of views per month.

Now, imagine the horrors of investing in such a service.

What if your money got lost during a transaction?

What if your views never increase or your information gets leaked?

You can’t rely on this customer team for help.

All you can do is wait and regret.

Unsafe Payment Gateways

Unlike trusted services in the market, Promolta doesn’t guarantee the safety of its payment gateways.

This means there’s a high chance of your money getting stuck or lost during transactions.

Promolta User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for Promolta on Trustpilot.

Promolta Trustpilot

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Review Conclusion

So, there you go.

That’s our Promolta review.

Now, you know they are a scam company and make fake promises to loot people. By investing in them all you get is fake views, terrible customer team, and zero growth.

Hence, if you’re serious about growing your YouTube channel, stay away from Promolta.

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