16 Best Social Media Automation Tools for Your Brand in 2024

Best Social Media Automation Tools for Your Brand

When there’s work to be done on social media in terms of your brand, it’s always worth making sure that you have an expert on your side to make things easier.

In this article, we are going to look at the top social media automation tools to help you grow your business.

Not that long ago, marketing your brand online wasn’t that hard. However, these days with all the competition out there, it’s pretty near impossible to do it solely by yourself.

Best Social Media Automation Tools

There are a number of different options when it comes to outsourcing your social media automation, though. The only thing is, not all of them are worth checking out.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best social media automation tools for 2020, so you can enter a new year on a good foot with your brand online.

Let’s review them.

1. Crowdfire


The next social media automation tool on our list that you can use across the board for all of your social media engagement needs is Crowdfire.

These guys can help their clients discover relevant content that is in line with your particular topics of interest.

They describe themselves as your marketing sidekick, and we think that this is a pretty accurate description.

They want to help their clients schedule all of their upcoming content ahead of time, so they can forget about it and move on to creating even more.

They have helped millions of people with their projects online, and they offer many different features that can all contribute to a top-notch social media automation strategy.

If you’re someone who likes the idea of siding with a brand that knows what they’re doing, we suggest you check out Crowdfire.

2. Seek Socially

Seek Socially

If you haven’t already heard of Seek Socially, it’s about time that you did.

Seek Socially is one of those social media automation tools that can help its clients with many different things – not just engagement and target audience interaction.

We think that they’re more of an agency than a generic social media automation tool, and so do they.

This is because they have many different features on offer, including help sprucing up their client’s websites, as well as assisting in their next email marketing campaign.

This is because they know that there is so much to your brand online – so much more than just simple engagement and automation.

You bet that this also means their automation side is one of the best.

It’s all about consolidation, so if you’re someone who likes the idea of keeping everything organized and in one place, we highly recommend that you check out Seek Socially.

They even offer new clients a free consultation, so you can get to know what they’re all about before you commit to anything.

3. Flick


Flick is one of those companies that is a rare breed – there aren’t that many like it that came before it, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find many like it afterward, too.

They just happened to hit the market at the right time and find the perfect niche to explore.

Flick, if you couldn’t tell from the name, is all about hashtags. They know that on all social media platforms, now, you can use hashtags – and if you’re not using them, you should.

However, Flick know that it’s not enough to just use hashtags – you’ve got to use the right ones, which means that you have to find the right ones.

In order to do this, you have to spend a lot of time researching – or you could just use Hashtags for Like’s sophisticated search engine.

With their search engine, you can get exclusive data and analytics on any hashtag that you like, so you can determine whether it’s worth holding onto or not.

We love this company and think that they are an asset to the social media automation community.

4. Upleap

Upleap Review & Working Coupon

The first thing that you’ll notice when you visit Upleap’s page that we like a lot is that they offer potential clients a free trial.

This is pretty common in the industry, but at the same time, not everyone offers this – and there’s next to nobody who offers it without taking your credit card details.

It’s a free trial for three days too, which we think is more than enough time to figure out if they’re a good fit or not.

We love that their setup is incredibly easy so that you can get started with them within minutes.

We also love that they can help you get more traffic and followers to your social media accounts, seemingly without too much effort at all.

In this day and age, the more efficient a service is, the better, and with Upleap, it’s all about efficiency, which is really going to help you out in the long run.

5. Tweeteev

tweeteev twitter automation tool

If you’re looking for an effective, yet simple and straightforward social media automation service to help with your overall growth, we suggest that you check out Tweeteev.

These guys know the ins and outs of social media websites like Twitter, and can make your time on their easy.

They guarantee that they can help you grow your accounts with real, active followers – nothing fake.

As well as offering to help you find targeted followers that are going to make a big difference, they also guarantee that their services are completely 100% safe, so you don’t have to worry about your reputation being at risk.

6. Twesocial

twesocial social media automation service

When it comes to being a social media automation tool, it’s going to be difficult to compare anything to Twesocial.

These guys are one of the best options available, and they are mainly known for their great prices and excellent customer support.

We love that they promise to never sell fake engagement to their clients, and as you may have guessed, they’re a great choice for your Twitter automation in particular.

Twesocial can effectively help you increase your overall exposure, as well as offer you bonus features like advanced targeting.

They can even help you schedule upcoming posts, allowing you to set and forget them and focus instead on creating even more content.

From just $15 a week you can get started with Twesocial, and see the kind of difference they can make for your social media automation.

7. Kicksta


One of the only downsides to Kicksta is that they can only help with your Instagram profile – but what they can do is pretty impressive when it comes to being a social media automation tool.

Not only are they going to be able to help you find relevant followers who are genuinely interested in your content, but they are going to save you hours of time to make this happen.

Everything they do, from liking and commenting on other people’s content, is automated, so you can imagine how much they can get done in a small amount of time.

We love that Kicksta offers real followers and engagement, which is so much better than fake engagement.

Fake engagement is only going to get you in trouble with social media websites like Instagram, anyway.

