Create & Build The Best Free Instagram Bot In Minutes

How to Build an Instagram Bot Farm in 15 Minutes for Free

Is there such a thing as a free Instagram bot? We’re inclined to think so.

Free Instagram automation is kind of like a Siberian tiger – some people don’t even think that it exists anymore.

However, it’s easier than you think – and you can make it happen yourself. Making a bot completely from scratch that can automate things like comments, follows, and likes is easier than you think.

A free Instagram bot is ideal if you are wanting to grow your small business, spread an important message, or implement your latest guerrilla marketing tactic. Below, we’ve laid out the step-by-step process for building your very own free Instagram automation tool.

Create & Build The Best Free Instagram Automation Bot in Minutes

Believe it or not, it actually only takes about 15 minutes. Let’s dive right in.

1. Setup Your Google Cloud Account

Visit Google Cloud and sign up for your free trial. The best part is that you’ll get $300 free for every new account for a year. Another good thing is that you can delete the account whenever you like, so that you don’t have to get charged once the year is up. Click on the menu that you see, and find ‘Compute engine’ and ‘VM instances

Compute Engine and VM instances

2. Create Cloud Instance

Click on ‘create instance’ which is a server that you’ll find in the cloud, and then fill out the details as you can see in the image we’ve included below:

Create Instance

The important settings to choose are ‘micro instance’, ‘0.6gb memory’., and “Ubuntu 18.04 LTS’. This will take $5 from your trial every month, which we think is pretty good value.

3. Connect to ‘Instance’

Once you see that your instance status is green, click on ‘ssh’

You will open a new window like the one that you see below that connects you to the server:

Linux shell

This is called a Linux shell – but it’s not as technical as you may think. You can just think of it as your PC or Windows, however it has been adjusted more for cloud coding. You can even change the theme of it to look like Windows.

4. Install Instabot

Type what you see below into the Linux shell window. You can also paste it in with CTRL + V:

sudo apt-get install python3-pip
sudo python3 -m pip install instabot-py
python3 -m pip install instabot-py --upgrade --no-cache-dir
Install Instabot

Once you have pasted in the last line, click on ‘enter’.

5. Edit Your Settings

Paste in the line that you see below to edit

python3 -m instabot_py --create-config

You will create a config file with this. You can edit it using the code below:

nano instabot.config.yml

With this, you will be able to open a file for editing purposes in the terminal – but you can only use it with your keyboard, not your mouse. If you have a proxy, choose your username and password to connect it. Make sure to keep things like the quotations and commas where they are, so that the edited setting is still originally formatted. Don’t change the frequency of anything, because these are predetermined to avoid Instagram from banning your bot. You’ll notice that the majority of the settings here are easy to understand and self-explanatory.

Text Editor

Once you’re done editing your settings to configure with your proxy and account, hold on CTRL + X to exit, and Y to accept the changes that you’ve made. You can hold down Y again to save any changes that you’ve made under the same file name. By saving and exiting at the bottom of the screen, you can see what’s going on.

6. Run Your Bot

Use the command below to start your bot up:.

python3 -m instabot_py
Text Editor

Once you have confirmed that your bot runs and works well, you can use the code below to make sure that it runs continuously:

nohup python3 -m instabot_py &

Let’s Run Through Some Best Practices

Congratulations – you just created your very own free Instagram bot that you can run in the cloud server using open-source software.

Now, you can be all done with the techy side of things here, or you can learn some more tricks to implement with your automation. Remember, Instagram will ban your bots if you put more than one on the same IP address.

However, you can build up a bot farm that is linked to thousands of proxies, and then when you’re done using them, you can simply delete.

