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Things To Consider In Choosing The Right SEO Agency

Website owners know that they need search engine optimization or SEO to ensure their website achieves higher ranking on a search engine results page (SERP).

A higher rank is an opportunity to receive more traffic. The SEO’s objective is to rank on the first page of the specific search engine according to the relevant search term to the target audience. 

But search engines change their ranking factors now and then. They can make hundreds of changes to their algorithms each year, and a big algorithm changes every one to two years.

Thus, SEO is not an activity you do only once. Website owners need a dynamic website solution to update their site based on the latest search engine ranking factors. 

In-house Or Third-party?

Many companies employ an in-house SEO team to ensure the maintenance and upgrade of their websites.

Or they appoint members of their marketing team to handle the job. Other companies prefer to engage with a third-party SEO agency like Ocere or their expertise, industry knowledge, and continuous support.

While their work supports a company’s marketing efforts, they focus solely on SEO services. 

Choosing An SEO Agency

Your choice of agency will have a huge effect. Finding a reputable, reliable expert will help you understand the intricacies of SEO and guide you in navigating its complex path.

But how can you choose an expert SEO agency if you have difficulty understanding SEO? 

The most important proof you need is the results they produce. But before they can show you results, you should find an SEO agency that can work well with you and ensure they will fit your needs.

Internal Preparation

First, you should set your goals. SEO is an investment, so you should know what you would get from it.

You should speak with all the relevant stakeholders in your company and explain why you are embarking on SEO and what you want to gain from an SEO campaign.  

This first step is crucial because it will be the basis for your campaign. Your goals must be measurable and trackable.

Good goals should be specific, such as increasing the number of sales from organic traffic or using SEO to get in front of audiences who are looking for a major purchase by leading them to specific topics/pages on your website.

Find Potential Agencies And Create A Shortlist

In looking for potential SEO agencies, you should find a local agency or someone close enough to attend regular face-to-face meetings.

Likewise, you should find an expert based on your specific requirements and goals.

For example, you may need an SEO expert in content production or technical SEO.

Another thing to determine is the size of the agency. Finally, you should define how much budget you are allocating for the SEO campaign, which should be continuous.

If you are following industry experts on social media, you can ask them for advice and referrals.

You can also request referrals from professional networks, work colleagues, and friends.

Other good sources of information are client testimonials and case studies.

You can use them to gauge their track record. Likewise, you can find if they have worked with businesses and websites similar to yours.

Questions To Ask Your Potential Candidate

Once you have created your shortlist, you should meet with them individually, ask them relevant questions to know them better and gauge their passion, personality, and work process.

1.) Industry Knowledge

Asking about their industry knowledge will show you if the agency spent time researching your company and if they have experience working in your business sector. The agency should match how you work and understand what your audience needs.

2.) Account Managers

Knowing the leader who will manage the account and the team members who will do the day-to-day work is important.

Moreover, if the people in the meeting are not the team who will manage your account, ensure you meet them all.

3.) Overview Of The Work They Will Do For You

Most SEO agencies will present a proposal with an itemized work schedule. However, at the initial consultation, they should give you rough examples of the strategies they created for your account.

Finding the right SEO agency that will work with you can be tricky.

Thus, your preparation—from research, referrals, and creating a shortlist—will greatly affect your choice and success in what you want to accomplish.

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