We also like that they can grow your account around the clock, even when you’re sleeping.

They get pretty specific with their features, too, targeting your audience based on things like location and even gender.

8. Jarvee


If you thought that Flick was well established, think again. Jarvee is perhaps one of the oldest, most reputable social media automation companies out there – in fact, they’re the OG of social media automation.

This means that they were one of the founding fathers of this industry, and they’ve grown in leaps and bounds since then.

When everyone else has come under fire from the likes of Instagram, Jarvee has remained strong, and its loyal customers have stuck around.

Jarvee has some of the best social media automation features currently available – and they have awesome prices, too.

They haven’t changed their pricing up for a long time now, so if you’re on a budget and don’t need a price increase anytime soon, we recommend these guys.

We also love that they have a dashboard that you can download onto your computer. You can even change up their features to suit your specific needs.

9. Hootsuite


Remember, when we talked about how Jarvee is the OG of social media automation?

Well, Hootsuite is pretty close to this as well – they have been around for a long time now and are one of the most well established social media automation tools you can find.

In fact, they have so many different features that you can use for your social media growth that you may want to start figuring it out right now.

This is perhaps their only downside – there is so much to their services that it is going to take a little bit of getting used to.

One of the things that we love the most about Hootsuite is that they allow their clients to keep track of all their different social media accounts from one easy to use dashboard.

They can also help you monitor how well your brand is doing with updates in real-time.

Their easy post scheduler can be used for most major social media channels, and they have inbuilt analytics for it all as well, so you can keep on top of what’s going on.

If you’re really serious about your social media automation growth, you can check out their advanced analytics features, too.

10. Buffer


Buffer, like Hootsuite, offers its clients quite an extensive range of tools for automation across the board.

This means that you can stay organized and manage all of your different social media channels within their friendly interface, without having to go to them all separately.

This means that if you’re someone who is looking for a serious time-saver, this could be the one.

We also love that they have put a lot of time and effort into their analytics feature, meaning that it’s arguably one of the most comprehensive you’ll be able to find out there.

If you’re someone who likes the idea of knowing consistently how your social media automation strategy is working for your brand, this could also be a good option.

It’s great for people who like to have a hand in things still and keep an eye on how things are growing.

Apart from scheduling upcoming posts, you can also make it so that you choose what time your posts go out.

You can even come up with future marketing campaigns from within their dashboard, too.

Again, Buffer is one of those comprehensive social media automation tools that can be used for many different online tasks.

11. Coschedule


You may have already guessed from the name that Coschedule is one of those social media automation tools that can help you schedule all of your different posts on various channels easily, so you don’t have to be signing in and out and wasting your time constantly.

We love that they can help you manage all of your different social media accounts through their user-friendly dashboard, which is ultimately going to end up saving you a ton of time.

You can even create your very own social media calendar from within their dashboard and chat with a customer support person if you need help with anything.

What’s great about Coschedule is that you can also take a look at your past posts and their analytics to work out what was received well and what wasn’t.

It even comes with bonus features, including staff management and being compatible with WordPress.

We think that it’s safe to say that this social media automation tool is a solid all-rounder that can help its clients with almost everything to do with their business online.

12. Socialert


If you’ve been around for a while now online and you’re getting a bit frustrated about how much competition is out there, you may want to consider checking out Socialert.

These guys can make the entire process seamless and efficient, so you don’t have to focus too much on what the competition is doing, and instead put your efforts into making more amazing content that Socialert can promote for you.

Socialert is the type of tool that can help make the entire process effortless while including some amazing features that are going to help your brand take off.

We love that with Socialert, you can track keywords and hashtags, and keep on top of when your favorite keywords are being used, so you never miss an opportunity to promote your brand.

This is a great way to create data about your target market and adjust your social media automation strategy accordingly.

What’s more, their reports are in-depth, so they’re going to be nice and comprehensive – not something that every company out there can promise.

13. Buzzsumo


If you’re looking for an easy way to discover trending posts and topics that are relevant to your niche and industry, you need to check out Buzzsumo.

They can help you find what is trending – all you need to do is give them trending keywords, and they can automate the rest.

While their social media automation tool is slightly more expensive than other options out there, secretly, we think that it is well worth it.

We love that with Buzzsumo, you can filter results based on things like domain, location, and platform.

We also love that they can help you with a number of different channels, from Pinterest and Twitter to Facebook.

They can even help connect you with influencers in your niche, as a way of networking so that you can open doors to collaboration opportunities in the future.

They also have content analyzer features, so that you can look back on existing content, and work out what’s working for you and what’s not.

If you need a solid all-rounder that is similar to brands like Hootsuite, we highly recommend checking out Buzzsumo.

14. Scoop.it


Scoop.it is a content director company that can help you find content from different sources online, and share them through your social media channels.

We love that they can help you effortlessly share different posts across multiple social media platforms with just one click.

You can even provide them with trending keywords and find relevant topics.

If you’re always on the lookout for the next big thing in your industry and need to keep your finger on the pulse at all times, we think that Scoop.it would be a good fit.

