QuikFlok is Scamming People’s Credit Cards

QuikFlok is Scamming People’s Credit Cards

Quikflok.com is accused by customers of overcharging their credit cards by hundreds of dollars.

With TikTok growing quickly, there’s a lot of opportunities for people to go viral, become TikTok famous, or promote their brand on another social media platform. However, when doing so, sometimes it pays to get a bit of outside help – from someone you can trust. Because TikTok is so young, there currently aren’t too many companies out there that can help with your growth and engagement, which means that there is only a small number to choose from.

Sometimes, it pays to know who to not go with more than knowing who is trustworthy. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that one of the few TikTok growth companies out there is nothing more than a scam, and they are using their authority to rope people into signing up with their services so that they can steal their money.

Quikflok.com is not only completely ineffective for helping you successfully grow your TikTok account, but they also have an ulterior motive – scamming their client’s credit cards. There have been a number of customers who, since signing up, have noticed some unusual activity on their credit card. One customer, in particular, signed up a few days ago, and once they had been charged for the service, they noticed that more money was going out. Others claim that the software works well, to begin with, but after a few days stops working altogether. Source: MPsocial

Quikflok Review
Source: MPsocial
Quikflok Scam
Source: MPsocial
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Source: MPsocial

When looking for the best TikTok growth company to help with your engagement, it’s vital that you check third party forums and resources and editorial reviews to see what other people have said about it. If you see any red flags come up, or customer reviews like the ones above, then it’s best to avoid it at all cost.

No company out there is worth your credit card details and contents of your bank account being put at risk. Avoid Quikflok at all costs.

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