Check out our practical tips below to get the most out of your free Instagram bot:

  • Age: if you have an older or larger account, you can increase your automation speed to above 500 a day. However, if your account is fairly new – say less than 21 days old – and you haven’t yet received verification by phone, then there’s a good chance that it will be deleted. If your account is any older than this, though, it’s almost impossible to get deleted – unless you’re going way beyond Instagram’s terms and conditions.
  • Bot Services: there are many different types of bot services out there that you can implement with your own. Read on to see our table on some of the latest, most popular bot services that can help you advance your Instagram profile.
  • Proxies: Instagram will be able to detect that you’re running your account from a new location. This is why we recommend buying proxies that are geographically close to you so that you can send traffic through them without getting any warnings from Instagram about ‘suspicious activity.’ Feel free to Google so that you can find the best proxy service out there – there are plenty of options with large databases that can also be affordable as well. While residential proxies and 4G proxies are going to be more difficult to detect, they also come with less stable connections, so you have to weigh up the pros and cons.
  • Links: we highly suggest that you avoid including the same links in your bio across different accounts. This is because Instagram will flag your accounts as spam. If you have to link to the same website every time, try to use different domains that can redirect your followers to the right one.
  • Bot Farms: as you already know, each bot has the capability of sending hundreds of people to your brand’s website every day. If you use more than one bot at the same time, you can multiply the traffic you receive across different platforms and target audiences significantly. Of course, this is going to compound over time and scale your business faster than you would be able to if you were doing it yourself.
  • Accounts: brand new accounts that have been phone-verified aren’t as likely to be banned. If you want to create more accounts, we recommend using this script: Just remember that you will have to phone verify each account within the first day if you want it to be legit.
  • Settings: another trick that’s important to know is that the slower your bot is, the less likely it is to get banned. This is why we recommend keeping your activity to under 400 a day. We also recommend staying away from automatic commenting. This is much less effective for your brand growth than automatic liking. Liking content makes it difficult for Instagram to detect a bot because anybody could be doing the liking. Also, people usually end up following you as a result, which is organic engagement. Once you’ve grown your Instagram account for a few months, it will become virtually impossible for Instagram to detect your free Instagram automation tool. Like we mentioned above, it’s also going to be hard for them to detect even older accounts. The takeaway here is that the older and more established your account is, the less likely it is to be pulled up by Instagram.
  • Mentions: we suggest that you also make ‘satellite’ accounts that will help you avoid being banned by the gram. With satellite accounts, you can create a complete network in a side niche that can help direct traffic to your main Instagram account. This way, you can grow your network of bots to include thousands of Instagram accounts that each grows a following in a different niche. They can all help to feed traffic to the main account – and it’s all free and automated.
  • Testing Your Bot: if you want to make the most of your free Instagram bot, we suggest that you A/B test it. You can do this by testing different comments, user targets, content, and hashtags. We recommend setting up a test by just changing one aspect of your bot every week and measuring the increase or dip in engagement.

We don’t suggest that you change up more than one thing at a time. This is only going to be effective if you have a lot of traffic, like Google or Facebook. If you have changed something about your bot and it improves things, then you can keep it that way.

However, if it doesn’t, then you’ll need to go back and try changing something else. Of course, after a lot of trial and error, you will be able to find the perfect bot algorithm and grows your Instagram accounts and attract thousands of potential clients to your website every week. Through testing like this, you can increase your revenue quickly over time.

Too Techy For You? Try These Services

If the whole thing is just a bit too technical for you, don’t worry – there are more options out there. Check out some of the best in the business right now below:

RankGrowth Service
1stSeek Visit
2Growthoid Visit
3Growthsilo Visit
4Nitreo Visit

Final Thoughts

How you approach your free Instagram bot is totally up to you.

You can fill the accounts that you have created with content before you even start the automation process so that you can successfully spread the message about your brand and grow your followers.

As we mentioned, you can also grow successful ‘satellite’ accounts where you can mention your main profile and encourage people to check it out.

Of course, the niche of these ‘satellite’ profiles can vary, as long as they are sub-niches of your main one.

As you can see, it’s a lot easier than you think to create and grow your very own free Instagram automation tool.

Make sure you stick to our practical tips and tricks to give yourself a great chance at success.

Happy botting!

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