What’s more, these guys are also integrated with websites and WordPress blogs. They even come with a smart content calendar that can make it super easy to publish your own posts.

They want to make the entire automated marketing process super simple and easy, so we think that they’re a good option if you’re interested in saving as much time as possible.

15. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

If you need a completed social media automated tool kit that comes with the very best feature options, we recommend checking out Sprout Social.

They can easily help you manage your upcoming posts, as well as help you engage with your target audience better.

We love that they have a high level of customer support, and while their features aren’t as extensive as some other brands out there, like Hootsuite, we think that they have everything you need if you’re trying to keep it simple, yet effective.

We love that their dashboard is user-friendly and that their features and tools are unique, so you’re not just going to be able to find them anywhere.

We also love that they can help you connect with influencers in your industry, too, which can open the door to collabs further down the track.

16. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse

If you’re looking for an easy social media management solution, we highly recommend that you check out Agora Pulse.

They claim that with them managing your social media has never been easier, and we couldn’t agree more.

They can not only help their clients get weekly reports of how their account is doing, but they can also help them schedule upcoming content, as well as engage with potential followers through their simple tool.

We love that they have flexible feature options to suit anyone’s needs, one-click reports, and the ability to manage all of your different social media platforms from one inbox on their dashboard.

When it comes to efficiency, Agora Pulse is the one you need, so check them out and see why they have so many positive reviews elsewhere on the internet.

The Benefits of Automating Social Media

  1. Save time with automation. The biggest benefit of using social media automaton tools lies within the time-saving factor. It allows you to schedule posts so you can choose one day to get your whole week or even your whole month of social media engagement scheduled. Just don’t forget to engage with customers on your social media platforms some and don’t leave all engagement up to your automation tools. Use automation wisely.
  2. Branding is easier through social media automation. It’s also one of the most important elements of marketing. Social media automation programs give you the ability to create a unique identity for your business, service, or products. You can use these tools to tell your story and target your audience.
  3. Flow is important to your business and business marketing strategy. Flow is how you create an efficient work balance. Follows and unfollows are time-consuming tasks across social media channels. If you can automate some of these tasks, your work flow is smoother and you can operate your business efficiently.
  4. Content curation is just as time-sensitive as it is time-consuming in this hectic world of technology. Automating some of your content curation prevents you from spending hours online researching and searching for up-to-date, relevant and engaging content.

Social media automation comes with its downsides as well as its benefits.

For instance, social media platforms are programmed to catch and prevent scam, spam, and fake accounts and some automated activity.

The goal is to learn how to use these tools to your advantage, while preventing overuse or misuse that can get you banned or restricted on social media.

Overusing any automation tool is like tempting fate, so avoid that at all costs.

Generally speaking, you can use social media automation to save time on your social media management so you can go about the daily work of your business.

You can choose what to automate and what to not automate across your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media profiles and pages.

Most of these social media automation tools come with free trials, which is a wise way to learn how they work, what they can do, and if they can help you engage across your social media pages and profiles.


What is Social Media Automation?

How do you think your target audience finds you on social media channels like Instagram?

Back in the day, it was a lot easier for them to track you down, but nowadays, it’s so crowded that unless you have gone viral, you don’t have the greatest chances of connecting with your target audience if you’re not going to interact with their content.

Social media automation is the act of putting engagement like commenting, liking, and following on autopilot.

Remember how long it takes for you to do this manually? Recruiting a third party to do it automatically for you is going to save you a ton of time.

Things like commenting, likes and following can all be done through an automated piece of software that uses information like your niche and industry to find the right people who will be interested in your profile.

Why Do I Need to Outsource It?

We mentioned it briefly above, but basically, the answer is to save you time.

If you were to interact with all of your target audience in a way that was going to grow your account significantly, you would need to do it all day.

There simply isn’t enough time in the day for anyone to do this – even if your brand is your full-time job.

You need time in your schedule to do other things, like create more content.

Outsourcing your social media automation is a great way to give yourself some time to build your brand, while the day to day stuff is taken care of.

What Are the Downsides?

There are a couple of downsides to using social media automation for your brand’s growth online.

The first is that if the company you’re with puts their automated software on autopilot, and it does tasks too quickly, then the social media platform is going to consider this spammy behavior.

Most social media websites have strict regulations around using third parties, so it’s vital that you keep the automated engagement slow and realistic, otherwise you could end up on their radar.

The second we’ll discuss below.

What is Fake Engagement?

Fake engagement is another downside to using a social media automation tool, and while not every company does it, there are some that do.

Fake engagement is when the company uses inactive accounts of bots to do the interacting and to boost your follower count.

While this may make your page loo awesome temporarily, it’s not a sustainable long term practice, because your engagement rating is going to be imbalanced.

It’s best to avoid fake engagement when you can.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few options out there when it comes to finding the perfect social media automation tool for your needs.

They all come with unique and interesting features, so we highly recommend checking out their free trials, to make sure you get connected with the right one that’s going to serve your needs best.

Start your campaign on a good note and outsource your online brand engagement, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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